Liv Morgan Vs Mandy Rose: Who Is The More Attractive Call Up?

Wrestlers are some of the worlds biggest superstars. While some might have crazy looks that work great for a unique personality, the vast majority of the time they are incredibly attractive people, both on the male and female side of things. From physiques that look like they were chiselled from stone to simply being gifted with gorgeous looks, the vast majority of wrestlers are attractive, which is all part of their appeal.

Fans will differ in their opinions on who they find the most attractive, with everybody naturally having different tastes. But most of the time they can agree on the fact that both of who they are arguing over are beautiful. Recently, WWE decided to debut five women, as well as a returning Paige to create two brand new women's stables in Absolution and the Riott Squad. While all the women in the groups are good looking, two have caught the eyes of wrestling fans the most.

Those two would be former NXT stars Liv Morgan and Mandy Rose. The pair were considered to be two of the hottest women in the developmental brand and now are looking to claim the same crown on the main roster.

It is an incredibly tough task to work out which woman is truly the most attractive, with everything being subjective. Take a look through this article and see the cases for both women and come to your own judgement on which of WWE's newest call-ups is the most attractive.

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16 Mandy Rose: Golden Goddess

Every wrestler needs a nickname, whether they are related to their character and persona or the way they look. From Sasha Banks being 'The Boss,' to Natalya's 'Queen of Harts' nickname, everybody has them. This includes Mandy Rose, and hers is quite flattering.

The 'Golden Goddess' is a nickname most women would be happy to be given and it suits her perfectly. Rose always appears with her blonde hair and bronzed skin. Put it together with the gold ring gear she wears and you have the complete package. Rose stands out as soon as she enters theย ring and will immediately catch anybody's attention who might not be focusing. This is an asset that will take her far in the world of professional wrestling.

15 Liv Morgan: Relaxed

Liv Morgan has quite a unique look in comparison to her fellow WWE Superstars. When you look at somebody like Nikki Bella they tend to be dressed head to toe in the latest designer gear, looking as fabulous as possible at all times. While Morgan doesn't look like a slob, her style is much more laid back, relaxing in a snapback. That is something that serves her well, as it suits her personality. From her circular glasses to the fact she seems to wear less makeup than most, Morgan rocks her style.

Having that difference is something that will work out for her too, standing out from the pack. While Enzo Amore may have cheated on her, most fans would snap at the chance to relax with a girl like this.

14 Mandy Rose: National Pride

Who doesn't love somebody who is patriotic toward their country? Mandy Rose is rocking this one-piece swimsuit and showing offย her incredible muscle tone in a major way.

Rose looks stunning here and you can see why she managed to catch the eyes of WWE management for a push to the main roster. With the bright blue sun and sea in the background all adding to the image, Rose is certainly making a case for herself to be one of America's most beautiful women. One look at an image like this and wrestling fans will surely be hoping to see more of Rose in a WWE ring moving forward as she continues with Absolution.

13 Liv Morgan: Making An Entrance

LIVIN @champssports

A post shared by L I V Morgan ๐Ÿ‘… (@yaonlylivvonce) on

The Riott Squad member, Liv Morgan certainly knows how to make an impact upon her arrival to the ring, something that is crucial in WWE. While the women are expected to look attractive in the public eye away from the ring as well, it is during the time on camera that is the most important.

Morgan has a very different look to most other women on SmackDown, apart from Carmella but the Money In The Bank holder has made that very clear on social media since Morgan's arrival. With Liv's tomboy style coming out, she makes herself known to the audience very quickly and looks stunning in the process, ticking all the boxes needed.

12 Mandy Rose: A Superstar Look

@honeybum ๐ŸŒธ MANDY20 at checkout ! ๐Ÿค“

A post shared by Mandy Rose (@mandysacs) on

When you make it to WWE's main roster you immediately transition from being a 'wrestler' to becoming a superstar. Some find this change easy and others struggle, due to wrestling being their main skill, lacking the look of a superstar, but that is not the case for Mandy Rose.

As this image clearly proves, Mandy looks like she was born to be a superstar, from the stunning, skin-hugging skirt to the thigh high boots or accessories, Rose looks like a true celebrity. One of the key things about earning success in wrestling is being able to portray your gimmick in real life to a degree, as Ric Flair used to do, and it looks like Rose isn't going to have an issue doing that.

11 Liv Morgan: Selfie Central

Typical Liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiv

A post shared by L I V Morgan ๐Ÿ‘… (@yaonlylivvonce) on

Everybody loves a selfie, as shameless as they are and WWE Superstars are not exempt from that addiction, Liv Morgan included, as this image proves. Life on the road can be tough and draining, but this image shows that, so far, Morgan is coping just fine and looking great while doing it.

Whether its the cheeky tongue sticking out, the nose piercing or her sparkling eyes, Morgan looks beautiful in this image, proving that the women in WWE don't always need the glitz and glamour. No photo shoot could have created an image this simple and stunning and it just highlights how beautiful Morgan really is.

10 Mandy Rose: Just A Country Girl

#NxtStAugustine tonight ๐Ÿ’‹ Boots by @fashionnova use code XOMANDY #ootn

A post shared by Mandy Rose (@mandysacs) on

While most fans will be happily searching away for the best bikini shots of Mandy Rose (and there are plenty of those), images like this are just as stunning, more simple and elegant.

Here, Rose is clearly showing off her country look with the checkered shirt and denim skirt and it is certainly a good look for her. It's totally different to other images that will appear on this list, but perhaps showcasing what people would see as a normal citizen look is a good thing, and she looks just as beautiful. Of course, you wouldn't look at this person and immediately think they are a wrestler, but that doesn't mean you wouldn't take a second look due to her beauty.

9 Liv Morgan: Your Everyday Girl

In my own lane and thatโ€™s my favorite road ๐Ÿ‘…

A post shared by L I V Morgan ๐Ÿ‘… (@yaonlylivvonce) on

A lot of times people find celebrities and stars, such as wrestlers difficult to relate to due to the wealth, designer clothes and top of the range make up. This works as a positive as it creates attraction and envy, but also a negative in that the average person finds it tough to support someone who is nothing like them.

Luckily for Liv Morgan, she has the 'everyday girl' look nailed, and this isn't a bad thing either. She still looks incredible, but the fact she will wear t-shirts or talks about her love of pizza on social media only increases the attraction fans have to her. Fans can see her as somebody who they can relate to and this is a great thing for Morgan as she is certainly going to gain fan support should she ever turn face on SmackDown, as she was getting on NXT.

8 Mandy Rose: Ready To Wrestle

via twitter.com

While there are a variety of images throughout this list about Mandy Rose, at the core, she is a professional wrestler, and one who looks incredible doing so. Even though WWE got rid of the term 'Diva,' they still present their women as having sex appeal, which is why Rose's ring gear and entrance ticks those boxes for the company.

Her golden ring gear works perfectly with her bronzed skin and bleach blonde hair, creating the Golden Goddess gimmick that she has created for herself, and she certainly stands out from her fellow females on Raw. There isn't anybody with a look like Rose which is exactly what she needs in order to be noticed while she establishes herself through her in-ring and character development on Raw.

7 Liv Morgan: Cute As Can Be

LIL LIV From The Crib ๐Ÿ‘ถ๐Ÿผ

A post shared by L I V Morgan ๐Ÿ‘… (@yaonlylivvonce) on

There is something great about seeing these larger than life superstars being normal, everyday people that connect with wrestling fans. Just like this image, showing a cuter side of the Riott Squad member.

Of course, fans will go to bikini photos and swimsuits, but there is something about an image of Liv Morgan embracing the real her that can perhaps make fans feel like they know her better, as someone who is clearly an avid Disney fan! With Stitch in her arms and a pacifier in her mouth, Morgan still manages to look incredible even when pretending to be a baby! Not something that most people can pull off.

6 Mandy Rose: Taking In The Sights

Photo: YouTube.com

Whether its how casual this whole image feels or just how incredibly flawless Mandy Rose looks, if there is anyone who needs proof that the Absolution member belongs as a WWE Superstar, this is it, she just has the star power look that you can't create.

Here, Rose looks stunning in her bikini, and the sunset only seems to enhance that fact. This photoshoot is one that blew many people away with the images that have been shared, and that is a testament to Rose. While some wrestling fans might not have known her name from NXT, only watching the main roster product, a quick search and pictures such as this will quickly make Rose a name they will remember.

5 Liv Morgan: Beach Life

Photo: Pinterest.com

Who doesn't love a beach photo shoot? If you didn't, you probably do now and Liv Morgan certainly does, as this image from a popular photo shoot proves. Morgan looks incredible, with the only thing missing being the sea behind her.

While she doesn't look quite beach ready in those knee-high socks, she does look beautiful, something that will only help increase her support since moving to the main roster on SmackDown Live. The Riott Squad member will be hoping to stand out from a pack of stunning women and posting images like this to her Instagram is certainly going to help her in that battle.

4 Mandy Rose: Working Out

There is no competition because nobody can be like me ๐Ÿ’ฏ @tapout

A post shared by Mandy Rose (@mandysacs) on

Anybody have a sudden urge to complete a workout? After seeing that image I couldn't blame you, though most people tend not to look that good after getting a pump in the iron paradise. Mandy Rose is extremely dedicated to looking her best, after all, bodies like that don't just create themselves, and Rose works incredibly hard to look the way she does and be as fit as possible for her wrestling career.

This is something that fans can easily see, from her time in Tough Enough or on Total Divas to just taking a glimpse at her social media, you can clearly see that working out and being healthy is a passion of hers and it is certainly paying off.

3 Liv Morgan: A True Beauty

Photo: Twitter.com

This picture showcases everything about Liv Morgan and why she is one of the most attractive women in WWE right now, quickly making her mark amongst some beautiful competition.

From the tight fitting clothes showing off her fantastic body, to how gorgeous Morgan looks, this is a picture that ticks all the boxes. While Morgan doesn't always dress up, with her more relaxed style, don't let that fool you as to how stunning she really is. This picture was taken during Morgan's birthday celebrations, and while we will excuse the pile of mess in her bedroom, she certainly celebrated her big day by looking incredible.

2 Mandy Rose: Enjoying The Beach Life

Beach day w the fam โค๏ธโค๏ธ

A post shared by Mandy Rose (@mandysacs) on

Sometimes, everyone is quick to look at images of WWE Superstars during photo shoots that see them looking as perfect as possible that they often forget the beautyย of people just relaxing. That is what this image showcases, Mandy Rose's natural beauty and it's fair to say she looks incredible. There are countless images of Rose enjoying life soaking in the sun, and why not if you can?

But now she is on the road full time with Monday Night Raw these images may become few and far between as she begins to start paving a path for herself to become one of WWE's top female athletes.

1 Liv Morgan: Dressed To Impress

via twitter.com

While Liv Morgan certainly prefers her tomboy style, that doesn't mean she won't throw on a pretty dress every now and then, and when she does, she is a knockout, something this image proves.

Morgan was dressed to impress during WrestleMania weekend in Orlando and it seems to have worked given her rapid move to the main roster prior to this year's event in New Orleans, where she will be hoping to rock the ring gear instead of a stunning dress. The Riott Squad star looks absolutely stunning and just like the superstar that she is, with more images like this, she is going to find herself becoming a fan favourite in no time.

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