Extreme Fools: 15 Photos Of WWE Stars Having Too Much Fun

WWE Superstars are seen as larger than life characters who do some pretty ridiculous things. Whether it's pouring milk all over yourself while being inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame, like Kurt Angle, or being subjected to kissing Vince McMahon's rear end, nothing is too shameful for a WWE star to do on national television.

Wrestlers put themselves through embarrassment on a constant basis to entertain the masses. In turn, it creates memories and legacies that last a lifetime and those who tend to do the most ridiculous things wind up becoming legends. Those very same people also do embarrassing things in real life as well, away from the camera (or so they think) and in their own private lives, just like you and I. Whether it's having a little too much to drink or having something private go public, there are moments that people tend to want to forget.

Unfortunately for wrestlers, their popularity can also be a downfall, with fans lurking around every corner and social media being a major factor in life today, one embarrassing moment can go down in history.

Wrestlers like to live life on the wild side, the constant touring, riches and fame all lead to that, which is why it shouldn't be surprising to know that many of those wild and embarrassing moments have been caught by fans, and here are 15 examples of them.

15 One Too Many

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The Miz and Maryse are known as the 'It' couple in WWE. They look far from being the hot and glamorous couple they portray on TV in this image where both of them have clearly had one too many at a party. Both are known for hosting big parties for their fellow WWE Superstars, with their New Year's Eve party being attended by many fellow wrestlers with images being posted all over social media, they clearly didn't have hosting duties to worry about here.

From Miz's drunken eyes and the fact he is struggling to stand up to Maryse attempting to give him a kiss as The Miz is having none of it, it's clear they are having an incredible night, just potentially one they might not remember the next day.

14 NXT Time

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It isn't just the main roster talents or former wrestlers who enjoy living on the wild side, as this image clearly shows three former NXT stars out partying the night away. While they may now be on the main roster, their friendship began in developmental. Many of WWE's biggest new stars worked together down there, so it makes sense some friendships were formed.

It's an incredibly unlikely trio, with few fans likely expecting Charlotte Flair, Mojo Rawley and Braun Strowman to all enjoy hanging out together. Clearly they certainly do, as this image proves. Whilst it isn't too incriminating, given the current position all three are enjoying right now, it's one they won't want to be seeing float around Twitter, especially Strowman, who doesn't look anywhere near as scary here.

13 Party In The Back

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Chris Jericho is known to enjoy a good beverage quite often. Just read any of his books for some wild stories with the likes of John Cena. But it appears he has brought that Attitude Era style into the current day roster as well as this picture shows.

Even though Jericho and Dean Ambrose were locked in a bitter feud at this point, they clearly enjoyed a good friendship behind the scenes and all that was needed was some liquid courage and KFC chicken. Traveling around on the road can see some long journeys for the WWE Superstars, so it shouldn't be a big surprise to see that they use partying to pass some of the time by and have some fun along the way. Ambrose doesn't look too happy about being on camera though!

12 Costume Fun

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Wrestlers often have big parties together, especially around the Halloween season. Whether this was a themed party or simply an occasion to get dressed up, these three wrestlers have taken it to the next level. Sheamus, Adam Rose, and NXT star Drew McIntyre are all geared up and from the wild looks on their faces are having the time of their lives. With IRS being the best of the three costumes, Rose takes the crown for not being a lemon.

These are the sort of moments you often don't see when it comes to a wrestlers career, so this unique glimpse into how your favourite WWE stars party is often fun to see, proving they act as wild away from the cameras as they do on them.

11 Team Extreme

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Both Matt and Jeff Hardy have enjoyed some wild moments in their lives, sometimes going too far and getting themselves into trouble. But having once been known as Team Extreme, it should have been expected all along.

These brothers have done everything together throughout their lives, and this photo alludes to other things that we may not know about on top of that. The pair has clearly enjoyed a wild time and is enjoying the moment. We can only speculate as to who the victim is in this photo, but we're sure they weren't having nearly as much fun as mAtt and Jeff. However, given that they are both now family men who no longer behave in this way, this is likely an image they would likely want to just keep in the past.

10 A Wild Party

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What Kelly Kelly is doing in that sink can be anybody's guess and I will allow your imagination to conclude your own answers, but it's very likely that this former Diva is simply trying to get some relief.

Before Total Divas highlighted the partying lifestyle that many of the female wrestlers live with cameras on for all the embarrassing moments, here Kelly Kelly proves that she partied just as hard back in the day. From her overly happy expression to her very revealing stance on the counter top, it's not exactly an image that the popular Diva is likely one she wants you to see again. This is especially true now that rumours are swirling that she may be part of the first ever women's Royal Rumble match this year.

9 We The People

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On the surface, Jack Swagger might not strike you as a major party man. But given just how much he is loving seeing his friend down this bottle, it's clear that is not the case. The former World Heavyweight Champion clearly enjoys a night on the town as much as anyone else.

For those that remember his main event run, they will recall how Swagger actually failed a substance test close to his WrestleMania match with Alberto Del Rio. After that, seeing this wilder side of him makes sense. This photo is harmless enough though, hence its lower ranking on the list, with the All American not even snapped drinking. But his expression would make you believe he could be next to have a taste.

8 Brie Finds A Surprise

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Total Divas has produced many embarrassing moments for the wrestlers involved. From drunken falls to ridiculous amounts of bitching to this incredibly embarrassing moment where Brie Bella found her sister's intimacy tools in their room.

While it isn't a party moment like many on this list, it doesn't mean it isn't a wild moment as it certainly shocked fans that were tuned into the E! Network. Nikki hasn't been shy about discussing her intimate life, but even this was a bit further than people had got used to. Even though Nikki managed to brush it off at the time with an awkward laugh, it is probably something she hoped was just confined to that particular episode. Instead it was captured and passed around the internet, of course.

7 The Bad Guy In A Bad Place

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This image might not be of someone going wild, but it is the exact aftermath of what was likely a big party binge from the legendary Scott Hall. The former nWo member looks terrible in this picture with his son clearly looking concerned next to him.

This was taken during a dark period in Hall's life when he was struggling heavily with addiction and thankfully his friend DDP stepped in. With his Yoga and focus on a healthy lifestyle he managed to get him back to his best. However, while pictures such as these still exist, it's clear that this will never be a moment that he will be able to forget, but it also serves as a reminder of how far he has come in his recovery.

6 True Attitude

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The Attitude Era is portrayed as one of the wildest times in wrestling, both in and out of the ring with WWE pushing the boundaries in terms of its programming, whilst the wrestlers lived like rock stars away from the squared circle.

In this image, you can see some of the all-time greats enjoying life on the road, not an image you see often with the current crop of WWE Superstars. With bottles of all sorts of spirits and cigars all over, it's clear that this crop of talent is having a wild night. Perhaps the highlight of a very awesome picture is the late, great Paul Bearer, just about managing to get in the shot at the bottom. He clearly appears to have had a good time already.

5 Post-Match Entertainment

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Some wrestlers simply can't wait to enjoy a cold one after a night's work. As this image shows that sometimes that means not even managing to get behind the curtain away from the fans eyes to enjoy one.

Here, Paige is enjoying a wild moment in front of the entire WWE Universe, sipping on what can only be guessed is a fan's beverage, which she is also managing to spill all over herself in the process. Paige does have a reputation as a bit of a party girl. Just following her Instagram stories will showcase that aspect of her life, as did her time on Total Divas. While it is kind of the fan to surrender their beverage to Paige, we're sure she likely got in some hot water for it.

4 Andre Can Pack Them In

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The stories about Andre The Giant are legendary when it comes to his ability to consume massive amounts of anything, with his size allowing him to sustain way more brews than the average man, taking a large quantity to begin to affect him.

Whether that entire table's contents belong to the Giant is unknown, but given the stories, it would not be surprising in the slightest, and Andre looks incredibly proud of the entire situation. Whether it's the flower shirt or the fact he is going for the casually unbuttoned look, the Giant is having a great time on this evening, something he was well known for throughout his life.

3 John Cena Parties Hard

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You can certainly see John Cena in this picture, one that Nikki Bella will likely wish doesn't exist, or at least isn't in public knowledge. As you can see, Mr. Cena is clearly having a wild time here. With a woman being pushed onto his lap, Cena is enjoying every moment of his night. While he might be the poster boy for WWE's PG product, that doesn't mean he lives a PG lifestyle.

In fact, Cena is known for his partying habits throughout the years with many wrestlers telling tales of getting pretty wild with Cena. Even though he might appear civilized on Total Bellas with a glass of wine next to Nikki Bella, that doesn't mean he isn't fond of getting out of control either.

2 Evolution

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Ric Flair's career is full of drinking and having major parties, something that ultimately nearly cost him his life at the end of 2017, the Nature Boy lived and breathed his gimmick and that included going as wild as possible.

This is something that Flair was well known for throughout his entire career, and as this image clearly shows, it's something he attempted to pass on during his time with Evolution to younger stars such as Batista. Nowadays he is living a sober lifestyle, which highlights just how wild Flair's life was, something that has been incredibly well documented with countless images, stories and even a 30 For 30.

1 Brie Mode

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The fact that Brie Bella's love of partying and going a little wild has led to a catchphrase for merchandise and her very own theme song is quite staggering. Especially when you think about the different message WWE tries to portray 'Brie Mode' as.

In WWE's eyes it is used for the Bella twin to focus on and empower women. However on Total Divas and Total Bellas it highlights her going overboard at the bar, falling and stumbling around on dance floors and being as wild as possible, slightly different. Brie Bella has had plenty of moments where she has perhaps enjoyed herself a little too much and many of them have been caught by cameras for Total Divas, allowing fans to see exactly how she parties.

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