15 Photos These Current WWE Superstars Would Not Take Again

Sometimes we like to think that the life of a wrestler or any other kind of celebrity has to be easy. But there are undoubtedly a lot of downsides to being a celebrity. The first of them is that you don’t really have much freedom depending on how famous you are. Even within the wrestling industry, we can see different levels of this. For example, there are guys like John Cena who cannot walk on the street without people stopping them and asking for selfies. At the same time, there are a bunch of people on smalltime promotions like NXT, who are barely recognized by the public. The latter ones still have some freedom when it comes to going to parties and doing whatever they like. Superstars, on the other hand, don’t have as much luck. Sure, they get paid way more money, but they have to live while constantly being under the scrutiny of the public eye. Some people might think it is okay, but that has to be a really annoying way to live.

That being said, since they don’t have as much freedom and are constantly bugged by fans and paparazzi, superstar wrestlers have a lot of pictures out on the web that they probably wish they could take back. These can come in many shapes and forms. The most common we could put on this list are wardrobe malfunctions, but since we have already made a bunch of those lists, we will try to steer away from these embarrassments. But don’t worry, while there are not any wardrobe malfunctions here, there is a lot of funny stuff these wrestlers wish they could take back.


17 Not The Selfie This Fan Was Looking For

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WWE wrestlers are generally the most accommodating of all athletes on the planet when it comes to taking pictures with fans and signing autographs. With the stars traveling around the planet for about 300 days a year, they run into a lot of fans and due to the company they represent, they have to play nice with them. Unfortunately, this fan got herself a selfie with Orton catching a glimpse of the fan from above. This is definitely an embarrassing moment for Orton, who had a checkered past in WWE. While some may just view it as funny and Orton just getting caught sneaking a peek, it's definitely not a selfie a fan was looking for with one of her favorites.




15 John Cena Cosplays As His Fiancee

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It doesn’t matter how much time has passed, this picture of John Cena is still priceless. Arguably one of the biggest names in the history of the WWE and wrestling as a whole, anything that involves John Cena is bound to make the news. Sure, there are the good news like when he helps fulfill a child’s dream with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. But there are also embarrassing moments in John’s career that he might want to take back. At the same time, he is the kind of guy who can deal with the jokes, or at least that’s how it seems.

On the other hand, we are sure that the diehard John Cena fans were not too happy when they saw their hero dressing up as Nikki Bella.

14 Edge And Lita's Live 'Celebration'

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Edge is no longer with the WWE, but since Lita is another famous female wrestler who returned during January’s Royal Rumble, and also serves as commentator on select shows, we thought she qualified for this list. This picture was taken at another time, during another era of the WWE. And that is exactly why we believe both the wrestlers and Vince McMahon dearly want this picture to be taken down from the Internet and erased from the fans’ minds. Well, not just the picture but the entire incident.

We know wrestling is all about the fun, but it is still hard to imagine how it was ever okay to have two people fake an intimate encounter while a live audience of thousands of people watched. There is also the very high probability that there were kids in that audience.


12 Kelly Kelly's Bathroom Photo

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After almost six years away from the wrestling limelight, Kelly Kelly finally returned to the WWE during the Royal Rumble. So what better way to celebrate her return, even if it may possibly be a one-off, than to talk about one of the most embarrassing pictures in the history of the WWE? Well, depending on the day, she might not even be that embarrassed about this picture. After all, there is nothing wrong with being a party girl.

Still, we are sure Kelly and her family cannot be too keen on wrestling fans having access to a picture as embarrassing as this one. Come on, you were already in a bathroom, why not just use the toilet? Our best guess is that someone was already there and when nature comes calling there is little you can do to help yourself. Either way, letting a friend take a picture was not the best idea.

11 John Cena Enjoying The Party Lifestyle

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As you can imagine, given the fact that John Cena has been with the WWE for as long as anyone can remember, there are a bunch of pictures of him doing stuff he probably regrets these days. Well, maybe John doesn’t regret it as much as he doesn’t want Nikki Bella to see the stuff he has done throughout his career. Even his haters have to admit that John Cena is one of the biggest celebrities in the world of sports. The guy has paparazzi following him almost as if he was a regular celebrity. And while that can be nice for some time, it is not so pretty when they catch you doing stuff like this.

Before he was betrothed, John Cena was quite the party lover. There are an abundance of photos of Cena partying it up with his ex-wife Elizabeth Hubderdeau with some not so PG photos. And who can blame him for enjoying his fame?


10 Stephanie McMahon's 'Accident'

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It is hard to make a list of embarrassing photos WWE stars want to take back without adding this particular entry by Stephanie McMahon. After all, it is not every day that the daughter of Vince McMahon has a bathroom problem in the midst of a show. We don’t even remember what she was doing at the time, other than the fact that she hurried out of the stage with a very embarrassing stain between her legs. Whether that was number one or number two, is up to you to decide or her to tell everyone someday. But for the sake of everyone who loves the WWE, we hope it was the first choice and not the second one. Then again, it could have just been sweat, which would have also been embarrassing but not as much.

9 Ronda Rousey Partying

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The newest addition to the WWE roster is none other than the former UFC champion, Ronda Rousey. One of the funniest things about wrestling is that the people who hate the sport usually use the argument that wrestlers don’t really know how to fight. Now the ship on that argument has sailed completely. Brock Lesnar had already proven he could hold his own against the best mixed martial artists in the world, and Ronda Rousey is a fighter who many people thought would go her entire career undefeated.

Thankfully for WWE fans, Ronda ended up losing her UFC title and choosing to go to the WWE, where we are sure she is going to be one hell of an entertainer. That being said, there are also a few pictures she would not want you seeing, just like this one of her having kind of an intimate party.

8 Triple H With A "Film" Star

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Triple H definitely has been the cause of many changes in the WWE. He's brought forth a Women's Revolution by planting the roots in NXT. Outside of WWE programming, he's represented himself as a family man who is looking at keeping WWE a family friendly product even well after Vince passes. Obviously, Triple H is under control here, as he's standing next to a fan posing for a picture. But this isn't just any fan. She's Brittney Stevens, who just happens to be a film star from the "other" industry. This very well could've been just a friendly exchange and Triple H granting a request, but what would Stephanie think about this photo? We hope Triple H wasn't shouting DX catchphrases at her!

7 The Miz Gets Spray-Tanned By Mizdow

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Of course, these were all staged, but there is no way that The Miz is not ashamed of the pictures Dolph Ziggler released of him back when Dolph was still the Intercontinental Champion. On his defense, while The Miz can be awesome on various occasions, he is also a guy who, because of the persona he assumes in the WWE, is easily made fun of. It doesn’t matter how much you love or hate The Miz. You have to admit that he is one of the funniest guys in the WWE. Agreeing to take pictures like this is just proof of him being that kind of guy.

Although he might not be so ashamed of them, we are quite sure his wife would be happy if these pictures were taken down from the Internet.

6 Nikki Bella Partying With Dolph Ziggler, Et Al.

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We are sure this was just a friendly arm around the shoulder kind of situation. But, at the same time, you cannot deny that John Cena would probably feel mad every time he took a look at a picture like this. It is no secret that Nikki Bella dated Dolph Ziggler before finding her real love with Mr. Cena. But this is the kind of picture that both the couple and the WWE would like everyone to forget. And like many people do on social media, we are also sure Nikki Bella is someone who would very much like to take every single picture she had from previous relationships out of the Internet.

On the WWE side, we say that because it seems like the promotion wants to make everyone believe Nikki Bella and John Cena did not have lives before they met each other. Do you see that too or is it just us?

5 Ronda After Losing To Holly Holm

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Nothing in the life of an athlete is tougher than losing a fight or a game. Losing a single match can already mess up someone’s psyche, especially if they were undefeated. Imagine losing a title in circumstances like that. This is what happened to Ronda Rousey when she first lost her UFC Bantamweight title, and her undefeated streak, to Holly Holm at UFC 193. Not only her, but the entire world was shocked to see how someone managed to knock Rousey out when most other fighters had barely made it out of the first round against her.

This is not the kind of embarrassing picture we have been showing on this list, but it is undeniable that this is the one picture Ronda would want to take back the most. Ronda didn't take her defeat well at all and it caused a lot of fans to turn on her, with her popularity taking a hit. That is the thing about an undefeated record. Once you lose it, there is no getting it back.

4 Charlotte's Photos Get Leaked

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We thought about making an entire list of photos wrestlers would like to take back without adding any leaks, but that is just impossible. If you browse the Internet for embarrassing WWE photos, you can find anything from mugshots to candid party pictures, but in terms of embarrassment, none of them come even close to leaked images.

There are two reasons for that. The first is that since these athletes are almost always the ones who took the pictures, they are the people who regret it the most. The second reason is that it is unbelievably embarrassing to have a private a picture of you released on the Internet. Just ask Charlotte Flair since she was one of the many unfortunate female wrestlers who had their privacy exposed to the public.

3 Dean Ambrose, Pink-Haired Jobber

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Remember the time Dean Ambrose rocked a pink hairdo, using his indie ring name of Jon Moxley, as a "local" enhancement talent? These days he is one of the most famous stars in the promotion. For God’s sake, the guy’s part of The Shield, which was also arguably one of the most beloved alliances in wrestling history. If you have any doubt about that, just remember the reaction fans in the arena had for the mere idea of the trio reuniting.

But back to Dean Ambrose and that pink hair of his; this is undoubtedly a moment of his career Ambrose wants to forget. Just think about it this way. One of his signature characteristics is that short and wild hairstyle he portrays today. How long do you think he would have lasted if he stuck with the pink hair?

2 The Paige Leak

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Many athletes and celebrities have a hard time surviving the nasty hit that a photo leak can take on someone’s career. Now take that up another notch and imagine how tough it could be for someone to survive in the entertainment industry after having a tape released. Of course, there are examples of celebrities who became famous because of their tapes, but in sports and wrestling, it seems like the opposite is the case.

The few times we have seen wrestlers with leaked tapes happened when they were already out of the door or going downhill in their careers. Only a few were lucky enough to have the help of the WWE to cover it up. Unfortunately for Paige, she was not one of these lucky wrestlers when her private photos and videos got leaked early last year.

1 The Miz With LaMelo Ball

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We get that the WWE is always looking for ways to improve the brand and raise recognition across all spectrums of sports. So what better way to do that than inviting some of the most recently notorious names in basketball to sit down and talk with the Miz during Miz TV?

Before anything else, let’s just say that the entities who wish they could take this back are both the WWE itself and The Miz, since this fiasco happened during his show.

Now back to the topic, everyone watched when LaVar Ball and two of his sons, current Lakers guard Lonzo Ball and his younger brother LaMelo, joined Miz on the ring for a little entertainment. The only thing no one expected was that out of nowhere, the 15-year-old LaMelo Ball would start spewing the N-word on stage. That was not the look the WWE was going for there.


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