Backstage Details On Major Plans For Bray Wyatt Following Survivor Series

Bray Wyatt is being pushed more than any other WWE superstar right now, and the company isn't about to move away from that any time soon.

The Fiend defeated one of the company's main faces, Seth Rollins, at Crown Jewel to become the new Universal Champion. Now, he's set to clash with future WWE Hall of Famer Daniel Bryan at the Survivor Series pay-per-view.

After Bryan, Wyatt's push will only continue to grow stronger and stronger from there. It actually sounds as though the Universal Champion won't be taking another clean loss for quite some time.

According to Paul Davis of Wrestling News, Wyatt is going to remain champion at Survivor Series, and WWE has "big plans for him at WrestleMania." A source also told Davis that The Fiend will take part in a main event match at the big show in Tampa Bay.

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Not only that, but WWE is looking to "keep him strong," and not have him take a pinfall loss "until they find the right person to beat him."

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Dave Meltzer recently speculated that Wyatt could clash with The Miz prior to WrestleMania, before clashing with either Roman Reigns or Brock Lesnar on the Grandeset Stage of Them All. Wyatt will face Rey Mysterio at the WWE event in Mexico City on Nov. 30, and he'll go up against former Wyatt Family member Braun Strowman on the Dec. 1 Starrcade event.

Protecting Wyatt Is The Smart Move

If WWE wants to build up Wyatt accordingly for Wrestlemania, then it makes good sense to have him avoid clean losses over the long run. And his momentum and super stardom will only grow stronger as he continues to defeat more big-named stars, with Bryan, Mysterio and Strowman likely on the way. All in all, WWE is doing a near-perfect job in building up The Fiend for WrestleMania. They just have to stick to the long-term plan.

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