Backstage Details On Plans For Roman Reigns At WrestleMania 36

Roman Reigns has been used in the mid-card division throughout 2019, but it sounds like WWE is preparing to make him a main eventer again.

Reigns has been placed in feuds with the likes of Daniel Bryan, Erick Rowan and now King Corbin. But according to Paul Davis of Wrestling News, WWE has bigger plans for him going forward.

The plan is for The Big Dog to "move up the card again," which will lead to Reigns taking part in a main event match at WrestleMania 36 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, Florida.

It wasn't mentioned who Reigns could possibly face at WrestleMania, but the possibilities are endless. And he should be considered a frontrunner to win the upcoming Royal Rumble event.

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Reigns and King Corbin are part of Team SmackDown for the 5-on-5 elimination tag match at Survivor Series. The two have been clashing for several weeks, with King Corbin going great lengths to mock Reigns' "Big Dog" moniker.

WWE pushed Reigns as their main event face from 2015 (after he won the Royal Rumble) throughout 2018. He received plenty of negative reactions during this time from the fans, of course, but it didn't stop Vince McMahon from pushing him as the No. 1 guy.

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Sadly, Reigns had to relinquish the title in October after revealing that his Leukemia had resurfaced. Reigns had to step aside for three months before making an emotional return in February.

Reigns Is Ready For Another Main Event Push

WWE has done an excellent job in building up Reigns again, and his feuds in the mid-card division have worked nicely. They have several months to continue his build up, and by then, he'll be more than ready for another massive main event push. This time, Reigns will certainly receive stronger crowd reactions compared to his previous main event run.

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