15 Embarrassing Statistics Of Former WCW Stars

WCW clearly wasn't a promotion which planned ahead. This is quite evident when looking at their championship records. There are numerous incidents where it's easy to see the company was forced to change course suddenly or simply decided to do as such. For that reason, you will see a lot of bizarre championship statistics in this article.

There are other statistics mentioned in this piece which also help to show how nonsensical WCW booking really was. A few statistics here point out glaring logical gaps in WCW angles and stories.

For those who witnessed WCW during its heyday, they know it gets a bit of a bad reputation. For all the nonsense that went on in that company, they still had some of the greatest wrestlers of all-time and arguably the greatest roster ever assembled with both past and future stars. However, despite the talent we remember the dark side of WCW in this article. Here are 15 embarrassing statistics of former WCW stars.

15 nWo - Absurd Amount Of Members

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In total, over 40 WCW wrestlers appeared on company programming as a member of the nWo. That's a huge faction! In fact, the list of wrestlers who never joined the nWo is far shorter than those who did. Notable WCW alumni who never joined the faction include Diamond Dallas Page and Chris Jericho. Few others can say the same.

One of the chief complaints about the latter days of the nWo storyline was that the group had been watered down. An attempt was made in 1999 to put just the top nWo guys in the Wolfpac but the angle started to crumble not long after, as did the company.

Another attempt was made in 2000 to bring back the faction with Bret Hart, The Outsiders, Jeff Jarrett, and Scott Steiner as key components.

14 Sting - His WWE Record

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Sting was WCW's franchise guy. The one who never left the company and stayed loyal to WCW. He would later say the reason he didn't go to WWE during his prime was he was worried about how the company would portray him. After seeing how DDP and others fared following WCW's closure, Sting didn't have confidence the company would be behind him. It turned out he was right about that.

Sting wrestled two matches on WWE PPVs, and he lost both of them.

His first WWE match was also his first WrestleMania match. He lost to Triple H. Many had hoped Sting would wrestle The Undertaker at the event but he was scheduled against Bray Wyatt instead. Sting did wrestle two matches on Monday Night Raw as well and he won both of those. He defeated the Big Show via DQ and teamed with John Cena to defeat Seth Rollins and Big Show.

13 Kevin Nash - Four Failed Gimmicks

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While Kevin Nash's WCW career is largely remembered for his time in the NWO, there were many failed attempts at making him a star for the company before.

When all was said and done with Kevin Nash's career in WCW, he wrestled under five different gimmicks for the promotion. In 1990, he started wrestling as one-half of the Master Blasters. Nash was Master Blaster Steele for those keeping track. He also wrestled nine matches under the name "Dr. X" in 1991, losing every single bout. After that, he went back to the Master Blasters gimmick.

In late 1991, he would debut as Oz, a take on the Wizard from the Wizard of Oz movies.

After Oz, Nash tried out the Vinnie Vegas gimmick but it only worked as well as his previous three gimmicks had. Fortunately for Nash, he was then recruited by Shawn Michaels to be his bodyguard in WWE. When Nash returned to WCW in 1996, he finally started wrestling under his real name.

12 David Arquette - 12 Day Run As WCW World Champion

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David Arquette is a huge wrestling fan and by all accounts a really nice guy. For that reason, it's too bad he's in the record books as one of the most ill-received World Champions of all-time but that's the case.

Arquette won the title in a tag-team match (yep) where whoever scored the pinfall would win the belt.

When Arquette pinned Bischoff, he won the World Title in the process. According to DDP, Arquette protested the decision to give him the belt, correctly assuming fans would hate it. Perhaps WCW would be alive today if only David Arquette was running it.

Arquette would turn on DDP in his first title defense, helping Jeff Jarrett win a multi-person 3-tiered steel cage match for the title at Slamboree 2000. Arquette donated all his WCW earnings to the families of Brian Pillman and Owen Hart.

11 Golderg - The Actual Streak

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Sorry to do this but Bill Goldberg didn't actually go on a 174-0 streak in WCW like the promotion claims. So, how long did Bill Goldberg's undefeated streak actually last? Five matches according to the man himself, as he let us know in his autobiography. Goldberg lost his sixth professional match in WCW, only the promotion kept this under wraps for years.

Goldberg lost to a wrestler named Chad Fortune in a match from the company's WCW Saturday Night tapings on July 24th, 1997.

The match was in Goldberg's home city of Atlanta as well. Apparently, WCW officials wanted to test Goldberg's reaction to being told he was going to lose and after he didn't have a problem with it, they felt more comfortable pushing him to the top.

Goldberg's reported WCW record was 173-1 when Kevin Nash defeated him for the World Championship at Starrcade 1998.

10 Eric Bischoff - Hardcore Championship Reign

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Did you know Eric Bischoff is a former WCW Hardcore Champion? Chances are you were either too young to be watching at the time, strategically missed it or your mind simply wouldn't allow you to process that it happened.

Bischoff defeated Terry Funk for the title on the June 5th, 2000 edition of Monday Nitro.

Big Vito and Johnny the Bull would beat down Terry Funk and help Bischoff win the championship. Bischoff would then hand over the title to the pair of Vito and Johnny on the next episode of Thunder. Since Thunder was being taped on the same night as Nitro at the time (for financial reasons), Bischoff's title reign only lasted a few hours.

Johnny the Bull and Big Vito would use the Freebird rule to defend the title but very few people were watching at this point.

9 Ric Flair - No Divorces Throughout WCW History

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Ric Flair is engaged to be married to his fifth wife. Amazingly, none of Ric Flair's four divorces occurred while he was in WCW. In a statistic which will surely amaze many, Ric Flair was actually married to the same woman from the start of WCW all the way to the end. Perhaps there was something about WCW which kept Flair's marriages strong.

Flair's longest marriage was to Elizabeth Harrell. The pair were married from 1983 to 2006. WCW lasted from 1988 to 2001.

In 1989, WCW featured an angle between Ricky Steamboat and Flair. Steamboat was portrayed as the family man while Flair was portrayed as the womanizer. Meanwhile, Steamboat was already on his third wife at the time and he would divorce her in 2003 as well. Steamboat moved onto his fourth wife in 2004.

8 Kevin Nash - Disputed WCW World Title Statistics

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Kevin Nash's WCW World Championship statistics are a mess. Different record books have different statistics and it all comes down to one hideous episode of Thunder in 2000.

In storyline, Nash was the Commissioner of WCW at the time. So, on the January 25th, 2000 episode of Thunder he awarded himself the World Championship. The reason he did this is that the previous champion, Sid Vicious, was only awarded a shot at the title as a result of beating the Harris brothers in a qualifying match. Nash would later point out that Sid pinned the wrong Harris brother in the match, therefore, his title win against Nash was later void. Make sense? No? No, it doesn't, does it?

WWE does not acknowledge this title reign in their records but they do list Nash as a five-time champion.

7 Billy Kidman & Rey Mysterio - Cruiserweight Tag Championship Reign

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Did you know WCW had Tag Team Championships for their Cruiserweight division? That the titles only lasted eight days is perhaps a reason as to why few remember them.

A tournament was held in February of 2001 to crown the first ever WCW Cruiserweight Tag Champions. The company had about eight weeks to live when the tournament started. Kid Romeo and Elix Skipper would win the inaugural championships. The team won an 8-team single elimination tournament. The finals of the tournament were held on March 18th and they would lose the titles the next week to Rey Mysetrio and Billy Kidman. That match took place on the final ever episode of Nitro.

When WWE purchased the company, they never brought back the titles, although there are rumors 205 Live could be getting Tag Titles.

6 Vince Russo - 7 Day Run As WCW World Champion

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When Vince Russo signed with World Championship Wrestling on September 16th, 1999, he said you would never see his face on WCW television. Unlike Vince McMahon, he wouldn't make himself a character on TV. One year and nine days later, Vince Russo won the WCW World Championship.

Russo came out the next week on Nitro and vacated the championship. At this point, the company had six months to live. It's not hard to see why.

Booker T would be the next to win the title and he would trade it back and forth with Scott Steiner until the company died. On the final episode of Nitro, Booker won back the championship and entered the Invasion angle as WCW's Champion. As for Vince Russo, after WCW he would work with TNA for several years.

5 Sting's - 11 Day Run As WCW World Championship 

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One of the most notable blunders in WCW's history was the main event of Starrcade 1997. After a year of building up a mega-match between Sting and Hollywood Hogan, a bizarre fast-but-not-fast count muddied the World Title picture and arguably halted Sting's momentum on a dime.

Referee Nick Patrick was supposed to fast count Sting after Hogan delivered a leg-drop. It would look like the ref conspired to cost Sting the match... only Patrick counted the three at normal speed, making it look like Hogan had beaten Sting clean.

In response to the botch, WCW stripped Sting of the title 11 days later on Thunder.

A rematch was scheduled for SuperBrawl VIII where Sting would finally win the title but by that time the angle was dead and there was this new guy named Goldberg who was beginning to make waves.

4 Macho Man Randy Savage - 1 Day WCW World Title Reign

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In April of 1998, the NWO was struggling. There were rumors a split in the faction could occur. Kevin Nash helped Macho Man win the WCW World Championship at Spring Stampede 1998. It looked as though this new red and black faction of the NWO which was growing would have a World Champion to lead them. Only Savage's World Title reign lasted all of one day. Savage would lose the title the very next night on Nitro to none other than Hollywood Hogan.

An interesting stat about Randy Savage and the World Championship is he only ever lost to Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan. His first run in WWE was ended by Hogan and his second by Flair. His first two runs with the title in WCW were ended by Flair and his final two were ended by Hogan. Savage was a six-time World Champion. 

3 Goldberg - Number of World Championship Reigns

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After Scott Hall hit Goldberg with a taser at Starrcade and cost him his match with Kevin Nash, he never again would become WCW World Champion. Amazing isn't it? The most popular star in the history of the company only got that one 174 day reign with the belt.

Some of you might remember Goldberg defeating Sting for the title at Halloween Havoc 1999. Officially, this never happened. The next night Goldberg was stripped of the title after it was revealed Sting had never agreed to defend the title against Goldberg that night.

The title was declared vacant and a tournament was set up to decide the new champion. Goldberg would never regain the WCW World Championship. Some say the company should have never taken the title off Goldberg to begin with, let alone never allow him to wear it again.

2 Raven - 1 Day US Title Reign

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The record books for what is now the WWE United States Championship date all the way back to Harley Race's inaugural run with the belt in 1975. Of the 91 champions to ever wear the belt, there was no reign shorter than Raven, whose run with the belt lasted just one day. He defeated Diamond Dallas Page for the title at Spring Stampede 1998. The next night on Monday Nitro, he was soundly defeated for the title by Goldberg.

Raven never won the US Title or any other single title for the rest of his run with the company. Saturn and Raven held the Tag Team Championships on one occasion, however. Raven would then win the WWE Hardcore Championship 27-times while in WWE.

1 Meng - Abandons Hardcore Championship

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Meng was the last ever WCW Hardcore Championship. This was because after winning the title at the 2001 Sin PPV, Meng signed with WWE and was on their television show as Haku the next week. He was a surprise entrant in the 2001 Royal Rumble that year. The WCW Hardcore Championship was never revived and WCW itself would be out of business two months later.

In total, the WCW Hardcore Championship lasted 14 months. Terry Funk was one of the greatest champions. He held the title three-times for a grand total of 78 days. The best Hardcore Champion in WCW history was Norman Smiley, however. He held the title twice for a total of 93 days as champion.

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