Positive Ric Flair Health Update

A week after Ric Flair was admitted to the hospital, there are promising reports emerging that point towards 'Naitch being on the mend.

Almost exactly one week ago news began filtering through that Ric Flair was taken to the hospital. While original reports suggested it was nothing serious, as time went on it became evident that The Nature Boy's condition was a lot worse than first realized. Flair was placed in a medically induced coma and underwent surgery while those close to him urged fans and friends to keep Flair in their thoughts and to pray for him. Well now the news coming out of Camp Flair is a lot more positive.


The latest reports indicate that Flair is now awake following his medically induced coma and responsive, although he's far from being out of the woods yet. Once again it was the CEO of the company that manages the sixteen time World Champion, Melinda Zanoni, passing on the news via Twitter. Melinda was sure to point out that although things are looking up, there are still complications.

The most promising thing from Zanoni, apart from the news itself, were the light-hearted remarks she made on Naitch's condition in a series of tweets she sent out on Saturday afternoon. Along with updates on his condition Zanoni informed fans that Flair cut a promo on a nurse. She went on to remind fans that Flair previously survived a plane crash and being struck by lightning.


Everyone from the Superstars in the locker room to the fans around the world have been collectively holding their breath as we waited for news on Ric Flair, and thankfully, the latest word on The Nature Boy is good. To say there's an argument to be made that Flair is the greatest pro wrestler of all time would be an under statement.


While this is the best news we've had on Flair since he was admitted to hospital a week ago, as his agent was quick to point out he is not out of the woods quite yet. The fact that he's awake and responsive and apparently cutting promos is a sign that the Flair we know and love is hopefully on his way back to being at the top of his game though. He is indeed a survivor.

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