Possible Reason Why Brock Lesnar Moved To Raw Revealed

Brock Lesnar's tenure on SmackDown Live lasted no more than a month, as the WWE Champion "quit" the brand before heading back to Monday Night Raw, his old stomping grounds.

It was widely believed that the Beast Incarnate would stick around on SmackDown long-term for multiple reasons. For starters, the draft only happened three weeks ago, and nobody expected drastic changes this early.

And secondly, the thought was Fox would want a major star and money draw like Lesnar in order to enhance the ratings on SmackDown. But less than a month later, the WWE Champion finds himself on Raw again.

So why would Lesnar switch brands in such short time? On After The Bell (h/t Ringside News), SmackDown Live commentator Corey Graves suggested that it could have been done in order to help Paul Heyman's traveling schedule. The latter is the Executive Director of Raw, so Lesnar's move makes things a whole lot easier for Heyman.

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"Selfishly, I hate that because I am a massive Brock Lesnar fan," Graces said. "Love calling his matches, love watching what he does, but he has made the choice to stick to the Red Brand on Monday nights probably to save his Advocate some travel. That would be my guess because Brock is a benevolent human being if nothing else.”

When Bray Wyatt defeated Seth Rollins last week at Crown Jewel to become the new Universal Champion, it was clear that a major change would take place in short time. The Fiend had been drafted to SmackDown Live, and there's no way Raw could be without both the Universal and WWE Championships.

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Lesnar is slated to defend his WWE Championship against Rey Mysterio at the Nov. 24 Survivor Series pay-per-view in Rosemont, Illinois.

Raw May Be Best For Lesnar

At the end of the day, it probably makes the most sense to keep Lesnar on WWE's flagship program here. His time on SmackDown wasn't necessarily leading to great television numbers, and WWE had to adapt quickly. We'll see if Wyatt can end up being the better champion and draw than Lesnar.

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