Possible Reason The World Title Was Taken Off Of Roman Reigns

As we saw last night at Money in the Bank, Roman Reigns lost his title to Seth Rollins, only for Dean Ambrose to cash in on Rollins and win his first WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

According to the latest edition of The Wrestling Observer, the WWE live events saw a 30% attendance drop in May compared to last year. May did an average of 3,900 this year, as compared to last year's 5,600.

While John Cena's absence had an impact on these numbers, the "A" shows and the "B" shows did roughly the same numbers. The "A" shows were headlined by Roman Reigns, while the "B" shows were headlined by Ambrose. This is significant because the "B" shows took place in smaller markets.

Dave Meltzer shed light on the situation on his latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio:

“Roman Reigns is drawing really bad. Before he wasn’t, but now he is, so now it’s an issue. Does that mean that it led to [the title change], or is this just another way to get Roman Reigns more over, because that’s been the goal for the last however long? Time will tell."

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Possible Reason The World Title Was Taken Off Of Roman Reigns