10 Huge Surprises We Could See At SummerSlam 2019

What a year it's been so far. From Royal Rumbles to WrestleMania, from wild cards to new titles, a lot has happened in the WWE since the year kicked off. We've had ups and downs, highs and lows, and with AEW around the corner, there's an earnest hope that the WWE might finally reinvigorate itself and become consistently entertaining once more.

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SummerSlam, one of the "Big Four" tentpole pay-per-views, is practically around the corner. Here, they have an opportunity to deliver a message that not only do they sit on top, but they are gunning to reclaim the fanbase that they've been losing these past few months. With that in mind, here are 10 huge surprises that the event may hold in store.

10 Brock Lesnar Becomes Undisputed Champion

Let's start hot, with a surprise that would undoubtedly produce the most significant reaction of the night: Brock cashes in his Money In The Bank contract and uses it to become the Undisputed Champion of the WWE Universe.

Maybe Kofi is injured, or possibly Seth. Whichever is hurt, the other runs down to help, in a moment to cement them both as fighting champions who have each other's backs. Having fought off the aggressors, the two stand tall. Then, at that moment, The Beast makes his way to the ring and cashes in his contract to declare a winner-takes-all stipulation and F-5s them both into oblivion. We know, it hurt us as much to type it as it did for you to read.

9 John Cena Returns

John Cena having a match at SummerSlam has become a time-honored tradition in recent years. Often one of the highlights of the night, it is hard to imagine this years SummerSlam having the same feel if John Cena isn't there.

John Cena and Lars Sullivan had long been rumored to have a match at WrestleMania to get the NXT brute over, only for it to fall through. With the WWE still keen on pushing Lars, this match could be set up as one of the marquee matches of the night.

8 Undisputed Era Invade

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While it has been the case lately that the NXT call-ups would arrive post-SummerSlam, a group like The Undisputed Era deserves to be given a major spotlight for their introduction.

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During the inevitable multi-man tag match, have a team beaten up backstage and no longer able to compete. Then, later on, have the same thing happen to another group. Keep us in suspense about who's replacing them, and then have the Undisputed Era come out and run roughshod over their opponents.

7 Fiend Vs. Demon Teaser

At the time of writing, we have yet to see Bray Wyatt perform under his new guise as The Fiend. SummerSlam, being part of the "Big Four," has often been home to an expected appearance of Finn Balor's Demon persona.

Initially, at TLC in 2017, we were meant to see these two face off, except with Bray fully possessed by Sister Abigail. Many times, the WWE has recycled feuds abandoned due to injury, and with Bray needing a big match soon, don't rule out a teaser for this confrontation.

6 Kabuki Warriors Become The Women's Tag Team Champions

If there's any tag team who have the chops to give us a memorable reign, it's the team of Asuka and Kairi Sane, otherwise known as the Kabuki Warriors. Both have shown their skills time and time again in their runs with NXT. Asuka has long been a main roster favorite and Kairi, once given time, will probably be no different.

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Since their victory at WrestleMania, the IIonics have yet to defend the women's tag team titles. We are hoping that this happens sooner rather than later, and if there's any time to crown new champions for these belts and reinvigorate the women's title scene, it's at SummerSlam.

5 Miz and Daniel Bryan feud reignites

Just a year ago, it seemed impossible to comprehend the audience booing Daniel Bryan and cheering for the Miz. In that time, both have managed to change their characters enough to almost be unrecognizable, yet they still retain the same core traits that got them lauded.

With the way Miz has been treated lately in the Shane McMahon feud, Miz needs something to keep him over as a hot babyface. With the New Daniel Bryan seemingly being in with the McMahons, have him interfere in Miz's match to set up a feud everyone wants to see happen (even if the alignments aren't quite how we pictured them).

4 Drew McIntyre Turns Babyface

It's no secret that Drew Mc Intyre is stifling. Having been introduced as an ally of Dolph Ziggler, they made it clear that he didn't require help to win a match. Then, once Baron Corbin needed a team to take on The Shield, suddenly Drew has forgotten how to win matches without backup.

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He needs to break away and stop playing the lackey, and SummerSlam is just the place to do it. Drew is likely to be standing in the corner of either Shane McMahon or Baron Corbin during whichever bout they are in. As Shane sets up a coast to coast, have him disrupt it with a brutal-looking Claymore Kick to announce his breakaway from the heels.

3 24/7 Match for the Whole Show

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A fun surprise that they should consider for any upcoming pay-per-view. It's fair to say that the design of the 24/7 title is, well, muck. However, the concept behind it is a lot of fun and evokes the Attitude Era, with regards to it needing to be defended at all times.

WWE are guilty of giving us dull backstage interviews in the middle of a big show. We say scrap all of those (bar what's essential) to set up the main event and cut to the 24/7 Champion running wild throughout the stadium. Have pins happen amongst the audience, have bouts carry on through the backstage interviews and, quite simply, use the belt to surprise us throughout the night.

2 Goldberg Spears Roman Reigns

Since his return, Roman Reigns has been kept noticeably absent from the title scene. Due to his recent recovery, it is likely that the WWE will be keen on keeping him away from the title picture, to keep him healthy for the future. However, a title isn't always required to give a fight that "Big Match" feel.

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Enter Goldberg. While his matches were never long, they are more often than not fondly remembered. His recent return to WWE gave him ridiculous powerhouse matches against Brock Lesnar! Have Goldberg spear Roman at some point during the show, to set up a "Spear vs. Spear" match.

1 Sasha Banks Returns... To Take Bayley's Title

This one is sure to take the cake. Sasha Banks hasn't been seen since losing the tag team titles at WrestleMania. Since that time, her tag partner Bayley has reinvented herself and become the Women's SmackDown Champion. Picture this: Bayley has just successfully retained her title against Charlotte Flair, and is left to celebrate her momentous victory. Then, Sasha Banks makes her way to the ring to celebrate with Bayley, only to lock her in the Banks Statement.

Since their incredible match at TakeOver Brooklyn (often regarded as the best women's match in the WWE), people have been clamoring for a true rematch. There is no doubt that SummerSlam is the time to revive this once bitter rivalry and remind everyone who's boss.

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