10 Possible Leaked Matches Vince Needs To Forget About (And 10 He Needs To Book)

Typically, entering the fall months things start to ramp up for the WWE. Television ratings tend to increase in general, therefore McMahon tries to increase the intensity on television. In the recent weeks, Vince seems to be putting his eggs in the basket of the old guard. A lot of that has to do with WWE’s show over in Saudi Arabia, a show lots of wrestlers don’t even want to attend due to latest controversy.

Looking passed Crown Jewel, fans are starting to gossip about potential matches that might take place. Some, are definitely more appealing than others. Batista and Triple H teased a possible program during the recent SmackDown 1,000 episode. Nostalgia aside, is this the direction WWE should go in? We’ll also discuss current wrestlers and potential matches. Talents include Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Elias, Drew McIntyre and many more. We’ll also so feature some unthinkable names like Kenny Omega and Hulk Hogan. Clearly, we’d rather see one in a WWE ring more than the other. No offense brother!

Enjoy the article folks as we take a look at 10 possible leaked matches Vince needs to forget about and 10 he needs to book. Like always, be sure to share the article with a friend. We start off with a match that was recently teased at SmackDown 1,000. Although it got a decent reaction, is this the route to take?

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20 Forget - Batista Versus Triple H

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"I've asked [to come back]. I've asked. I've asked for what I want. I'll tell [Jericho] and I've talked to Hunter about it and I've talked to Vince about it. I said I would come back and run a whole program with Hunter. That's the only thing I'm interested in and they're just not interested in it." (Source Wrestlinginc)

Batista seems adamant on a storyline with Triple H. We can understand why the WWE turned this match scenario down as it would do very little to advance younger talent. However, with Batista returning to the 1000th SmackDown episode there is some fear that this plot can re-emerge following the reunion of Evolution. The two men actually teased a potential battle as well. In 2019, such a match should not take place.

19 Book - The Undertaker Versus Shawn Michaels

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Some of you out there might be rolling your eyes. We just finished saying that Batista versus Triple H shouldn’t happen in 2019. So then, why should HBK and The Undertaker? Well, this feud is an entirely different story. The two put on some of the finest matches in WrestleMania history. Granted, both are a lot older these days however there is still no doubt the two can put on a classic and one that’ll have the fans talking for a long time.

It can be the perfect send-off for the Undertaker who made his debut at Survivor Series. His career can come full circle in this potential blockbuster matchup nobody ever thought we’d see again. Then again, WrestleMania might be his final match according to the recent speculation.

18 Forget - Kurt Angle Versus Baron Corbin

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Kurt Angle is returning to the ring! Well, he kind of already did masking his identity with a weird gold costume. He won the battle royal eliminating Baron Corbin. Clearly, WWE is setting up a long-term program between the two.

With so many other options this a disappointing PPV match for Angle. So many other options on Raw exist such as Bobby Lashley, Seth Rollins, Dolph Ziggler, Finn Balor and Elias. A match with Corbin might hurt his return, especially given that the veteran might have to carry the match. Another rumored scenario might see a team Corbin versus team Angle match at Survivor Series with the winner getting control of Raw.

17 Book - Seth Rollins Versus Elias

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Without a doubt, Seth Rollins remains one of the most over and talented Superstars in the entire WWE. Given his current storyline, some tend to forget he’s holding the IC Championship these days. In truth, Rollins doesn’t need a championship to solidify his greatness.

Elias might need the championship; truthfully he needs it a lot more than Rollins. We can see Elias hanging on to the championship for quite some time, perhaps similar to Honky Tonk man back in the day. Okay, that’s too far... However, given his excellent work in the last couple of months he definitely deserves a championship. Therefore, this is a match that should be booked in the near future.

16 Forget - Ronda Rousey Versus Cris Cyborg

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It appears as though Cris Cyborg wants to walk (not with Elias) in the footsteps of Ronda Rousey. Cyborg is not only interested in joining the company but she’s already teasing a WrestleMania match against Ronda Rousey.

Cris joining the WWE seems pretty likely. Even Mick Foley himself put in a good word to the boss, Vince McMahon. However, rushing her into such a marquee matchup so fast wouldn’t be the best idea. She needs time to develop once she makes the transition from UFC to WWE. This match is better for a later date – no need to rush it, Vince.

15 Book - Ronda Rousey Versus Asuka

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Speaking of Ronda Rousey, lots of WWE fans just won’t let go of this matchup. In terms of must-see Rousey matches, this remains on top of the totem pole despite Asuka’s awful booking. According to the recent speculation WWE decided to take her off television due to her lack of English.... Sigh.

Once she returns for good the hope is that WWE re-finds her greatness. With a rumored repeat Royal Rumble winner here’s to hoping Asuka dominates the Rumble for a second year in a row and WWE finally capitalizes on this monster matchup while both wrestlers are hot.

14 Forget - Liv Morgan Versus Brie Bella

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Oh goodness was this ever a bad botch. Brie Bella accidentally struck Liv Morgan with a brutal kick. The stiff shot knocked Morgan out completely. The incident dominated headlines for the next couple of days.

Some speculation suggests that the company might use this real-life situation in storyline. That, would not be the greatest idea. Brie needs to avoid singles matches for the time being while Morgan is also far too green to be put in a match against someone as limited as Brie. This match would be bad, even for an episode of Monday night Raw in the 10:20 PM time slot.

13 Book - Trish Stratus Versus Sasha Banks

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“I’m very nervous. I’m scared what the match-ups are going to be. Because I just don’t want to be like ‘hey, can I wrestle Trish Stratus?’ and then I don’t get it, and then I cry my eyes out, but that’s the match that I want.” (Source Cagesideseats)

Those were Sasha’s words after the announcement of women’s Evolution. Sadly, she isn’t booked for the event due to an injury. Both Trish and Sasha had teased an angle earlier in the year at the Royal Rumble. A match between the two could be magic and perhaps the perfect scenario to finally turn Banks heel. With Trish rumored to take part in three matches, we hope one of them is a bout against Banks.

12 Forget - Lack Of NXT Talent At Evolution

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WWE stacked the card for Women’s Evolution. This is great and all, however what isn’t so great is some talent might be neglected for the show. According to the recent news, NXT talents are likely not be featured aside from Baszler and Sane who are set to compete in a championship match.

It’s great to pay homage to the older guard however the future is just as important. Appearances from the likes of Candice LaRae and Bianca Belair would only enhance the show even further might by giving the mainstream fans a little snippet of the future. Unfortunately, it looks like Vince won’t be booking this.

11 Book - Rey Mysterio Versus Cien Almas

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Seriously, who isn’t excited for the return of Rey Mysterio? He’s finally back after a victory over Nakamura one the SmackDown 1,000 episode. The hope is that Rey stays on the Tuesday show. SmackDown Live needs a veteran face with proven draw value. Mysterio can add a lot more value to SmackDown than Raw.

A feud everyone would want to see is a battle between Rey Mysterio and Cien Almas. Such a match would blow the roof off any arena while lifting Almas to new heights in the company. Even if Rey walks out with the victory it’ll still get fans talking and aid Almas' cause nonetheless.

10 Forget - Becky Lynch Versus Charlotte

via monstersandcritics.com

We stay with SmackDown Live. Becky Lynch has done a fantastic job since her latest heel turn. Vince is quite pleased with her recent performances. However, the fear is that the more matches against Charlotte prolong, the greater the possibility of Lynch dropping the title.

Lynch needs to prevail from this program and continue her dominance of the SmackDown roster. A feud everyone wants to see would be Lynch and Asuka swinging it out in a championship program. We hope this feud doesn’t end with Charlotte back on top enduring yet another title run.

9 Book - Braun Strowman Versus Drew McIntyre

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Strowman turning heel hasn’t been the worst. However, he’s a lot better as a babyface. WWE might agree as hints of the trio breaking up are becoming more and more obvious throughout the weeks. It might lead to a monumental clash between these two giants.

Such a match would be a great positive. Strowman can turn back into a babyface while McIntyre can elevate into an even greater heel within the company. Drew can also potentially pull of the major upset setting up a possible encounter with Roman Reigns – another match which Vince should book in the future.

8 Forget - Hulk Hogan Versus Anyone

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A Hogan return to the WWE is starting to become more and more apparent. He’s rumored for the Crown Jewel event. His role with the company remains unknown. However, despite his age Hulkster still wants to perform in the ring. Braun Strowman is one of the opponents Hulk discussed in the past.

This shouldn’t happen. Hogan needs to stay away from the in-ring action. Perhaps a managerial role or a GM position is what’s best if he plans on staying for the long-term. A return to the squared circle wouldn’t be the best idea for various reasons. He was limited years ago so we can only imagine the outcome if it were to go down these days.

7 Book - Seth Rollins Versus Dean Ambrose

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This match has been brewing for quite some time now behind the scenes. Prior to Dean’s injury the rumored scenario would saw Rollins and Ambrose in a match at WrestleMania 34. Surely, such a match could have stole the entire show.

It seems like WWE might be headed towards that road once again. Ambrose continues to hint a departure from The Shield during the last couple of the weeks. This should start to unfold once WrestleMania looms near. Given the talent these two have, this is a match and storyline most wrestling fans want to see.

6 Forget - Trish Stratus & Lita In Tag Team Title Tournament

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With the announcement of the Women’s Tag Titles looming, lots of wrestling pundits are starting to speculate on which team might be crowned as the inaugural champions. A rumored pair to enter the tournament might be Trish and Lita. This would be a bad idea. WWE needs to promote younger stars in the division and not the older guard.

This type of scenario might be better if Trish and Lita focus their attention elsewhere outside of the championship picture. The titles need to push some of the under-card female workers to the forefront. Pushing the old guard just make no sense whatsoever.

5 Book - Seth Rollins Versus Kenny Omega

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Seth Rollins made quite the splash in the recent days. He proposed a blockbuster encounter to find out who truly is the best in the world. He extended the challenge to none other than Kenny Omega;

“I would like to face Kenny Omega. I am the best wrestler in the world, and would like to prove that.” (Source Twitter)

Omega replied to the proposal hinting at a possible match to take place in front of the bright WWE lights, or at least we think;

“An exciting proposal…Now if only there were an appropriate venue for such a historic clash.”

Without a doubt, any wrestling fan would want to see this encounter.

4 Forget – Velveteen Dream Versus John Cena

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Cena let it be known, the 16-time WWE Champion believes Velveteen Dream is the “next one” in line to become something special. Without a doubt, their paths will cross at some point. However, let’s hope that happens a little later and it doesn’t become yet another match rushed together by the company.

Dream needs to further develop with NXT and the same goes for when he makes his way to the main roster. Once his stock climbs on either of the main shows, then and only then is it time to pull the trigger on such a match. Enthusiastic fans must remember, this kid just turned 23. At that age, Cena himself was barely getting started with the WWE’s developmental system.

3 Book - Roman Reigns Versus The Rock

via youtube.com

This is an encounter rumored for WrestleMania 35. According to the recent rumblings, WWE is currently negotiation on getting The Rock to play a part at next year’s WrestleMania. The preferred scenario would see a match against Roman Reigns.

If Roman is to main even for the fifth time in a row WWE is going to need something special in order for the fans to actually be interested. This year’s main event was a complete disaster and one the WWE must not replicate. They can avoid that hurdle by getting The Great One onboard for this dream match.

2 Forget - Roman Reigns Versus Shawn Michaels

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According to the recent gossip behind the scenes Shawn isn’t just staying onboard for one match. Instead, the return might prolong itself into 2019. The ultimate goal would be for HBK to return at an event he has stole the show on far too often, WrestleMania.

Rumored names are starting to emerge. One of them isn’t the most favorable name, Roman Reigns. Time and time again WWE has tried to make Reigns look like a million bucks. In reality, there aren’t many wrestlers that can make Roman look better than Shawn Michaels. However, given the other dream matches involving HBK, this bout might not be of the utmost interest when assessing other opponents for the Show Stopper.

1 Book - AJ Styles Versus Shawn Michaels

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This potential match seems to be the trending topic at the moment. Some fans might already be looking passed the HBK and The Undertaker rematch due to the potential of an AJ Styles versus Shawn Michaels encounter.

This would be a once-in-a-lifetime type of ordeal featuring the best of the present versus the best of the past. It isn’t often that such a match presents itself. We’ve had only a handful in the past such as Rock and Hogan along with Rock and Cena. From a pure wrestling standpoint, this encounter would be one of the best. Let’s hope Vince realizes that and he gets HBK's approval.

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