Post WCW: 8 Wrestlers Who Still Look Great And 8 Who Don't

If you ask a bunch of professional wrestling fans what their favorite wrestling company in history is, a lot of the answers are going to be "World Championship Wrestling." WCW stood in stark contrast

If you ask a bunch of professional wrestling fans what their favorite wrestling company in history is, a lot of the answers are going to be "World Championship Wrestling." WCW stood in stark contrast to the extravagant, cartoony, product that the WWE was putting out in the 90s. The WCW product was slick and emotional, and was truly wrestling, not sports-entertainment. When WCW was at the top of their game, they not only hung tough with the WWE, but often exceeded them.

Along with the wrestling itself, the characters in WCW were more believable and drove people to attend shows and tapings (for a time). As the years progressed, the cast of characters changed, but the realism of the characters remained the same. Sadly, after WCW was bought, many of the wrestlers never appeared on WWE television, while some of them made small appearances.

Most of the superstars on this list barely wrestled since the company folded, and when they did, it was only for a couple matches at some random indie promotions. So, I'm not expecting any of these guys to look like they did when they were 30. That being said, I think as long as they haven't gained a ton of weight, I'll happily put them on the "stayed in shape" list.

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16 Looks Good: Rick Steiner


Remind me never to buy a house in Atlanta. If I do decide to move there, at least remind me to not use Rick Steiner Associates as my agency. I'm sure that they do great work and would find me a great house, but I fear that if I don't give Rick Steiner enough information or do anything that could anger him, he will headbutt me. After he's done headbutting me, he'll probably jump off the house and give me a bulldog.

I simply can't believe that Rick Steiner became a real estate agent. He still continues

to wrestle sporadically in the area, but has devoted his career to selling houses. The guy still looks like a beast. He also is a member of the local school board, where I'm sure he's actively involved in getting kids into wrestling and weightlifting. He probably still lifts weights and is just waiting for a client to back talk him so he can deliver a Steiner-line. As long as it's not me, that's okay!

15 Doesn't Look Great: Terry Funk


I went back and forth with myself for a long time with Terry Funk. On one hand, he's 71 years old and just stopped wrestling last year after a match with Jerry Lawler. I can understand this argument because surely anyone who can wrestle a match at 71 years old has to be in at least decent shape, right? Well, no. I'm on the other side of the spectrum. Terry Funk has been injured more times than I could possibly count. I'm certain that every part of his body has been torn open and gouged. What else does he have to prove? He's given gallons of blood and sweat and tears for the wrestling business. What else is there to give? Funk is known for claiming retirement, only to jump into the ring for yet another brutal match. It's time for Funk to hang up his boots for good this time.

14 Looks Great: Scott Hall


Six years ago, Scott Hall would have been on the opposite side of the spectrum. He might even have been off it altogether. With his addictions to drugs, alcohol, and constant confrontations with authorities, Hall was on his way to an early death. Enter Diamond Dallas Page. In 2013, Page invited Hall into his home to cure his alcoholism and rehabilitate his life from the ground up. Thankfully, Hall accepted Page's request

and, with the help of the DDP Yoga program, has been able to lose weight and stay sober since. This revitalization likely led to Hall being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and if WCW was still around, Hall would have been an automatic first-ballot entry. Even though he appeared at WrestleMania 31, it's unlikely that Hall will continue wrestling in

the future. That's just fine with me. Hall has been a part of so many wondrous moments and it's the perfect time to focus on his health.

13 Doesn't Look Great: Van Hammer


As I began putting this list together, I noticed a theme. It seems that most of the guys who continue to wrestle and reached some fame keep themselves in decent shape. Conversely, it mostly looks like the guys who didn't quite make it to superstardom have given up on eating their vegetables and hitting the gym. For Van Hammer, a guy who never won a championship belt in WCW, I can't help but notice that he doesn't look like he's in the best of shape. Except for one match in 2009, Van Hammer has been retired from wrestling since 2003. The most memorable part of his whole wrestling character was his long hair and his tye-dye shirts. Without the hair, Van Hammer looks a lot like UFC legend Mark "The Hammer" Coleman. They share the same part of a nickname. Coleman has ventured into professional wrestling before. Maybe they should have a match for the rights to use the Hammer nickname.

12 Looks Great: Konnan


This is one that I'm actually pretty surprised about. When Konnan was wrestling for WCW, he didn't have the rippling biceps that most promoters look for. He actually had a little bit of a potbelly. But, he worked around this by turning his charisma meter up to ten. I figured that the years would not have been kind to him. Then, I saw him in Lucha Underground and was flabbergasted. He pretty much has the same body, just 15 years older. He's sort of transformed into Hector Salamanca from Breaking Bad with less hair. That's not necessarily a bad thing.

Konnan has managed to still bring back memories of his WCW days just with his look. You can tell that he still has a little bit of his nWo Wolfpac character alive in him. With his obvious love for wrestling, I bet that he'll continue to stay in shape while waiting for another opportunity to entertain the crowd.

11 Doesn't Look Great: Ernest Miller


The Cat got fat. I'm pretty proud of that rhyme even though it didn't take very long to think of. As a guy who was known for his legitimate martial arts skill, it's kind of sad that he's put on a bunch of weight. When he was in WCW, he was in good enough shape that his look, complemented with his kicks and other martial arts maneuvers, made him look decent in the ring. Now that I'm older, I've asked myself the question: did anybody enjoy The Cat when he was in WCW? I just watched a match on the WWE Network with him and his manager Sonny Onoo against Perry Saturn and Kaz Hayashi. It was possibly the worst match I've ever seen. I wasn't expecting much, but somehow this match negatively exceeded my low expectations. I guess that it's good that The Cat doesn't wrestle anymore and has transitioned to acting in some roles. It's more suited to his charisma.

10 Looks Great: Vader


One of the first truly monstrous villains in professional wrestling, Vader was a mainstay of WCW in the early 1990s. He feuded with Ric Flair, Sting, Cactus Jack, Ron Simmons, and many more. One of the most convincing aspects of Vader's character was that he looked like he could beat up anybody who stepped in the ring with him. His stocky frame was

perfect for throwing lariats and powerbombing anybody who he went up against. Sadly, he became addicted to alcohol before forcing himself to quit drinking. In 2011, Vader passed out on a plane ride and was in a coma for 33 days, in which he lost 112 pounds.

Since then, Vader has became a born-again Christian and has continued to stay in shape and wrestle sporadically. Recently, Vader and Will Ospreay engaged in a Twitter war and have decided to settle their argument in the ring on August 12th. That'll be interesting.

9 Doesn't Look Great: Raven


This is one that really doesn't surprise me. Similar to Konnan, Raven didn't look like your typical professional wrestler. He wasn't a superhero or larger than life. He relied on his ability to speak well and psychologically get into the minds of his opponents. This is the biggest reason why Raven will never be forgotten. His mic work and his grunge-inspired appearance was what endeared him to fans in the 90's and what is best remembered about him now.

In this current age, it looks a little strange for a man in his fifties to be sporting an eyebrow piercing and a bunch of other piercings and chains. He still occasionally wrestles, which for most of the people on this list, gives them a reason to stay in shape. For Raven, it seems like more of an excuse not to. Regardless, wrestling might be his only form of exercise, so it's better than nothing.

8 Looks Great: Disco Inferno


Here's one that nearly slipped through the cracks. When I was putting this list together, I was thinking too much about the big power players in WCW, and I realized that I wasn't giving too much attention to some of the bit players. Well here we go. We all remember Disco Inferno, right? How can anyone forget the wrestler who dressed like he belonged at a Bee Gees music video shoot?

Well, I forgot about him. But after doing some research, I found this picture. Boy, was I surprised. I was expecting a big potbelly and a Hawaiian shirt. Instead, I see bicep

definition and a pretty solid core. It turns out that Disco Inferno is still occasionally wrestling, and most recently participated in a match for 3PW in February 2016. If Disco keeps boogieing down on a daily basis, he should still look this good when he's 60. Here comes the Disco resurgence!

7 Doesn't Look Great: Bryan Clark 


I wonder how many Edgar Winter cover bands there are in the world. There can't be more than five and I might be over on that count too. Actually, I just googled it and found one result. If Bryan Clark wants to start another one, who's going to argue with him? The funniest part is that this photo is from a casting agency for films. It has his resume and some other professional pictures of him that are good for a chuckle. Now I have nothing bad to say about Clark's body. He's had some bit parts in some movies and looks like he's in fine shape for his age. But, it's the full beard and hair past his shoulders that makes him look like he should be Tom Petty's bassist. The scariest part is his smile. It's a half smile which is creepier than a full smile or no smile at all. If I see him at my local dive bar grooving along to "Won't Back Down," I'm leaving immediately.

6 Looks Great: Buff Bagwell


Buff Bagwell might be the least popular person on this list (him and Disco Inferno might need to have a match for that prestigious title). However, you can't ignore the fact that Bagwell looks pretty darn good for 46. That's right. He's 46 and looks at least 10 years younger. He also is one of the most tenured WCW superstars on this list; he was with the company from 1991 to its demise in 2001. Since the end of WCW, Bagwell has done some occasional wrestling for TNA and other independent promotions, but his latest claim to fame is being a male escort. That's right, ladies! You can have a night with Buff Bagwell! (*Vomits internally and externally*) One great reason to keep in shape is so that plenty of ladies can pay for the right to spend time with you. Shoot, looks like I'm gonna buy ten gym memberships and ten pounds of kale.

5 Doesn't Look Great: Bobby Eaton


Apparently Bobby Eaton has morphed into Bobby "The Brain" Heenan. Really, Eaton looks like he's trying to join the Bobby Heenan impressions club. He's likely not the first member and probably won't be the last, but he's got the facial features down pat. When Eaton was in his prime thirty years ago, he looked nothing like Heenan, but I guess he decided to evolve once more. Remember those Animorphs books from the early 2000s? If you don't, the premise was that a bunch of kids could touch animals and then morph into them on command. Bobby Eaton is a wrestle-morph. Why couldn't he morph into the Black Scorpion and save that crappy angle?

I can't believe this, but Eaton just retired from wrestling in 2015. He debuted in 1976! That's 39 years of wrestling! Perhaps that's the reason that he looks so weathered and beaten up. Bobby, it's time for retirement. You've earned it.

4 Looks Great: Diamond Dallas Page


Arguably the most fit of any wrestler on this list, Page continues to turn back the hands of time. In case you don't know, he's developed a fitness program called "DDP Yoga" that focuses on flexibility and resistance in order to lose weight and stay in shape. Being a wrestling fan, and wanting to stay fit, I purchased the product last Christmas. It's seven months later and it still continues to kick my ass.

Page seems to be a modern-day terminator. He's 60 years old and has the body of a 30-year-old. His mindset towards fitness is contagious and he truly wants others to succeed as well. It's incredible and inspiring to see him working with Jake Roberts, Scott Hall, and others to motivate them to get healthy. There's no stopping Page from doing this well into his seventies. It looks like the WCW people's champion will continue to feel the bang.

3 Doesn't Look Great: Mike Enos


Mike Enos looks like the guy that teaches you four chords and then just repeats them in a bunch of songs and claims that he's a musical genius. Honestly, this guy looks like he should be a house painter or a plumber. Back in the day, Enos was a strong specimen. He was a big, tough-looking guy who could likely whoop some guys if he wanted too.

Enos gathered a bit of hype in 1990 and arguably should have been pushed for a singles title. He was actually pretty good in the ring, but after retiring from wrestling, he's gone downhill. Now he looks like he should be hanging out at the bar and enjoying Bryan Clark's jam band. Maybe the two should start a band? By the end of this list, we'll probably have enough guys for one.

2 Looks Great: Kevin Nash


Yet another guy who is aging gracefully, Kevin Nash doesn't look that different from when he was powerbombing Goldberg. He's 56 and if he didn't have gray hair, could be mistaken for 40. This could be attributed to him staying fairly busy in the wrestling world and having to keep his physique strong. Or, it could be because he wants to continue with his film and television career. Whatever the reason is, Kevin Nash has really kept himself lean and mean.

Looking back through his career, Nash was known as a big power wrestler, but he wasn't built like many of his contemporaries. Nash never carried his weight in his belly or legs and consistently looked like the basketball center that he played in high school. All in all, Nash is still well-proportioned and continues to impress. There's always a chance that he'll make another appearance in the WWE.

1 Don't Look Great: The Nasty Boys


How can anybody be surprised by this one? Two guys, not known in their prime for being hardbodies, have continued to be aesthetically unpleasing. Brian Knobbs has continued to get wider while the gap between Jerry Sags's front teeth has likely increased as well. Both guys are just over 50, but look like they could be ten years older. You can never question their commitment to their characters. At the end of the day, these two guys were great embodiments of the WCW brand. They weren't the strongest. They weren't the fastest. They didn't look like they were ripped out of the pages of a comic strip. Heck, they weren't even that great in the ring. But, their characters were memorable. They lived their gimmick entirely. Their matches were brawls that embodied exactly what their characters would do in a street fight. Every great WCW wrestler was known for their character, and the Nasty Boys are no exception.

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