Post WrestleMania: 15 Things That WON'T Happen In The WWE That SHOULD

WrestleMania 33 is almost upon us now, as it looks to be something which will either be horrible or effectively help reshape the future of the WWE with some intriguing changes being made, as "The Ultimate Thrill Ride" seems to be as intriguing as ever. With some potential matches which could help to elevate the reputation of many rising superstars as well as create some top stars in the eyes of the fans, this WrestleMania needs to click for the WWE to still remain as interesting for the audience and keep them hooked beyond the super-show.

The shows after WrestleMania are key in kick-starting the "new year" for wrestling as we often see many superstar debuts and shocking things happen after WrestleMania and these are some crucial changes which could shift things in the WWE in a major way. But these things are probably too risky for creative to even think about, as some of these things could change up things too much for WWE's liking. While there's so much potential after WrestleMania, knowing how WWE works, they'll probably be heading for the safer routes.

Their safety-first nature will make sure these changes do not take place as these changes should ideally be made in order to get the fans behind their product, but WWE's stale, risk-free thinking will make sure these things don't happen. So let's have a look at the 15 Things That Won't Happen In The WWE After WrestleMania That Should.

15 Rusev Traded To Smackdown And Given Monster Push

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"The Bulgarian Brute" Rusev has been going downhill ever since his marriage with Lana became a public thing, as he has had an awful 2017 so far where he has been degraded from a monster heel to a glorified jobber. Once an intimidating heel who was undefeated for almost a year is now almost a forgotten afterthought, something which the amazing athlete definitely doesn't deserve. Rusev is currently injured and scheduled to go through surgery, meaning he will miss WrestleMania, but that can actually be a blessing in disguise for him. When he eventually returns from injury, he can be drafted to Smackdown Live which can help restore his reputation as a proper heel, as he could even eye the WWE Championship in the Blue Brand and become the beast he was a couple of years back. With time running out for Rusev, WWE needs to rebuild him as the monster he once was or fear losing one of their most talented athlete, becoming irrelevant because of some "backstage heat", which has been holding him back and sadly will keep him buried in the lower-mid card even after his return.

14 WWE UK Championship Becomes A Regular Thing On The Main Roster

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When the WWE UK Championship Tournament was announced, many were intrigued at whether that meant that a new title would be introduced on the main roster, as this championship seemed similar to the former WWE European Title in the 90s. But ever since Tyler Bate won the championship, it has only been defended on WWE NXT at times but hasn't even been seen on the main roster. For something which was so highly advertized, the United Kingdom Championship and its champion deserve to be on the main shows, as the WWE could also bring some of the British talent it signed for the tournament in the shows as well. Also adding some more amazing talent and a lucrative belt to the main roster could create opportunities for others as well. The UK Title needs to be on the main roster, but knowing WWE's hesitation for bringing on these new talents, that probably won't ever happen as the title will mostly feature on NXT or the live events in the long run.

13 Sister Abigail's Debut As Bray Wyatt's Manager

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Ever since Bray Wyatt debuted with his mystical, terrifying persona, his rantings about how "Sister Abigail" empowers him intrigued many, thinking what the WWE will do with her fictional character. While there have been rumors over the years about how Abigail will debut on the main roster, that never seems to happen. But now with Wyatt at a rather vulnerable position against "The Viper" Randy Orton, it'll be quite the swerve if they debut Sister Abigail at Wyatt's side after what Orton did to her grave. It'll be quite the twist in the tale as well, and knowing WWE's history of swerving audiences, this could be one people would actually welcome. Sister Abigail could remain at Wyatt's side empowering him like Paul Bearer and the urn did for The Undertaker, and further establishing him as a top guy in the company and helping his WWE Title reign as well. But knowing how WWE are hesitant at keeping Abigail as fiction, it probably won't happen which is a bummer considering how it's the perfect time to debut her after the mega-show and make her help get Wyatt more powerful in the WWE.

12 The Revival Debuts On Smackdown 

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Smackdown may be the "A-Show" in the eyes of many fans at the moment, but it has been struggling on the tag team front as it only has a handful of relevant tag teams right now and their division is really struggling in that department. Although The Usos and American Alpha are doing great work together, it needs to introduce some newer teams and who better than the 2-time NXT Tag Team Champions, The Revival. Dash and Dawson are scheduled to get the main roster call anytime now, as they need to be drafted to Smackdown because they'll only suffer on Monday Night Raw because of how congested their tag team division is. The Revival can uplift the state of the tag team division on Smackdown and make for some amazing storylines with their heel nature, but knowing WWE, they'll probably be drafted to Raw when they do. They might debut on the Raw after WrestleMania, but they will be held back on the "A-Show" and deserve to be treated with more respect on the main roster, something they'll definitely get on Smackdown.

11 Baron Corbin Receives Big Push And Wins WWE Championship

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"The Lone Wolf" Baron Corbin has been impressing ever since making the jump to Smackdown, as the hard-hitting, conniving heel has looked like main event quality for quite some time now. He's scheduled to face Dean Ambrose for the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania 33, but deserves so much more for his amazing work in the company so far. While he is favorited to leave the mega-show with the IC belt, he needs to be moved onto bigger things and receive a proper, mega-push into the main-event scene where he can compete for the WWE Championship. If Randy Orton is to win it from Bray Wyatt, Corbin should be the one who dethrones Orton as he can use his skills to break down Orton and win the Title from him, as the WWE Championship is something he definitely deserves. But knowing the WWE, they'll probably delay his push for a long time as he'll still remain as a mid-carder despite being red hot at the moment.

10 Eric Bischoff Returns As The New General Manager Of Raw

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Eric Bischoff was definitely the greatest General Manager in Raw history, as the ex-WCW boss shocked many when he first came to the WWE to kick-start the Ruthless Aggression era. Bischoff made possible for all the amazing feuds and matches at the time, as it was under his reign that the Elimination Chamber became a thing, as he also made himself stay over with the crowd with his heel nature and evil boss gimmick. Bischoff is scheduled to induct Diamond Dallas-Page into the WWE Hall of Fame this year and with Raw needing a GM now, who could be any better than Bischoff himself? Raw needs an evil GM right now and with Bischoff's genius knowledge of being one, things could really change for Raw and make sure its ratings go up as well. But the WWE are probably not going with that one, as Kurt Angle seems to be the next Raw GM but knowing how it's the perfect opportunity to bring Bischoff back, WWE should take this gamble which could pay off amazingly for them and make Raw the "A-Show" again.

9 Finn Balor Returns And Forms A Heel "Balor Club"

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Finn Balor has been gone for a long time now, as his horrible injury suffered in his SummerSlam match against Seth Rollins last year has taken time to heal, but he's clear to wrestle now and should make his return quite imminently. Balor might miss WrestleMania, but he is sure to return after that as he should return with a bit more attitude to his character and needs to make his "Balor Club" an actual thing on Raw. With former Bullet Club buddies in Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson ruling the tag division on Raw, all it'll take is a call from him to recruit them to his club and with AJ Styles also rumored to get drafted to Raw soon, adding him to the stable will definitely make it one nobody would want to mess with. They could dominate Raw together and become something huge if booked correctly, as the incarnation of Bullet Club in the WWE is possible with these guys. But the WWE will never really let this happen, as they don't want to align the Bullet Club members and form something like that(as seen before when The Club were poorly booked) as Finn will have to continue his singles run, but having Finn as the leader of this stylistic, intriguing stable could make for something amazing in the near future and add a new layer to things on Raw.

8 The New Day Breaks Up

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The New Day has been quite the amazing, entertaining tag team for over a year now, as the record-breaking former Tag Team champions might have ruled over the division for almost a year, but are falling from grace now that they have done everything possible to do. Creative doesn't seem to know what to do with them as they have been made the hosts of WrestleMania and not in any match, and while they do still provide some laughter in between the shows, it's high time that they break up now after the mega-show. With all three of them being over with the crowd, they can now move onto better things in their respective singles career as they can look to climb the ladder to the top of the WWE, and knowing their talent, it won't be surprising if they do exceed expectations and get much glory in their singles career. But the WWE are extremely hesitant at breaking them up, mostly because of their amazing merchandise sales and will not break up them because of the rate at which they're bringing money for the company, as they will probably continue this boring, foolish stuff and only get broken up when the audience is sick and tired of them.

7 Asuka Debuts For The Main Roster

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Asuka has taken the NXT Women's Division by storm ever since signing on with the WWE, as she has been ruthless in striking down her opponents and has been extremely dominant so far in the WWE. She is currently undefeated as well, having notched up an over 150 winning streak and is closely catching up to Goldberg's undefeated streak, as she has literally done everything there is to do on NXT. She needs to be introduced to the main roster as soon as possible, as she could debut after WrestleMania for either Smackdown or Raw and would take the main roster by storm as well. Asuka has already been taking part in WWE Live Events and was also featured in their Madison Square Garden live events a few weeks ago, as she needs the main roster call before she becomes boring on NXT. But WWE apparently has no plans on calling her to the main roster anytime soon, as she'll remain on NXT dominating the division, but needs to be called up as long as she's in red hot form like right now so that she can make an amazing impact and be quickly inserted as a top woman on the main roster as well.

6 Shinsuke Nakamura Treated As A Prize Fighter On The Main Roster

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Shinsuke Nakamura has been quite the entertaining revelation at NXT, as the Japanese sensation is scheduled to make the jump to the main roster quickly after WrestleMania. While it's still up in the air whether he'll be on Raw or Smackdown, Nakamura's main-roster call-up can be a boon or bane depending on how he gets booked amongst the competition. Nakamura was booked extremely strongly on NXT, hardly ever losing matches and winning the NXT Championship twice and needs to be booked just as strongly on the main roster as well. He needs to be involved in main event feuds and booked as a prize fighter like Brock Lesnar or even Kevin Owens in the past, as he has the charisma and talent to up the ratings of the WWE by himself. But the WWE will probably downgrade him once he gets the main roster call, as he would be forced to start wrestling as a mid-carder because of his lack of mic skills, but he needs to be booked strongly on the main roster in order for the WWE audience to properly recognize him, and once they do, they'll all be singing to his irresistible tune.

5 Braun Strowman Gets A WWE Universal Championship Reign

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"The Monster Among Men" Braun Strowman's rise in the past few months has been absolutely immense, as he's been one of the most impressive things about Raw ever since the brand extension and has done some amazing stuff in the fray as well. Strowman is incredibly agile and able in the ring for a "giant" and can actually wrestle through for a long time with any kind of opponent, as he also has some decent mic skills and looks like a legitimate main-eventer. Strowman's impressive display demands for him to get a Universal Championship reign sometime after WrestleMania, as the Monster Among Men deserves that championship after his months of domination and WWE's strong booking can also be capped off with that win. But the WWE are still very hesitant at pushing him to the very top because of some unknown reason, as the Monster Among Men's dominant run needs to be capped off with a Universal Championship reign regardless of how long or short it is and Strowman deserves that belt because of how hard he has worked in all this time to become what he is right now.

4 Kurt Angle Takes On Brock Lesnar

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Kurt Angle is finally home in the WWE after almost a decade, as the Olympic Gold Medalist is going to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in a few days and is now signed on with the company as well. While Angle is tipped to be involved in the WWE in a non-wrestling role after his induction and how WWE don't let their Hall of Famers to wrestle, nobody can help but plead for another Angle vs Brock Lesnar match. They did some amazing stuff back in the day when they wrestled some excellent matches and also made form sweet memories, and it's only fitting that Angle get his "last" WWE match against somebody he has great chemistry with like Lesnar and blow the roof off for a last time. But the WWE's policy of not letting their Hall of Famers wrestle anymore, along with how strongly they've booked Brock and wouldn't let him wrestle someone like Angle because it could result in conflicting booking is the reason on why this probably won't happen, but the WWE would be fools to not capitalize on this opportunity and

3 AJ Styles As A Main Eventer On Raw

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AJ Styles is almost like fine wine, as he's seemingly only getting better as the years pass by and looks to be in the prime of his life at the WWE right now, not only terms of wrestling, but also as an evil, cocky heel whom he's portraying phenomenally. After his feud with Shane McMahon blows off, Styles is expected to make the jump to Monday Night Raw where he originally started off at, but one would hope he doesn't get treated like how he did back then. Styles needs to be in the main-event level feuds on Raw when he does make the jump, and be it fighting for the Universal Title or some other top level feud, he needs to be treated with more respect on Raw in order for him to continue his excellent performances. But Styles will mostly get degraded to a mid-carder when he moves to Raw because of how it's main events are restricted to some selected personal, but that would be a damn shame as Styles deserves to be at the top of whichever Brand he is in the WWE and involved in main-event stuff in order for him to show exactly how phenomenal he truly is.

2 Triple H Forms A New Monster Heel Stable

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Triple H has been avidly involved on Monday Night Raw for some time, as he seems to be out for the destruction of Seth Rollins and has his own protection in "The Destroyer" Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens. After his WrestleMania match against Rollins, Triple H should remain on Raw and recreate an Evolution-like stable as its leader and recruit both Joe and Owens as part of his faction. And for someone young, Triple H can bring in Pete Dunne, whom people might know was a finalist in the UK Championship Tournament and has quite the mean streak. A monster heel stable with Joe, Owens and Dunne with Triple H as its leader would be amazing and the good old Evolution days can be recreated here, but it's something which seems rather optimistic. WWE will definitely never allow this to happen, as Vince wants Triple H to mostly stay off his main shows and he'll go back to managing NXT while Owens and Joe will also go back to their singles career and Dunne probably won't debut on the main roster anytime soon, but there's a very real opportunity at creating this excellent heel stable which will definitely increase Raw's ratings if booked correctly.

1 A Heel Roman Reigns

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Roman Reigns has made the hit-list of many wrestling fans after it was announced that he was to be The Undertaker's opponent at WrestleMania 33, as the Big Dog is pretty much locked in to actually win the match against The Phenom. A match was sparked when Reigns eliminated Taker at the Royal Rumble match, and it was confirmed a few weeks back. Reigns has been acting weirdly cocky and almost showing signs of a heel despite being WWE's "Superman", as fans are hoping that this will lead to a heel turn for Reigns at the mega-show and he defeats Taker in a dirty, heel-ish manner. Reigns can then go onto become a full-fledged heel for Raw, as he seems to have the qualities to be a proper heel and everyone is wanting him as a heel for a long time now. But Reigns as a heel is apparently not "Best for Business" as the WWE are still persistent at defying the fans' jeers and book him as a strong face, but they'd miss out on a golden opportunity if they don't turn him heel at WrestleMania and book him as a one afterwards, as that can eventually help him get over with the fans and maybe he can start getting cheered on as a heel (the irony) and proceed to become the "face of the company" after the fans start to back him as one.

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