Post WWE: 8 Wrestlers Who Look Great And 8 Who Let Themselves Go

Life after professional wrestling can be extremely tough for some, while others are able to transition smoothly and go on to lead productive and healthy lives after their wrestling careers are over. Often, former wrestlers will let their body slip after leaving the WWE, causing the once great physical appearance for which they had been so famous to disappear. Other interests in their lives have since replaced the constant training and performing they once did regularly.

Well, you may be thinking of course these wrestlers look different. Most people do not maintain the impressive physique and good looks they once possessed in the prime of their lives. With each year comes more wrinkles, and nobody looks the same as they once did. There have definitely been many accounts of wrestlers who have completely let themselves go after leaving the WWE, with some looking much worse now than they ever did. On the other hand, it isn't always like that. We have seen many former wrestlers keep their bodies in tip-top shape, as they have continued to take their health and training seriously. The uncommon stature of a professional wrestler can be impressive, and it is even more impressive when they can keep the appearance after their wrestling career.

In this article, we will be examining the physical appearance of 16 wrestlers, eight of whom still look great despite their absence from wrestling, and eight of whom appear to have let themselves go. We hope for all these wrestlers the best of luck, as some need it much more than others, as you will see.

As always, feel free to leave any other wrestlers in the comment section below, as we would love to hear your thoughts on this matter.

Here are 8 wrestlers who look great and 8 who let themselves go since leaving the WWE.

17 Great: Sid Eudy

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Sid Eudy went by many different names over his long wrestling career. From Sycho Sid to Sid Vicious, Sid Eudy was one of the best wrestlers to ever do it. He was just as good on the mic as he was in the ring, as his psychotic demeanor really could capture the audiences' attention quickly. Since Sid's retirement in 2012, his body still looks great and I could see Sid making a return to any wrestling promotion, as he still looks to be able to handle himself in one-off matches.


15 Go: Ahmed Johnson

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Ahmed Johnson was a powerhouse in WWE and due to his muscular look, was built to become WWE's next big star. Injuries derailed his WWE run and he was released in 1998. He would go to WCW, where his weight issues began to show, as he was named "Big T". Big T continued to put on weight and after retiring from the business, his weight ballooned. He didn't let his brain go though, as Johnson earned a degree in criminology at Huston–Tillotson University following his retirement.

14 Great: Booker T

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Booker T is no longer a wrestler for the WWE, as he is currently a commentator. Even with Booker T being 51 years of age, his body is still looking great, as it looks like he could get into the ring with any of the wrestlers on whom his commentary focuses. He certainly has not opted for commentating over actual wrestling because he's lost his physique, that's for sure. Booker has still taken wrestling gigs on the independent scene and needless to say, he'd be ready to go if WWE needed him in the ring.

13 Go: Scott Hall

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Scott Hall was once one of the most popular wrestlers in the world, as he was beloved by millions at the height of his career. During his time as a member with the nWo, Hall's personal life slipped, as he began to let drugs and alcohol affect his life in a very negative way. The fall from grace in his wrestling career can be seen in his appearance, as he is now looking much older than his current age of 57. Hall cleaned himself up with DDP Yoga and sobering up, enough to get back in the good graces of WWE, but there's no doubting that for many years, Hall was going off the deep end.

12 Great: Hulk Hogan

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Hulk Hogan's legacy was besmirched recently, due to his recent sex tape where Hogan was heard making racist remarks. Even though he has been removed from WWE's good graces, Hogan is undoubtedly one of the most famous and successful wrestlers of all time. In his wrestling days, Hogan was a beast of a man who looked as though he could lift a car! Now, at 62 years old, Hogan still resembles the man he was 20 years ago, when he was one of the biggest names in America. While he has had multiple back surgeries, which have actually caused him to shrink, Hogan still takes his fitness seriously.

11 Go: Yokozuna

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It's hard to say someone let themselves go when they were already over 500 pounds in their WWE career, but Yokozuna's weight actually got worse over the course of his WWE run. He eventually tipped the scales at over 600 pounds, which took away any mobility he had in the ring. WWE eventually sent Yokozuna home to lose weight, but wound up releasing him in 1996. His last wrestling appearance was in 1999 at the infamous Heroes of Wrestling event at an estimated weight of 760 pounds. He would pass away in 2000.

10 Great: Trish Stratus

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Trish Stratus is possibly the hottest female wrestler in wrestling history. She just turned 40 last December, and she is still looking as good as ever. Although she is not the blonde bombshell she was portrayed as in the WWE, her natural brunette hair she now sports looks amazing. It is impressive Trish has been able to maintain her very high level of beauty that she had years ago. She keeps herself looking young with her commitment to yoga and there's no doubt she's aged like a fine wine.

9 Go: Chris Harris

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Chris Harris had a very healthy appearance in his early years of his career, as he made a name for himself in TNA, which provided him an opportunity with the WWE. After debuting in the WWE under the name Braden Walker, it looked as though Harris gained a concerning amount of weight, which is probably one of the reasons he was released by the WWE soon after his debut.

The change in weight and appearance was noticeable, as Harris didn't have the same built body he had during his come up in TNA.

8 Great: Terry Funk

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The oldest wrestler on this list, 71-year-old Terry Funk's incredibly long wrestling career has not affected his physical appearance as much as one would believe. His career has had it all, as he wrestled for 50 years until he finally retired in 2015. Funk has obviously treated his body very seriously considering his long career, and he is still looking great, particularly given his current age. Funk won't win any beauty contests but nobody can say they wouldn't take his looks at 71.

7 Go: Lex Luger

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Lex Luger's career in the WCW and WWE was successful, as he was very popular during his wrestling days. Problems stemmed from substance abuse after his retirement in 2005, as he let his addiction problems derail his personal life. Lex let himself go, and his problems with the substances obviously had effects on his physical appearance. Rather than gaining weight, Luger's body has deflated. The once healthy and strong Luger is now just a shell of the man he once was. At least he is now sober.

6 Great: Scott Steiner

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Throughout Scott Steiner's wrestling career, nobody ever questioned his physical strength, since he was completely jacked. When someone is that built, the aging process can sometimes look bad, as their once bulging muscles turn to saggy, wrinkly skin. This is definitely not the case for Scott Steiner though, who is still looking incredibly defined and healthy while he continues to wrestle in the independent circuit.

5 Go: Sunny

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Sunny was one of the most successful and beloved women wrestlers ever, as she is even considered to be the first "Diva." Sunny was a total beauty, arguably one of the best looking wrestlers the WWE had to offer. With the death of her boyfriend Chris Candido, Sunny became depressed and turned to substance abuse to deal with her new feeling of grief. With the increase in substance use came an increase in weight as well, as she now looks much bigger than she did during her wrestling days. Her weight has fluctuated in recent years, but one thing's for sure; her looks don't resemble the Sunny we once knew.

4 Great: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

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Steve Austin has been officially retired for some time now, but what definitely hasn't retired yet is his body. Still making occasional appearances for the company, it looks as though Stone Cold hasn't lost a step, at least physically. Being one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, it's good to see him doing well after his retirement because we sure have seen some wrestlers struggle to transition as well as Austin has after leaving the WWE.

3 Go: Jake "The Snake" Roberts

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Jake Roberts was never a total muscle man during his time in wrestling, but his body really went off the rails a few years ago. Jake battled drugs and alcohol abuse during his career, which most likely added to his body's breakdown. Roberts was able to get his life on track, thanks to Diamond Dallas Page. Page took Roberts into his home, sobered him up and put him on a yoga program. Roberts earned back the good graces of WWE, going into their Hall of Fame in 2014. His fall and rise is excellently featured in the documentary, The Resurrection of Jake the Snake.

2 Great: Stacy Keibler

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Stacy Keibler was one of the hottest names in wrestling, and she still looks incredible at age 36. Known for being one of the best looking female wrestlers of all-time, it is very impressive she looks just as good as she once did, possibly even better. Even as a mother, Stacy Keibler has kept her great body in amazing shape since her retirement from wrestling in 2006. She could return today and still give any current female wrestler a run for their money.

1 Go: Matt Hardy

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Matt Hardy's success in the wrestling world could have been a lot lengthier if he just could have stayed healthy in his personal life. The bad choices outside of the ring obviously had some serious effects on his weight, as his once strong build turned from muscle into fat, which never really is a good thing in professional wrestling. The weight gain hurt Hardy in more ways than one, as his high-flying wrestling techniques that made him so popular could no longer be performed. Hardy really let himself go, which undoubtedly hampered his career.

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