Predicting Ronda Rousey's First WWE Match

On Sunday night the women of WWE made history once again. It is something that has become common place on Raw, SmackDown Live and in NXT. From Ironman matches to Hell In A Cells to Money In The Bank winners, Sunday's first was the biggest so far as 30 females from the present and the past competed in the first ever women's Royal Rumble match. Every fully fit female without a championship on the roster got the opportunity to compete in the match, plus a couple of NXT stars and a whole host of former WWE Superstars who paved the way for the others in the match. It was a terrific achievement and a great match, and the winner was Asuka. That achievement has been somewhat overshadowed though.

Right after the match had finished Charlotte Flair and Alexa Bliss stepped into the ring. We had presumably reached the point where Asuka had to choose who she wanted to face at WrestleMania. Then the party got crashed by the arrival of Ronda Rousey. The former UFC Bantamweight Champion came to the ring and tried to shake the hand of The Empress Of Tomorrow who in turn slapped Rousey's hand out of the way. Nothing really happened and nothing was explained and both fans and Superstars alike have been put off by the amount of attention The Rowdy One's arrival has been getting. Some believe that it has overshadowed the accomplishment made by the 30 women in the Rumble that night.


Whether you like the idea of Rousey being a WWE Superstar or not, it seems like she is here to stay. So what's next for her? Who will be the first Superstar to succumb to Rousey's MMA prowess? Even though she has been training at the Performance Center there is a possibility that she will not compete in the ring until WrestleMania. If that does happen then the number one choice to face off against her has to be Charlotte Flair. The current SmackDown Women's Champion is the perfect opponent simply because of her physical presence. Rousey's first opponent has to be someone that seems credible enough to go up against an MMA star, and Flair fits the bill.

One of the other women on the current roster who would feel like a credible threat to Rousey is the Royal Rumble winner herself, Asuka. The Empress of Tomorrow utilizes a stiff almost shoot style of pro wrestling. She lays in those kicks and that is why Asuka has been so dominant since arriving in WWE all the way back in 2015. The only problem is that would take some reshuffling in terms of championships. Perhaps Asuka will win one of the titles before we get to New Orleans, or maybe Rousey's first foray into the ring will result in her winning a championship and then being challenged by Asuka shortly after.

What was curious about Sunday night is that Rousey wasn't included in the actual Rumble match itself. The likelihood is she wasn't included because that would mean she would have had to win the match. There is also the possibility that Rousey is not yet ready to compete in a wrestling ring. If she still isn't completely ready by WrestleMania then that may require her to be in a tag match instead of a singles bout. The possibility of her teaming with The Rock to take on Stephanie McMahon and Triple H is still a very real possibility. While we're on the subject we hope that's the only way she goes head to head with Stephanie as a one on one match between the two would be a terrible idea.

If what Rousey said directly after the Royal Rumble is anything to go by then we won't have to wait until WrestleMania to see her wrestle. We hope that's the case and that she will be given a few opponents between now and arriving in New Orleans. There are a number of female Superstars on both Raw and SmackDown Live that Rousey could take on and defeat in very short order. Wrestlers such as Dana Brooke and Alicia Fox, or even tougher challenges like Sonya Deville or Natalya. Part of the angle could be WWE's women rolling their eyes at Rousey wanting to 'play wrestler' and then they see her start dominating females within the division.


Rousey's arrival on the pro wrestling scene is not only the most talked about thing in the industry this week, but the hottest topic of 2018 so far. There were rumors that she had signed and was on her way but some likely didn't believe that it would actually happen. Well it has and all that is left to see is what, or rather who, is first on Ronda Rousey's hit list.

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Predicting Ronda Rousey's First WWE Match