Predicting The Entire Card of WrestleMania 32

WrestleMania will soon be upon us. Now that the card is set, we as fans are in the process of picking winners. Who knows, as we speak Vince McMahon can be going back and forth on who is going to win each match. Don't forget, the decision to end The Undertaker's streak two years ago came just a few hours before showtime.

While the road to WrestleMania has been disappointing and the roster is ravaged with injuries, it's still set to be a big WrestleMania, as the WWE is hoping to break their WrestleMania III record of 93,000 in attendance.

The WWE has managed to put together a decent card for the event, considering stars like John Cena, Cesaro, Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins, Nikki Bella, Luke Harper, Neville and Tyson Kidd are all out and they're all names we would have guessed would have played a major role in the event six months ago.

The WWE has put together 11 matches, including three on the pre-show and eight on the main card. Without further ado, let's pick the winners.


Two guys that have been booked poorly by creative, Kalisto during this title reign and Ryback since, well, a while go at it in a one-on-one match for Kalisto's U.S. championship. As many people have pointed out this feels like new Mysterio versus new Goldberg. It feels too soon for Kalisto's title reign to come to an end and this feud was pretty much thrown together out of nowhere. Kalisto has to get a win here as he's regularly been pinned in tag matches. This will be sold as a huge upset of David sleighing Goliath, but don't expect a battle that epic.

Prediction: Kalisto


"Hey ladies, we don't really have anything planned for you, why don't you just all compete together?"

That's probably how the conversation went between the creative team and these ladies, who will be left off the main card. It's a shame that what will likely be Brie Bella's last match will be wasted on a time filler like this huge tag match.

Being that this is expected to be Brie's last match, I'm going to go with her getting the pin for team Total Divas.

Prediction: Total Divas 


It seems like the Dudley Boyz haven't really won a meaningful match since returning to WWE back in the summer. The Usos are seemingly just floating around in the tag team division, waiting for their eventual shot at the tag titles again. The Dudleys are simply too legendary to keep losing, so I'm going to give them the win here and they'll be next in line to take on, the now babyface, tag team champions, The New Day when they're done with League of Nations.

Prediction: Dudley Boyz


Why oh why couldn't we just get a one-on-one Intercontinental title match between Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn? The crowd goes nuts whenever the two lock horns, knowing their history on the independent scene and in NXT. The WWE had a chance of having an IC title feud that fans would actually care about. This match won't be bad. Expect some high flying action and crazy spots with the ladder. However there are only two guys I could see realistically winning this match; Owens or Zayn. Given that there's still a singles match between the two on the table, Owens will get an underhanded win here, setting the stage for a singles match between the two at the next PPV.

Prediction: Kevin Owens


While the two have had some good matches together and their encounter this Sunday won't disappoint in terms of action, it feels we've seen this match too many times already. Styles and Jericho exchanged victories before AJ won the rubber match at Fastlane. Jericho is now a heel for this match, which should add a new dimension.

Given that this is AJ Styles' WrestleMania debut and the company has him signed to a long-term deal, while Y2J will presumably be gone again soon, it only makes sense for Styles to win this one and move on to a new opponent and feud.

Prediction: AJ Styles


Oh yay, another battle royal. Cesaro's win at WrestleMania XXX was enjoyable because it looked like WWE was going to push him following that win, but two years later, Cesaro is basically in the same spot. Big Show winning last year just had us rolling our eyes.

The participants in this match (announced) are:

Heath Slater, Curtis Axel, Adam Rose, Bo Dallas, Big Show, Kane, Tyler Breeze, Mark Henry, Jack Swagger, Fandango, Damien Sandow, Darren Young, Konnor, Viktor, Goldust and R-Truth.

Several more are expected to be announced. With the Wyatt Family mysteriously absent from the card, expect them to be added to the fray. Sadly, that means Braun Strowman is going to get the win, as we have seen he is clearly someone the WWE insists on pushing.

Prediction: Braun Strowman


The WWE finally decided to do a simple formula in merely having the three Divas most over on the roster and putting them in a title match. I haven't been this excited about a Divas match at WrestleMania in a while. If given enough time, these ladies could give the Mickie James/Trish Stratus title match from 10 years ago a run for its money.

This match is a chance to put NXT women's wrestling on the map, as all three of these ladies are now NXT alumni. This is a new era, so I have Sasha Banks winning and introducing a new championship belt on RAW. This could be the last Divas match we ever see, as Sasha will usher in the era of women's wrestling in WWE.


Another match that feels like it's just filling a spot, but at least it's The New Day! Sadly the tag titles won't be on the line in this 3-on-4 match, but it will be interesting to see all three members of New Day teaming up at once.

This match has been rumored to feature The Rock in some capacity to build off the appearance he made back in January involving the trio. The New Day are the champs and the League of Nations are clearly going nowhere. There's no reason for the champs not to be given the win here.

Prediction: The New Day


This pairing felt rather spontaneous, as Brock Lesnar seemed to be on a crash course with Bray Wyatt and Ambrose is the guy many feel should be in the title match against Triple H. This match will make for a good consolation prize, as many feel this is the match that will steal the show. Expect a lot of violence and for Ambrose to pull out every trick in the book to defeat The Beast. Expect a lot of suplexes and screams from Lesnar.

Lesnar hasn't been pinned cleanly in three years, going back to his WrestleMania XXIX match with Triple H. Ambrose has continued to come up just short in every big match. While I'm reaching a little here, I'm calling the upset and saying the WWE will realize how much a win would benefit Ambrose's career.

Winner: Dean Ambrose


The match that has everybody speculating the most. What is Shane McMahon's future role in the WWE? How much reality is there to this feud between Shane and Vince? Why is The Undertaker doing Vince's handiwork?

While this match won't be the masterpiece of the evening, it'll undoubtedly be the one everybody is talking about after the show. Expect interference from all angles, likely after a referee is taken out and the cell has to be opened, or 'Taker and Shane find a way to break part of the cell for people to get in.

With Undertaker's streak over, it lends more possibility to Shane winning. Even with Undertaker's WrestleMania career on the line in this match, Shane could win and with his new power, reinstate The Phenom next year.

Something tells me Shane was brought back to WWE for more than just a favor to his old man. My gut tells me Shane is sticking around. Why would he come back to point out business is down and RAW sucks, only to lose and leave, without any chance to fix it?

Somehow, some way, Shane McMahon leaves the devil's playground as the winner.

Prediction: Shane McMahon


The heel is getting cheered and the babyface is getting booed. The WWE wouldn't have this problem if Ambrose was in Roman's spot, but I digress. Triple H is going to be cheered as a conquering hero in Dallas, while Reigns will be booed out of the building for a second straight year.

The only problem is, I can't see a scenario where Roman doesn't leave as champion. Much like the cell match, I expect more interference, with Triple H calling his buddy Shawn Michaels to help him out, only for The Rock to come to his cousin's aid. The Rock costing Triple H would set up a future match for them. Sorry folks, Reigns is leaving AT&T Stadium with the title.

Prediction: Roman Reigns

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