Projecting 10 WrestleMania 33 Matches And The Outcomes

Who else is excited for WrestleMania?

I'm glad I didn't read any spoilers before WrestleMania 32, otherwise I probably wouldn't have watched. The anticipated buildup was at least fun while it lasted. Most of the matches failed to mean much of anything. Nobody wanted Roman Reigns to beat Triple H for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

People expected Dean Ambrose and Brock Lesnar to put on a better match. Everyone expected Shane McMahon to lose control of Raw after losing to The Undertaker, not take temporary control only to become the commissioner of SmackDown. See the trend? WrestleMania 32 was just a mega disappointment.

But WrestleMania 33 has to be considered one of the most exciting in years, if the rumored matches actually take place. We know The Undertaker, Triple H, Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho and Goldberg will compete and bring back the nostalgic feel. We can expect the usual legends to return unexpectedly.

Oh, and Kevin Owens, A.J. Styles, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Sami Zayn, Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Bayley and Finn Balor are sure to compete.

Now what matches will we actually see? Here are some guesses as to what the card will look like, and who will win each match.

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20 Nikki Bella vs. Alexa Bliss (SmackDown Women's Championship)

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Nikki Bella has returned to the roster needing neck surgery, but we're still waiting for her big moment, and WrestleMania sets it up nicely.

Alexa Bliss is the WWE SmackDown Women's Champion, and there are not many candidates that are suitable to face her off at the biggest event of the year. We'll get to Becky Lynch later, but Bella definitely makes the most sense to face Bliss.

The SmackDown Women's Division hasn't come close to replicating the success of Raw, and a great setup between Bella and Bliss for the Women's title is exactly what needs to take place. Look for Bella and Bliss' rivalry to gain steam in the coming weeks, leading up to a terrific match between the two women.

19 Winner: Nikki Bella

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Tough to see any reason why Bella would lose this. Bliss doesn't need a long championship run to get over as a top heel. She's already the best villain out of all of the women on SmackDown.

Bella's return from a neck injury brings an emotional element and nice comeback story. We all know that WrestleMania is the event where the babyface almost always wins, especially in the non-major events. Bella's return doesn't mean much if she fails to win the championship.

This will be a great match that Bliss will dominate for the most part. Near the end, Bella will gain some momentum and then hit Bliss with the Bella Buster to win the Smackdown Women's Championship. That'll set up an epic ovation from the crowd and give Bella a chills-inducing moment.

18 Enzo/Cass vs. Sheamus/Cesaro (Raw Tag Team Championship)


The New Day had their record-breaking Tag Team Championship run, and it's time for WWE to find a more suitable opponent for Sheamus and Cesaro to defend their titles.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass have been stuck in no man's land for long enough, and both are overdue for a big push. Cesaro and Sheamus are slightly more of a babyface stable, but you can expect both to turn into heels at some point. Enzo and Cass are the best possible opponent for them at WrestleMania, too.

With Enzo and Cass being stuck on the mid-card for about a year now, they'll finally get a push by facing against one of the dominant tag teams. Sheamus and Cesaro's title reign sure isn't going to last as long as The New Day's, either.

17 Winner: Enzo and Cass

via wrestlingrumors.net

His name is Enzo Amore and he is a certified G and a bonafide stud, and you can't-teach-that! And that right there is Big Cass - and he's seven-foot-tall, and you can't-teach-that! Bada boom! They're the realest tag team champions in the room. HOW YA DOIN'?!

So basically, that'll be the new intro on the April 3 edition of Monday Night Raw. Enzo and Cass have been built up as the main tag team on Raw for quite some time, and the creative team can't have them face off against Rusev or the disappointing Bullet Club. They need these titles more than Cesaro and Sheamus right now, who are already over with the crowd as seasoned veterans.

Enzo and Cass will finally break through after the former hits Sheamus with a Diving splash to win the pair their first WWE Universal Raw Team Championships.

16 Dean Ambrose vs. Shane McMahon (No Holds Barred Match)

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Shane McMahon saved an otherwise lackluster WrestleMania 32 show with his epic jump off the top of the cell against The Undertaker last year. The match itself wasn't great and the stipulation meant nothing. But to see a 46-year-old Shane O'Mac risk his body in front of his own children gave WWE its defining moment of 2016.

As for Dean Ambrose? Let's just say he really needs to bounce back in 2017. His match against Brock Lesnar at last year's WrestleMania was a failure. Even after he became the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Ambrose didn't really get over with the crowd, who cheered more for the heel of A.J. Styles.

And for Shane McMahon? His return to the company means he's going to have to wrestle on the Grandest Stage. He'll be 47 at this year's 'Mania and doesn't have many matches left. Perhaps a match against The Lunatic will help the latter get over once and for all.

15 Winner: Shane McMahon

via dailyddt.com

Even though Shane lost last year's WrestleMania match to The Undertaker, it's tough to see the McMahons letting him lose another match on the Grandest Stage of Them All.

It's tough to see who WWE would build up as the face. Either one could start attacking the other on a SmackDown show, but I think it's more likely they're both portrayed as faces (like Shane/Taker were last year). This will be a match for the ages, with both men laying out some insane stunts. Ambrose will get some shots on Shane O'Mac with chairs and hit him through tables, but we know how much Shane succeeds in these hardcore matches.

Look for Shane to use his signature trash can kick from the top ropes to Ambrose, pinning him to win the title. I also would expect both to hand shake and embrace, giving a great end to this match.

14 John Cena vs. Kenny Omega


You may not know this, but the John Cena and The Undertaker match is not happening at this point. Wrestling Observe Newsletter reported that Vince McMahon vetoed the idea. But Cena missed last year's WrestleMania, so he has to get an intriguing opponent.

Looking all around, there aren't many fits on the roster. He and Dean Ambrose are headed in different directions, his feud with A.J. Styles is over and it's difficult to imagine a scenario where he would face someone from Raw. Triple H told ESPN earlier this week that he's interesting in bringing in Kenny Omega, because of his great talents. At some point (Royal Rumble, perhaps), Omega will appear on WWE.

Even though Omega is well-known to the wrestling world, he's going to have to feud with a top-notch star like A.J. Styles did with Chris Jericho. Cena's been willing to put guys over in recent years, so a bout with Omega makes all the sense in the world.

13 Winner: Kenny Omega

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Omega is going to lose a lot of momentum if he returns to WWE and loses his first match at WrestleMania. Cena had no problem putting Kevin Owens or A.J. Styles over. This is not a man with an ego like all the WCW stars in the '90s. Cena has become the best team player in WWE, and he will willingly let Omega win.

This isn't the same ol' WWE where John Cena predictably won all of his WrestleMania matches. The creative team knows we want to see new stuff, and giving Omega the victory is a great start.

Also, Cena's heel turn is long overdue. If he doesn't turn bad guy before WrestleMania, a scenario could play out where they shake hands at the end, only for Cena to attack Omega at the end. This is another situation where Omega needs the win more to build up his character, so it makes most sense for him to win.

12 Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch vs. Bayley vs. Sasha Banks (Raw Women's Championship)

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The 'Four Horsewomen' will headline the Women's Division at this year's WrestleMania. All four of them just happen to make up the four biggest female stars in the company, and this is a matchup that has to happen.

Charlotte is absolutely crushing it as the Raw Women's Champion. Her feud with Sasha Banks may have been the best of 2016, but now she's shifting gears and feuding with Bayley. But it can't just be Bayley vs. Charlotte at WrestleMania, because it leaves Sasha Banks without a quality opponent.

Also, Becky Lynch needs a move to Raw, because she's not getting the exposure she deserves on SmackDown. WrestleMania is all about maximizing the card, and bringing in the four best women fighters in WWE in a fatal-four-way title match is a must-see.

11 Winner: Bayley

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The Raw Women's Championship changes more than Donald Trump's opinion on global warming. So why can't it change again at WrestleMania?

Charlotte is the WWE's top heel, and she doesn't have to go any higher at this point. She is perfect where she is, and Sasha Banks has already had her title reign. She needs to begin another rivalry, but could also head to SmackDown in the WWE Draft.

Becky Lynch could turn heel soon or begin a rivalry with Charlotte, but all signs point to Bayley as the winner. She's becoming the top women's babyface, and she's being built up as the new star in that division. The fans love Bayley and buy her character in every way possible. There's no reason for someone else to win the title. Bayley will pin Charlotte to win her first championship in WWE. Did I mention she's a hugger?

10 Kevin Owens vs. Chris Jericho (United States Championship)

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Even though the friendship of Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens was far-and-away the best thing the WWE came up with in 2016, it has to end before it gets outdated. The two have already shown cracks in their relationship, and they were always top-heel promos.

Owens is likely to lose his WWE Universal Championship before WrestleMania, and Jericho (though portrayed as a heel), is more likely to turn babyface than Owens right now. Both men are among the company's best trash talkers and best fighters. They would be the perfect duo to headline Raw's mid-card division.

Jericho just won the United States Championship over Roman Reigns, and we have to think he's going to head back to the band bus soon. He and Owens will break up some time before 'Mania and give us the best promos in Raw history - no exaggeration.

9 Winner: Chris Jericho

via inquisitr.com

It's tough to see why Owens would beat Jericho in the match. He's already headlined a series of pay-per-views, has developed his character into one of the most complete on the roster and has already shown he can go toe-to-toe with the best wrestlers. There's no need for him to win.

Though I'm getting really upset saying this, I do believe Jericho wants to head back to Fozzy soon. We've seen him come-and-go for the better part of the last decade, and he's probably going to skip town before long.

Jericho and Owens will clash for a United States Championship between two Canadians, but the babyface Jericho will pick up this win. Like we said, he's more likely to be the face in this match, and he'll beat Owens to set up another emotional departure from the company.

8 Finn Balor vs. Roman Reigns (WWE Universal Championship)

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Finn Balor won the WWE Universal Championship over Seth Rollins at SummerSlam, but suffered a labrum tear that would reportedly keep him out of action for four-to-six months. It's anyone's guess if he returns at the Royal Rumble, but he should definitely be ready to go by WrestleMania.

We believe that Mr. McMahon will finally get over the obsession of shoving Roman Reigns down our throats. Perhaps he will realize that The Big Dog is much better off as a heel. Well, Balor and Reigns are two of the best in-ring performers the WWE has, and this would be a great bout between two stars. The crowd already hates Roman Reigns, whether he's pushed as a face or as a heel. Balor quickly got over as a face and would have no problem winning the fans over in a match vs. Reigns.

7 Winner: Finn Balor

via dailyddt.com

We've seen Reigns beat Chris Jericho on basically every Monday Night Raw in 2016. Okay, that was an exaggeration, but it really does seem like the case. Reigns failed big time as a babyface in 2015 and 2016. His victory over Triple H at WrestleMania 32 made his character worse for the fans, not better.

So there's literally no reason in the world for him to win a big match like this against Balor. Like I said, Reigns has won a large majority of his matches, and very few of them have been clean defeats.

Balor loses a whole lot if he doesn't win this match, and Reigns' character/push won't be affected if he comes out as the loser in this one. Balor and Reigns will put on another Match of the Year candidate at 'Mania. When all is said and done, look for Balor to win cleanly via pinfall.

6 Seth Rollins vs. Triple H

via inquisitr.com

Multiple reports have it official that Seth Rollins and Triple H will face off, and it's more obvious than LeBron James winning the Eastern Conference in 2017. Triple H betrayed Rollins in the fatal-four-way match for the WWE Universal Championship. In multiple promos, Rollins has made it clear to Stephanie McMahon that he will get his payback on The Game.

With Triple H also off of television all but that one time to screw over Rollins since losing to Reigns at WrestleMania, you know he's bound to return again soon. Triple H isn't the same performer he once was (now at age 47), but he's good enough to be in one of WrestleMania's main events.

The build-up between these two will begin any day now, as they need to start facing off in promos and in the ring before their match. Either way, we know that these two men are fighting at WrestleMania.

5 Winner: Seth Rollins

via inquisitr.com

The general WWE fans can rightfully express their frustrations over The Game's recent history at WrestleMania. There was zero reason for him to beat Sting two years ago, but obviously Vince McMahon was going to choose his son-in-law over a former WCW star that almost put him out of business.

Then last year, Triple H and Roman Reigns main evented 'Mania for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The crowd didn't really cheer for either guy, the match was boring and the ending was more predictable than Batman & Robin failing after we learned Arnold Schwarzenegger was going to be Mr. Freeeze.

Any who, we are due for a great match between Triple H and Seth Rollins. Though the latter has been pushed as a face ever since The Game betrayed him, the fans haven't fully devoted their love to him.

We can expect interference in this one. Stephanie doesn't make much sense, but perhaps Vince or Shane try to help out The Game? Either way, Rollins will pin Triple H after executing the Pedigree on him.

4 Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg

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These two had a forgetful match at WrestleMania XX, with the fans booing both guys who were on their respective ways out of the WWE. The 12-years-later rematch took place at Survivor Series, with Goldberg beating Brock Lesnar in 1:26. Though some loved the idea of him squashing Lesnar that quickly, many also found the finish ridiculous.

I personally loved the ending, but we need a match between these two that will be well-received by critics. We (assume?) that this won't be the last match for both guys, so we can scrap the heckling and mocking from fans. We don't have to expect another short match between them, either.

This will definitely be the last bout between Lesnar and Goldberg. Though nobody knows for sure if Goldberg will retire after this one, the rivalry between men who are 39 (Lesnar), and 50 (Goldberg) will come to an end in Orlando.

3 Winner: Brock Lesnar

via pwslam.com

This is a tough call. If it's truly Goldberg's last match, then expect him to win and go out on top. However, I do believe that the money-making machine he is for both WWE and himself will prevent Goldberg from retiring. If that was complicated, I'm basically saying he'll get paid too much money by Vince McMahon to readily retire.

That being said, Lesnar probably has a longer future than Goldberg in WWE, and he has to restore his Beast character by avenging the humiliating loss to Goldberg. Lesnar already has an impressive legacy with his 2-1 series win over Undertaker, destruction of Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton in 2016. That path has to continue.

If Lesnar loses a series to Goldberg, his character loses all of its mojo. From a business standpoint, he really has to win this match more. Plus, we all know McMahon loves Lesnar more than Goldberg - and the boss loves to play favorites when it comes to picking the winner.

2 The Undertaker vs. A.J. Styles (WWE World Heavyweight Championship)

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The rumor is that The Undertaker is set to retire at this year's WrestleMania. If that's the case, then it's pretty obvious that he's going to face off against one of the company's top stars on the Grandest Stage of Them All, where The Phenom has created his legacy as the greatest wrestler ever.

The Undertaker should win this year's Royal Rumble, because there aren't really any better options for him at this point. We already know he and John Cena probably aren't facing off. He's done fighting Brock Lesnar. Triple H, Seth Rollins, Chris Jericho, Kevin Owens, Finn Balor and Roman Reigns are going to most definitely be occupied in other matches. And Braun Strowman? Not in his last match, no way.

A.J. Styles will likely hold onto his WWE World Heavyweight Championship as well. It's not logical to see anybody on SmackDown taking it from him before the big show. This is the matchup made in Heaven. Expect it to happen.

1 1.Winner: The Undertaker

via ibtimes.com

It's pretty obvious that whoever faces The Undertaker at WrestleMania will lose. Even if it's not for the championship and not his final match, the man cannot afford to lose another bout at 'Mania. It will simply destroy the epic and historic victory Brock Lesnar pulled off at WrestleMania XXX.

The Undertaker is also not going to lose to a former TNA star. You think Vince would allow it after having his own SON lose to The Phenom last year? It's just not going to happen, folks. Plus, this should be the main event. If that's the case, the major face (Undertaker), will win this one.

I could very well be wrong, but this is likely The Undertaker's swan song, as he wins the championship and then announces his retirement on the following Raw or SmackDown.

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