13Kevin Nash As Master Blaster Steel, Oz, Vinnie Vegas

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When Kevin Nash got his start with WCW in 1990, he had to endure several years of horrible gimmicks. He began as the orange-mohawked Master Blaster Steel, first teaming with Master Blaster Blade (Al Green) and then as a singles wrestler. He was then the silver-haired Oz; a

character based on The Wizard of Oz. He then portrayed wise-cracking mobster Vinnie Vegas and joined Diamond Dallas Page’s stable, The Diamond Mine, along with other early gimmicks of The Diamond Studd (Scott Hall) and Scotty Flamingo (Raven). By mid 1993, Nash had had enough and left for the WWE, where Vince McMahon always knows how to book big men. Nash would go on to become WWE Champion as Diesel, before enjoying further success under his own name (and acerbic personality) back in WCW in the late 1990s. Could Nash have succeeded as Master Blaster Steel, Oz, or Vinnie Vegas if given enough time? No way. One could hardly think up three worse gimmicks for Nash if they tried.

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