15The Ultimate Warrior as the Dingo Warrior

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When the Ultimate Warrior was signed by the WWE in June of 1987, he initially competed at house shows under the name he had been using in World Class Championship Wrestling: The Dingo Warrior. Vince McMahon (or somebody at WWE) didn’t want him to be one of several wrestling

warriors, along with the Road Warriors and 'The Modern Day Warrior’ Kerry von Erich, so he was rechristened “The Ultimate Warrior”. Would The Ultimate Warrior have risen to become WWE champion as “The Dingo Warrior”. It would have been more difficult, but probably.

Him not actually being Australian shouldn’t have hurt him any more than ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper not actually being Scottish. And nothing about Warrior ever made any sense anyway, so why not? Interestingly, before he was The Dingo Warrior, he wrestled as “Blade Runner Rock” in the Blade Runners, seemingly yet another Road Warriors rip off. His teammate? Blade Runner Flash, played by Steve Borden, who would go on to be the man called Sting.

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