Projecting The Future Of These 20 WWE Stars

After the shape of the WWE changed drastically when the Brand Extension was brought back a few months ago, some of the superstars have managed to thrive at their opportunities in their respective brands while some others are finding it difficult to find a relevant spot on the roster. While Smackdown Live has been the "Land of Opportunities", Raw has only given importance to a handful of wrestlers and many others are actually struggling to keep themselves over with the crowd and relevant enough to get the spotlight anytime soon.

The WWE is an extremely competitive place right now where only the most talented in the ring and on the microphone can seemingly stay on top, as the inflow of superstars from NXT is only making it more difficult for the main roster guys to keep their place on the card. While some of the promising talent look to be in for success in the future, some others will have to work their way up if they're to become something big in the next years.

These 20 Superstars in the WWE look to be in here for the long run, and while some might achieve success and popularity into the future, some others will probably have to work their way into success or remain on the sidelines. Let's take a look at what the future holds for these 20 WWE Superstars.

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20 Bray Wyatt - The Next Phenom?

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"The New Face of Fear" Bray Wyatt was labeled by many as the true successor to The Undertaker, but some real inconsistent booking and bad luck on his side has hampered his chance of becoming as big as the Phenom. While his currently family looks to be pretty promising (if it's not broken), Wyatt has the potential of creating another Ministry of Darkness as the WWE should push him to conquer more superstars into his stable and have them dominate their respective brand, eventually helping Bray win the big title. Wyatt's character has unlimited potential, but it's all dependent on how the WWE handles it as they should let him rule over the company for him to become as big as The Undertaker. Having him lose feuds and matches won't do any good to his reputation and the leader of the Wyatt Family deserves to achieve some big time success because of his dedication all these years.

19 Dolph Ziggler - Released Within The Next Year

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Dolph Ziggler is currently in a really weird predicament in the WWE, as he cannot seem to garner much success despite getting much opportunities after the brand split and just cannot seem to get the fans behind him. The Showoff turned heel recently on SmackDown Live and this could be the best decision possible for him as we have already seen how good he can be as a heel. But going by just how competitive things are on the blue brand and how many opportunities he has already squandered, the future doesn't look that bright for The Showoff who will probably be released by the WWE in a year's time (after his contract is rumored to be up) and will have to look to entertain the fans somewhere else.

18 Emma - Future Women's Champion

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Emma is in a bit of a pickle right now in the WWE, as her transformation to "Emmalina" is still apparently pending as her much advertized re-debut just doesn't seem to happen. Now even when she does eventually debut as this sexy new star, what can she do to make her place in the Women's Division? Emma is still pretty young and definitely is yet to reach her prime, so she needs to use this gimmick to her advantage and get over slowly but surely. Though it'll be difficult for her to topple the top divas anytime soon, she can bode her time and develop herself into a top Diva in the next few years with a proper gimmick and the fans behind her. Emma is one for the future and is a guaranteed future Women's Champion if she manages to find her footing on the main roster, and could topple the top Divas right now to rule over the division in a few years time.

17 Baron Corbin - Starts His Own WrestleMania Undefeated Streak

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Baron Corbin has continued to impress ever since he was drafted to Smackdown Live!, as he might still be new to the main-event level, but is holding his place amongst the competition and has the personality and intimidating nature to excel at the top. The Lone Wolf has the conniving nature which can help him gain a lot of success, as he will mostly receive a big push in the near future which could may as well result in him winning the WWE Championship some-time within next year. What can solidify him as an even bigger star is if he can be allowed to start his own WrestleMania streak where he lays down bodies and goes on a hotly contested streak in the next decade or so, and even though it won't have to necessary surpass The Undertaker's streak, letting him win a streak of matches at the grandest stage of them all will definitely establish him as a man to look out for and someone nobody can ignore.

16 Shinsuke Nakamura - The Golden Child

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"The King of Strong Style" in Shinsuke Nakamura has managed to dazzle the NXT fans with his amazing charm and stiff style of wrestling, as he looks to bring more success to Japanese Athletes in WWE. Nakamura has proved how he's a main-event quality wrestler and will mostly be called up some-time this year, as he should be kept the way he is in NXT and should start from the upper-mid card and eventually make his way into the main-event. Nakamura is someone who can definitely enhance the quality of a mid-card title and his entertaining personality and ability to put on top-notch matches on a constant basis is enough to keep him at the top of the WWE as the King of Strong Style is slowly taking over WWE as his kingdom and will definitely add more trophies to his crown in the next few years.

15 Heath Slater - Future Intercontinental Champion

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Heath Slater's resurgence towards attaining popularity and winning the SmackDown Tag Team Titles with Rhyno was quite amazing, as his hilarious persona and entertaining ability took him a long way in 2016 which turned out to be quite the successful year for this glorified jobber. Though Slater's dedication towards the company probably means that he's in it for the long run, he really needs to change his attitude and personality in order to ascend from his joker-like state right now into something more relevant. Maybe bulk up on his figure or change up the persona, Slater needs to improve with each passing week in order to survive in the company (even as a jobber) and going by his potential, he could go a long way into becoming a prominent Intercontinental Champion in the next few years, solidifying himself as a proper mid-carder if he continues to improve and impress the WWE fans in the long run.

14 Braun Strowman - Remains Unpinned For The Rest Of The Year

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Braun Strowman has earned his name of "A Monster Among Men" as the giant looks like a legitimate threat to anyone around him because of how he manages to pull of his intimidating character. Strowman has big things written in for him in the near future, as he needs to be built into getting more convincing for the fans and could receive a big push very soon in the future. Strowman has the qualities to be a convincing, destructive champion as well and the way at which he's impressing and improving, he could be a world champion very soon. Unlike the other "giants", Strowman has the qualities to stay on top for a lot of time and needs to keep his destructive element until the audience really notices him. Strowman should go undefeated or at least un-pinned for the rest of this year in order to make sure that the audience cannot ignore him and that can also solidify him as the top monster heel in the WWE in the next decade or so as well.

13 Tyler Breeze - Heading To TNA

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Tyler Breeze has had quite the topsy-turvy ride in the WWE so far, as he attained quite a lot of popularity in WWE NXT where he thrived with his "sexy" gimmick, but things haven't gone so well for him on the main roster. He had quite the horrible win-less streak last year and hasn't done much since teaming up with Fandango as part of "Breezango", as the two are the jobbers of the Smackdown Tag Team division and have quite the horrible gimmick as well. Not many actually know what the future holds for Breeze, but he really needs to get out of this team and got solo with a revamped persona which can help him get over with the audience. Things don't look so well for Prince Pretty considering how badly he's been buried on the main roster, and we might see him out of the company in a few years time and go onto join some promotion like TNA where he could fit in more comfortably and compete for a proper championship and maybe even achieve success like much of the other ex-WWE alumni.

12 Sami Zayn - The Next Daniel Bryan

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"The Underdog from the Undergound" Sami Zayn seems to be in a long journey to complete his "ultimate underdog" story as WWE is taking it very slow with the former NXT Champion, who deserves much more than what he is getting right now. Zayn should be built from the mid-card and moved onto the main-event slowly, as he can win a mid-card title and have a reign with that first before he can defy his critics and prove everyone wrong by excelling at the top of the WWE against someone who he doesn't have a chance of beating. Zayn is an amazing worker for the WWE and will hopefully reap his rewards soon enough and much like another underdog in Daniel Bryan, Zayn needs to be built up slowly and be pushed to the main event when the crowd is hotly behind him. Sami has all the qualities to pull off the ultimate underdog story like Bryan and could become one of the top faces in the company when he does manage to pull that off.

11 Samoa Joe - Fails On The Main Roster Because Vince McMahon Just Doesn't Like Him

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Samoa Joe had achieved everything in the field of wrestling before he arrived at the WWE, and has seemingly achieved everything now in NXT where he was a 2-time NXT Champion. Joe is tipped to debut in the main roster soon, as he's expected to join the Smackdown Live! roster and the potential of him in a place like Smackdown is limitless. Joe is a main-event guy who should not be held back by the WWE, as his amazing ability in the ring along with his intimidating nature makes him a perfect guy to be made into the top-heel by the WWE. While all this might be perfect for us, it's highly possible that Vince McMahon just doesn't like Joe for his stiff working and "lack of ability" to entertain as well. Joe might be buried and released soon after if Vince straight up doesn't like him, as the call-up could be a boon or bane for the Samoan Submission Machine who will hope that his hard-hitting nature will impress the boss even though that's unlikely.

10 Seth Rollins - "The Man" In WWE

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Seth Rollins has proved himself to be "The Man" in the WWE in the past few years as he disbanded the Shield and went onto become one of the top stars of the WWE, but his face run so far has been a bit underwhelming. Rollins needs to bring an edge to his face character and needs to be pushed to the main event as soon as his feud with Triple H is over after WrestleMania 33, as the Man needs to be built as this rebellious, defiant wrestler in order to get more fans behind his face character. Rollins is still pretty young and is going to be in the WWE for another decade at least, as The Man deserves to win everything there is to win in the future and hopefully he regains his place at the very top of the company WWE soon and get the WWE title around his waist yet again.

9 Luke Harper - World Title Material?

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The highly underrated member of the Wyatt Family has been held back in the past few years because of him having to act as a henchman for Bray Wyatt, but he needs to depart from his family in order to really thrive as a singles wrestler. Harper has tons of potential and is a superb worker in the ring, as he needs to develop his mystical personality even more in order to become a truly top star in the company. Harper should be pushed as a strong mid-carder soon and can also become a main-event star if booked and built properly by the WWE, as Harper definitely has it in him to become World Champion in the future and needs to keep impressing in and outside the ring in order for that dream to become a reality for a unique, hard-hitting wrestler who doesn't deserve the state he's in right now.

8 Neville - Gold Is In His Future

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Neville might be terming himself as the "King of the Cruiserweights" right now, but the extremely talented Englishman deserves so much more than the Cruiserweight division. While it looks like he's going to remain in that division for quite some-time now to give it a bit of star-power, he can definitely excel of it and move onto the main event status like Rey Mysterio did a decade back. He can slowly move on from the Cruiserweights and create his own underdog story from the mid-card to the main event status, and going by how he showcased his talent in NXT, he definitely has the potential of holding a singles belt on his own and can definitely become a big star in the WWE if he improves his personality and mic-skills to impress Vince McMahon and co.

7 Asuka - Longest Reigning Women's Champion In WWE History

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Asuka has been dominating her way to success in the WWE ever since she arrived, as the NXT Women's Champion is yet to be pinned in a single match and is enjoying quite the amazing undefeated streak. The Japanese sensation has it all in her arsenal and is slowly but surely improving her personality as well, as she's expected to remain and rule NXT in this year as well and will mostly get her main-roster call some-time next year. Things could go either way for her on the main roster, as she can be ruined by Vince McMahon but going by how well she's being protected by Triple H and just how amazing she is in the ring, she will probably continue her dominance in the main roster as well. We could see her go onto become the longest reigning Women's Champion after she debuts, as the dangerous Asuka has a lot in her arsenal and will bring quite a reign of terror to the ladies of the main roster.

6 Rusev - Championship Material Being Wasted

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Rusev is going through a rough patch currently in the WWE, as he has been paired up with Jinder Mahal and looks like he's going to have to put Big Cass over, as the Bulgarian Brute is yet again being held back by the WWE. Rusev has not only proved out to be an amazing mid-card champion, but has the qualities of a world champion and should be in the thick of the main event rather than fiddling in stupid, irrelevant feuds. Rusev is definitely here for the long run, as he needs to get more over with the fans in order to get that push to the main-event and we can see him as a world champion in the next few years, as the Bulgarian Brute is someone who deserves a belt on him all the time because of how amazingly he can pull it off and make for convincing feuds with something prestigious around him.

5 The Miz - 2nd WWE Championship Reign

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The Miz is proving himself to be the true "A-Lister" in the WWE with every passing week, as he brought back the relevancy to the Intercontinental Championship and has been on a roll in Smackdown Live! ever since being drafted to the show. While he's kept in the mid-card because of how he keeps it relevant with his amazing personality and skills, he deserves a push to the main-event and hopefully he gets that in the near future. He can win the Money in the Bank Briefcase and cash in it to become WWE Champion again in the future, and going by how much of an amazing 2016 he had, he deserves to be in the lime-light of the main event soon and could be WWE Champion soon into the future as he seems to be getting with each passing year and that aspect will keep him on top for a long time in the WWE.

4 Tye Dillinger - Future Top Star

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"The Perfect 10" Tye Dillinger is quite the odd case in the WWE, as he has been in developmental for almost a decade now, having spent some-time in Ohio Valley Wrestling(OVW) and then in NXT all these years. While he has ascended into one of the most over wrestlers on NXT, he is tipped to be called to the main roster soon. Although his gimmick is really catchy, Dillinger will have to step up his game in order to stay relevant on the main roster and needs to work really hard to not perish away like many of the other superstars who come up from NXT have. The stage is set for Dillinger to shine, as he can definitely be a top star of the WWE in the next few years if he manages to get more over with the crowd, and a bit more shine in his wrestling skills can definitely elevate "The Perfect 10" to a star-status in the next few years.

3 Cesaro - Becomes WWE Champion After Move To SmackDown

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Cesaro might be termed as "The Swiss Superman" in the WWE, but there seems to be kryptonite in his path every-time he tries to make it big as a singles wrestler. The phenomenal wrestler deserves so much more than he is getting right now, as he's way too talented to be put in the tag-team division and needs to be pushed to the top by the WWE now that he has improved in his mic-skills as well. Cesaro should be pushed as a singles wrestler after he departs with Sheamus (which is most likely is to happen soon) and even if they are to take it slow with him, he deserves to win the big prize in the near future. Cesaro might consider leaving the WWE if things continue like this as the WWE need to capitalize on his current popularity by drafting him to Smackdown Live! soon where he can thrive in the "Land of Opportunities" and after much struggle can win his first WWE Championship and become its top baby-face as well, as the Swiss Superman deserves some main event success and should be allowed so because of his dedication for the company over all these years.

2 Finn Balor - The New Face Of The Company

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Finn Balor's rise in the WWE has been quite amazing, as the way he developed him from the Longest Reigning NXT Champion to successfully emitting that success on the main roster is truly impressive. The former Universal Champion is currently out injured, but will return soon enough and should reclaim his spot at the main event soon after. Balor has shown in his stint in the WWE so far about how he's almost hand-made to be a main event guy, and should be showered with main-event success when he does return from injury. Be it the possibility of a Bullet Club reunion or him just slaying everyone with his demonic side, Balor needs to be the new face of the WWE as his unique personas are enough to wow anyone and going by how age is not on his side, he should be left to rule over the WWE as the face of the company as he's shown time and again about how he's the real deal.

1 AJ Styles - Hall of Fame Career

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"The Phenomenal" AJ Styles has had quite the phenomenal journey in the WWE so far, as he had quite the memorable 2016 when he debuted in the Royal Rumble, defeated John Cena in a feud and then went onto become the WWE Champion. Styles might not be the youngest one on the roster, but he is still much more fitter than half the wrestlers in the company and can put in some solid work in the next few years in the company. Styles is someone who should always be kept in top-level feuds or in the main event, as he deserves to win all the big stuff in the WWE and should be booked to win the Money in the Briefcase and Royal Rumble in the next couple of years before he gets worn out. Styles is quite the phenomenal athlete and deserves to have a Hall of Fame worthy career in the WWE as the Phenomenal One should be the rightful TNA alumni to be inducted into the Hall of Fame after his WWE career comes to an end and should be booked in the next few years so that he can earn that Hall of Fame status in the future.

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