Punk Works With Renee Young, Films FS1 Footage For Fox And WWE

Reports are confirming that CM Punk is, in fact, back doing some work with FOX for the WWE show on FS1.

More specifically, while Punk has not been offered a job with Fox, he is filming test material along with some other current and former WWE Superstars, which could lead to a deal between himself and WWE.

Punk and Fox/WWE have met and while there's little in the way of details on that meeting, PWInsider cites multiple sources saying Punk did do some on-camera testing for the show and Renee Young was in attendance for the meeting. There’s no indication on whether or not Punk has signed a deal with WWE or to do more work with Fox, but this is a massive step forward toward a possible reunion between Punk and his former employer, WWE.

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FOX brought in several WWE and non-WWE personalities to Los Angeles this summer to try out for the show. Among them were Taz,  Sean Waltman, Paige and even Rey Mysterio.  Some or none of these people may be used alongside Renee and Booker T.

Furthermore, FOX is still playing with the format of the show and trying to determine if it will be presented in much the same way WWE presents it’s kick-off shows for pay-per-views or if it will simply be a talkshow featuring Young and Booker in a more laid-back style. Fox may add as many as three additional hosts.

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Punk Would Work For Fox

If this all comes to pass, the key here is to remember is Punk would be employed by FOX and not WWE. But, this kind of relationship would virtually guarantee Punk doesn’t show up in AEW and that he’s going to return at all to wrestling, it would be with Vince and company.

If Punk makes the cut, he’d likely be on Fox every week talking WWE content. That by itself is mind-blowing.

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