Queen Of Harts: 15 Fascinating Facts About Natalya

Natalya is one of the most liked female Superstars in WWE right now and is considered a veteran by many of the WWE Universe.

She has been with WWE now for more than a decade and has actually been wrestling for around 17 years. Natalya is a technically gifted performer and one that WWE has now entrusted to help train many new recruits at the performance centre.

Natalya has had a lengthy WWE career herself, and has worked with and teamed with some of the best female wrestlers to come through WWE in the past 10 years. Nattie is rarely ever the centre of attention and much of the time the focus is not on her.

Even though she is one of the long-standing cast members on Total Divas, the show is rarely ever about just her, which means that fans rarely get to take an in-depth look at Natalya. Here are 15 facts to bring you up to speed with the career one of the WWE's best female wrestlers.

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15 First Third-Generation Female Wrestler In WWE

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Natalya is the only third-generation female wrestler in the history of WWE. There have been many third-generation male wrestlers much like The Rock and Randy Orton, but Natalya still remains the only female.

Her grandfather Stu Hart was one of the most famous wrestlers in Canada during his peak before her father Jim 'The Anvil' Neidhart made a name for himself in WWE. Natalya was inspired to become a wrestler after watching her grandfather and father wrestle, as well as following the career of her uncle Bret Hart. The closest WWE have had at signing another third generation star was when they signed Shaul Guererro to NXT, but she departed a few years ago. This means that Natalya has remained the only female with this accolade throughout her career.

14 Worked With WWE For A Decade

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Natalya was signed by WWE back in 2007 and even though she came into the company as part of The Hart Dynasty, she has been able to show her talents in singles competition over the past few years.

Natalya is now classed as a veteran by WWE and it is easy to see why since she has been behind the scenes with the company for more than a decade. Before WWE signed her she had already been wrestling for seven years all over the world and it allowed her to gain experience that has since helped with her WWE career. Natalya is now allowed to head back to the Performance Centre and help to train many of WWE's current and future female talents, which shows how much they feel Natalya could help these women in the future.

13 Former Divas Champion

It was a long time ago now, and many die hard WWE fans have probably forgotten all about it as well, but back in 2010 Natalya did reach the top of the mountain as a WWE Diva and won the Divas Championship.

Natalya is the first female to win her maiden Championship in a handicap match, which she managed to win against Laycool at Survivor Series back in 2010 and despite the help of Beth Phoenix throughout her title reign, Nattie still dropped the title a few months later at The Royal Rumble, where she wasn't pinned in a fatal-four-way match involving Eve Torres, Layla, and Michelle McCool. She has had many opportunities ever since, the most recent one against Charlotte back at Roadblock in 2016 when WWE was in Toronto Canada, but she was unsuccessful.

12 Married To Tyson Kidd

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Natalya managed Tyson Kidd at the beginning of his WWE career and most recently managed him when he was part of the Tag Team Champions with Cesaro. The couple also trained together in the Hart Dungeon and have known each other since they were 12-years-old. Nattie admitted that she never dated anyone else before Tyson and she never wanted to.

After dating for many years, the couple finally married in June 2013 and their wedding was the main part of the first season of Total Divas. Despite the show later portraying Tyson and Nattie as having marital problems, it seems Tyson and Natalya are still happily married almost four years later. Natalya takes time out from touring with WWE much of the time to go back and help her husband who is currently recovering from surgery.

11 One Of The Only Main Cast Members To Last Four Years on Total Divas

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Total Divas has been airing now for almost four years and Natalya is one of only four women who has managed to remain on the show ever since. Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, and Eva Marie are the other three women.

Nattie has been mostly portrayed as the mother of the group of Divas throughout the last few seasons and she been able to show the WWE Universe that there is much more to her than what is seen on WWE TV. She is a lover of cats and often uses this in her promos on SmackDown and it also takes an in-depth look at her relationship with Tyson. Total Divas also shows how well all the women associated with WWE get along outside of the ring, which is refreshing to see.

10 Trained With The Four Horsewomen Of UFC

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Natalya is without a doubt one of the most technically gifted Women's wrestlers in WWE if not one of the most gifted in all of the company. She didn't become technically superior by following in any other wrestler's footstep. Natalya decided that she was going to pave her own path and began training with many famous MMA fighters.

Nattie trained with Shayna Baszler, Maria Shafir, and Jessamyn Duke who along with Rhonda Rousey form the group known as The Four Horsewomen. This was ahead of her NXT TakeOver match with Charlotte where she could have become the NXT Women's Champion. Natalya is always evolving in the ring, and the ring and the fact that she was winning to step outside the box to prepare for such a huge match is a testament to her determination to succeed.

9 Good Friends With Many Former WWE Wrestlers

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Natalya has been with WWE now for more than a decade and she has seen some of the biggest stars come and go during that time. Even her own husband is currently on the shelf and has been for more than a year after suffering a neck injury at the hands of Samoa Joe.

Natalya worked with The Great Khali for a number of months and even though Khali has left WWE, they have remained close friends. Nattie stated herself that she loved working with Khali and she has also remained good friends with Hornswoggle since they worked together. So even though the segments were silly, they made lasting friendships. Beth Phoenix and Natalya also worked together for a while as Divas of Doom and even though Beth was released from the company a few years ago, she has also remained close to Natalya.

8 Beth And Nattie Bonded Over Her Love Of The Hart Family

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Some people make friends in wrestling that become closer that their actual family members and this is exactly what happened with Beth Phoenix and Natalya. Nattie told a story a few years about how Beth actually messaged her on MySpace before she was signed by WWE and explained that she was a huge fan of her and her family.

She sent Nattie diary entries where she had written about Owen and Bret Hart, she was apparently obsessed with them. Beth and Natalya were able to team up for a while as well and because of how similar their style was and how muscled both women were it actually worked, The Divas Of Doom was a fantastic group and a great idea that has allowed both women to remain friends despite Beth since moving on and starting a family outside of WWE.

7 Only Female Graduate Of The Hart Dungeon

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The Hart Family Dungeon, or the basement of the Hart Family House in Calgary, Alberta Canada has created some huge stars over the years. These include the likes of Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Owen and Bret Hart, Tyson Kidd, and Lance Storm. But despite the success of the training that was given out by The Hart Family, Natalya still remains the only female graduate.

Training in the dungeon is said to be legendary and that there have been many men much bigger and determined than Natalya who have only lasted a few sessions and quit. The fact that she managed to overcome training of that calibre and then become the first ever third generation female wrestler in WWE, just shows how hard Natalya was willing to work to ensure that her family legacy continued.

6 Former Japanese Star

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Natalya has sacrificed a lot throughout her career and has now been wrestling for 17 years. She began back in 2000 and was then sent to Japan where she lived and trained from 2005 so that she could work with Japanese Superstars and properly learn their style.

She is perhaps the most dedicated female wrestler that WWE has since she is currently one of the only ones who has wrestled all over the world before they were signed by WWE. Many people think that Natalya's family connections are the only reason she made it in the WWE when in fact, it is because of the hard work that she out in to her career before she was on WWE's radar. She has ensured that she has so much in her arsenal when she steps in the ring, that she will always be thought of as one of the best wrestlers inside that ring at any given time.

5 Once Had An Accident In The Ring

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As part of one of the episodes of the first season of Total Divas, Natalya had a match with Naomi and she was hit quite hard in the stomach and it forced her to wee herself in the middle of the ring. Luckily, she managed to get backstage and shower afterward, but when she shouted at Naomi for hitting her too hard, it got around the backstage area about what had happened.

Nikki Bella found the whole thing amusing and went to her boyfriend John Cena to tell him about it, and he responded about how unfunny the whole affair was, especially considering that he had once had a match when he was feeling unwell and also had an accident. This took a lot of pressure of Natalya and shut Nikki up for a while.

4 Certified Cat Lady

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Many WWE Superstars have animals. Many have dogs and Goldberg even has a goat, but Natalya decided to have cats. During the first season of Total Divas, Nattie became really emotional when she found out that she had to have her cat Gizmo put to sleep, but since then she has adopted more cats.

Her current cats Louis and Makaveli even have their own Instagram page called Two Paws. Nattie and her husband Tyson are big lovers of cats and it comes through on their Social Media pages where they are always sharing family photos including their feline friends. Nattie was even able to meet and take pictures with internet sensation Grumpy Cat when he was the guest host of Raw a few years ago, this was probably the highlight of her career.

3 The Infamous Flatulence Storyline

Before Natalya admitted that she had an accident in the middle of the WWE ring, WWE decided back in 2012 that they were going to give her quite an embarrassing storyline. Whilst she was teaming with Beth Phoenix, Nattie would often be seen backstage passing wind.

It was a fun comedy storyline that even Nattie herself admitted that she had fun doing. She didn't mind that it was embarrassing. She stated that she was going to work with whatever it was that she was handed and that she was going to look good doing it. Even though the storyline didn't last very long, it is still one of the most memorable that WWE has ever given to a female wrestler for all of the wrong reasons, but Nattie made the best of it.

2 First And Only Female To Compete In Over 300 Televised Matches

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Natalya may have been overlooked for much of the last seven years by WWE and didn't even take part in the infamous Divas Revolution back in 2015. But she still has many records from her time in WWE that she is proud of.

One of these is that fact that she is the only WWE Diva to have ever competed in over 300 televised matches. This is obviously a stat that Charlotte is moving closely towards with her incredible pay-per-view record, but this comes from over a decade of working hard to make her mark and maintain the dedication that brought her to WWE in the first place. Natalya has proved that she is one of the most reliable and versatile performers that they have and that is one of the main reasons what she has outlasted so many other female wrestlers during her time with the company.

1 Had Her Teeth Knocked Out In Las Vegas

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Wrestling is definitely not something for the feint hearted, even though there are many procedures in place that ensure that superstars are not injured, many are unpreventable.

Natalya got a first-hand look at this back in 2016 when she had her two front teeth knocked out in a match at a WWE Live Event. Natalya Instagrammed a picture at the emergency dentist where she had no front teeth and then another one a few hours later after her teeth were fixed. It seems as though losing a few teeth is all in a days work for many superstars, which is why some prefer to wear mouthguards now instead. Natalya was a heel at the time and it didn't stop her from continuing her duties on SmackDown after the dentist managed to fix them.

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