R-Truth Catches Jinder Mahal Napping, Regains 24/7 Title

R-Truth lost the 24/7 Championship before everyone boarded for Jeddah and mid-flight, won the title back from a sleeping Jinder Mahal.

When we first reported that R-Truth had lost the title to Jinder Mahal before the WWE Superstars headed off to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for WWE Super ShowDown we suggested there was lots of time for Truth to win the title back. We wrote:

Don't be shocked if more videos surface of the wrestlers on their way to Saudi Arabia. With a long flight ahead of them, there is plenty of time for the title to change hands again. Truth is a four-time champion and so far, the title seems to be about making him a comedic star. If there isn't footage from the flight, expect more regarding the championship to go down at the pay-per-view itself.

We were bang on in our prediction because not long after the plane departed, WWE posted another video on social media.

During the plane ride to Jeddah, Truth returned the favor by sneaking up on Mahal, caught him while he was napping and pinned a sleeping Jinder Mahal to regain the 24/7 Championship. The victory was captured by WWE cameras who filmed the entire comedic segment.

Basically, Mahal was aware he needed to watch his back. With that mind, he tried to sneak onto the plane, find a seat and safely make the trip to Saudi Arabia. He didn't realize Truth had been waiting to strike. As soon as Mahal found a seat, Truth searched for the right passenger by lifting blankets off of other sleeping WWE Superstars, found Mahal and had the ref count to 1-2-3.

What This Means

Considering this title has been about R-Truth, our guess is this video marks the final time the title changes hands on the trip to Jeddah. When we last left Truth, he had locked himself in the bathroom with a number of WWE Superstars waiting for him to come out.

If anything, we might see video footage of him trying to escape the plane after it lands.

At the pace R-Truth is going, he might be the winningest champion in WWE history within a month.

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