Ramblin' Rabbit Resurrected & Immediately Re-Murdered During Firefly Funhouse Return

The Firefly Funhouse returned, as promised, during this week's SmackDown and featured the open casket funeral of poor Ramblin' Rabbit.

Bray Wyatt has managed to burrow so deep into the mind of Seth Rollins that their feud continues despite being drafted to different shows. Two weeks ago, Rollins tracked down the Firefly Funhouse and lived up to his own mantra by burning it down. Since then, fans have seen nothing of Wyatt nor the place he now calls home.

This past week on Raw, WWE promised that Wyatt and his Funhouse would return on SmackDown. That promise was kept and it seems as if Wyatt has spent the last two weeks hard at work rebuilding his Funhouse. It looks as if Rollins was never even there. Well, aside from the tiny casket on the table in front of Wyatt with the other Funhouse residents gathered round.

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Well, all but one. The casket belonged to Ramblin' Rabbit who sadly perished in the fire. Spare your tears though as moments later, a kiss from Wyatt brought the puppet back to life. Now start shedding those tears again as literally seconds later, Mercy the Buzzard got his beak on Ramblin' Rabbit and tore him in two, rendering the poor creature dead once more.

At this point, it seems as if Ramblin' Rabbit has taken up a similar role to Kenny from South Park. The poor puppet will probably be maimed every single week only to return seven days later and go through it all again. As for Wyatt's healing kiss, we wonder if that will play a role again in the future. It may just represent Wyatt is the healing half of his persona, and The Fiend is the hurting half as it reads on his gloves.

Unfortunately for Rollins, he'll be meeting the hurting half of Wyatt's personality at Crown Jewel. Chances are The Fiend will be out for blood more than ever before after what the Universal Champion did to the Funhouse a couple of weeks ago. All of that being said, we still can't figure out how the match will end. Apparently, there has to be a winner this time. How WWE reaches that juncture is anyone's guess.

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