Randy Orton Asks Christian For One More Match

Randy Orton has asked Christian to return to the ring for one more match in response to a tweet his old rival posted earlier this week.

The main event of this past Sunday's WWE Battleground pay-per-view pitted thirteen time World Champion Randy Orton against current WWE Champion Jinder Mahal inside a Punjabi Prison. Sadly for The Viper he couldn't quite get the job done thanks to interference from a returning Great Khali, so that fourteenth title reign will have to wait. Orton was a no-show on this week's SmackDown Live also, but that hasn't stopped him from trying to get a future feud booked in.

You probably wouldn't guess who exactly Randy is eyeing up for his next match however. Retired Superstar and former World Champion, Christian. Christian and Orton are well acquainted, and when the multiple time Tag Team Champion hinted at a return to the ring earlier this week Randy pounced on the chance to make it known that he for one would be in full support of it.

Christian found his old wrestling boots this week and posted a picture of them to his Twitter account along with the caption 'Hmmm wonder if these still fit?'. Orton quickly responded to the tweet with 'For F's sake I hope more match?'. Considering Christian's reasons for no longer competing in the ring it's an unlikely scenario, with him replying in turn that he wished he could make a come back.


Orton and Christian famously feuded over WWE's World Heavyweight Championship back in 2011. Despite being a singles star for a while, by that point it was the former tag team wrestler's most notable feud, and also one Randy greatly appreciated too judging by the Twitter back and forth between them. The rivalry brought the best out of both men and it's understandable why The Apex Predator would want to reignite it six years later.


As great as their rivalry was and despite the hinting at it on Twitter, it's extremely unlikely that we will see Christian return to in-ring competition. Although he never officially retired he's commented on having a mutual agreement with WWE due to the amount of concussions he suffered throughout his career. On top of that he has a family now plus a successful career outside of the ring that still keeps him in the business, two things he wouldn't want to jeopardize by returning to in ring competition.

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