Randy Orton Reacts To Cody Rhodes Destroying Fan On Twitter

Cody Rhodes just brutally shut down a fan on Twitter and his old friend Randy Orton was a big fan of what was said.

Cody Rhodes was recently asked by a fan on Twitter whether he believes that Vince McMahon holds back some NXT talents. Rhodes was extremely candid and honest with his reply explaining that the WWE chairman doesn't hold anyone back. He even said that when he himself was there as Stardust it was his own fault that he wasn't pushed any higher than the Tag Team Title picture.


A fan then replied to Rhodes' reply claiming that to say McMahon doesn't hold certain Superstars back is "flat out false." Most would probably ignore that, but Rhodes did not. He pointed out that now he doesn't work with WWE he has nothing to gain from giving an answer like the one he did while pointing out that he worked there and the fan did not.

The tweet went into more detail and Rhodes also used some words that we can't repeat here. One man who was a big fan of the reply is Randy Orton. The Viper quoted the tweet and typed that he can't wait to see Rhodes back in WWE one day. Orton also joked about a Legacy reboot if and when Rhodes does return, the faction that they made up two-thirds of along with Ted Dibiase.

The path of Cody Rhodes since he left WWE has been an extremely interesting and eye-opening one. While a lot of the time, he doesn't appear to be the biggest fan of WWE, he will defend his former employers if he feels the need to. Rhodes was with the company for a long time, so knows about its inner workings and when someone who wasn't there says something that isn't true he will gladly correct them.


While it may be a long way off as of right now, there will likely be a time when Rhodes does return to WWE. It will be very different from his first run with the company though. Since leaving the company, he has proved that he is a main event player capable of winning World Championships. Perhaps he and Orton will clash when he does eventually return if The Apex Predator is still around.

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