Randy Orton Teases A Move To AEW

Randy Orton is one of the longest-tenured WWE superstars, having joined the main roster in 2002, but his future with the company now comes into question.

Back in 2010, Orton signed a 10-year pact with the WWE. With the long-term deal about to expire, it's safe to wonder if the 39-year-old is considering the chance to compete elsewhere.

In fact, it looks like Orton already has his eyes set on a different company.

On his Instagram page, Orton made a giant tease that he could be heading to the rival AEW promotion. Notice what the sign says, and that Orton tagged numerous WWE and AEW superstars in his post:

You'll see that Orton tagged both Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder. The popular tag team reportedly asked to be released earlier this year, and they haven't accepted big five-year contract offers from WWE up to this point. As such, many are speculating that they'll be headed over to AEW.

Luke Harper may not have as much success as Orton and/or The Revival, since they'll be free to leave when their deals expire. Harper requested his release back in April, but WWE hasn't been willing to grant it.

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Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose in WWE) are among the top AEW superstars that used to work in Vince's promotion. You cannot underestimate the abilities of either guy to recruit Orton to AEW.

Orton Has Everyone Guessing

While Moxley made it clear months in advance that he was leaving WWE, Orton has stayed fairly silent on his wrestling future. It's impossible to know what Orton really wants to do, but since he works for AEW's biggest competitive rival, it's certainly interesting that he'd post about them on social media. Only time will really tell if Orton decides to stay in WWE, or if jumps ship and heads to AEW.

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