Randy Orton Reveals His Secret To Success In WWE

Randy Orton was a guest on After the Bell with Corey Graves and talked about his new deal with WWE and what keeps him relevant to this day.

Orton recently re-signed an extension with WWE after teasing an exit to AEW, but in discussing his new deal, he admitted he never really saw himself leaving WWE. He also discussed what keeps him relevant to this day, likely a reason WWE wanted to keep him on their roster.

Outside of being one of the most popular Superstars in the company, he believes he has a trait that separates him from everyone else. He called it “the little things.”

Orton said he believes his future in WWE is helping the new blood like Ricochet get noticed and to do that, he wants to pass on how he’s approached his matches and the business of professional wrestling, saying that the little things are the things that people notice. Graves agreed and said it’s amazing how he’s been able to capture the fan base with his unique approach.

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Orton said he’s not a fan of booking 10 spots in advance because he may not use them and he wants to leave room open to adding things in the ring as they present themselves. That could include flipping a look to the announce table, selling an injury, or slowing things down. Orton credits guys like Triple H, Ric Flair and John Cena with teaching him so much and named Shawn Michaels as a guy who didn’t like him much over the first five years of his career but came to reay help him later on.

Orton Has A Lot Left To Offer

Some fans will say Orton isn’t as relevant as he once was but the key to building the future of the business is having guys on the roster that can teach the little things Orton speaks about to up-and-comers. He needs to be the new voice of advice like so many others were before him.

His recent war of words with Tony Khan aside, he's a WWE star many new guys should aspire to emulate. He's got all the intangibles a wrestler could want.

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