Randy Orton Calls Out The Rock Ahead Of SmackDown On FOX

Superstars will be queuing up for a chance at being in the ring with The Rock tonight, and Randy Orton might well be at the front of that queue.

Today's the day! The day SmackDown finally moves to Friday nights on FOX. Tonight's show has all the ingredients to be the biggest WWE show of the year, and maybe even the most significant SmackDown of all time. A WWE Championship match, either Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens will be fired, and a whole host of legends and HOFers will be making cameos.

Perhaps the biggest coup of all for tonight's show has been The Rock. Despite making his name in WWE and still loving the business, Rock's busy schedule means he rarely returns to the company. Earlier this year, he even revealed that he had retired from in-ring competition. That being said, while he's in the building at SmackDown, we're guessing a number of people will try to talk him into having one more match.

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Randy Orton will be one of them and has decided to try and get ahead of the curve. On Thursday evening, The Viper threw down the gauntlet on Twitter. "How about you & I have a discussion about who’s the greatest 3rd generation of all time and we answer that question April 5th in Tampa At Wrestlemania 36," Orton wrote.

When it comes to third-generation stars, it's hard to think of any who have achieved more in wrestling than Rock and Orton. Plus, the two of them have never gone one-on-one. They shared a ring during a battle royal in 2003 and clashed in a 3-on-2 handicap match at WrestleMania XX, but up until now, Rock versus Orton in a singles match has never happened.

There are obviously a few roadblocks Orton will need to overcome for this match to happen. Most notably, Rock's retirement. There's also the rumor that tonight will be the start of a rivalry between Rock and Roman Reigns which will culminate at WrestleMania 36. If The Great One is coming back for one more match in Tampa next year, chances are it will be against Reigns, not Orton.

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