Randy Savage Almost Knocked Out Popular Punk Band's Frontman In WCW

During his heyday, "Macho Man" Randy Savage was quite a character. Of course he passed away in 2011 at the age of 58 due to cardiovascular disease, which led to him suffering a heart attack while driving with his wife Barbara Payne in Florida.

During a recent interview with Michael Hodge of Faygoluvers, former Misfits head Michale Graves talked about an incident between the band and Savage while they worked with WCW in the late 1990's, according to

The incident had to do with the fact that guitarist Doyle Wolfgang ended up marrying Savage's ex-girlfriend Gorgeous George, whose real name is Stephanie Bellars. Unfortunately they ended up getting a divorce in 2013.


"Yeah, yes. It was terrible. There was a time at one point, when me and Matt, the two smallest guys on the MISFITS/GWAR tour, got cornered backstage by Randy Macho Man Savage. A very angry, drunk, Macho Man Randy Savage."

Bellars worked as Savage's manager in 1999 when her career started off. She has been in and out of the wrestling industry since 2003 and last made an appearance in 2011 for National Wrestling Superstars.

Savage's relationship with Bellars lasted less than a year, and they broke up and she left WCW in 2000. I wonder if she broke up with him in order to date Wolfgang. That would explain his rage.

Photo of Macho Man Randy Savage via The Comeback.

Graves was asked how he dealt with a crazy Savage.

"I just stayed calm. I called him Mr. Man. I swear to god. I said Mr. Man, listen… and I just hoped for the best.

"[Savage] had every right to be pissed off the way that he was. And every right to be as scary as he was. And if he wanted to, he coulda choked the sh-- outta me. He was just awesome you know. He was an intense guy! 'Stay calm son,' is all I could think to myself."

As crazy as Savage was inside of a wrestling ring when the lights came on, I can imagine that he wasn't putting up much of an act and that's who he really was.

It's truly a shame that a wrestling great like Savage had to pass away at such a young age. He apparently wasn't aware of his heart problems, which ended up taking his life.



Savage had just married his wife in 2010, before passing away the next year.

Many people only know Savage as a Hall of Fame wrestler, but he was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals right out of high school as a catcher, but mostly played in the outfield while in the minor leagues. He also played in the Cincinnati Reds' and Chicago White Sox's farm systems. His final season as a baseball player was in 1974 with the Tampa Tarpons.

Unfortunately, Savage never developed into a major league caliber player while posting .254 batting average with 16 home runs and 66 RBIs in 289 games.

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