Macho Man Randy Savage's Favorite And Least Favorite Opponents Revealed

Bruce Prichard reveals some of the Superstars Randy Savage loved to work with in WWE, and others that he didn't take to so much.

Bruce Prichard's Something To Wrestle With podcast has become somewhat of a phenomenon as of late. Each week, Prichard and his co-host Conrad Thompson sit down and discuss a certain time in WWE's history. The only qualifier is that Prichard had to have been with the company at the time of course so that he actually has stories to tell.

The podcast has only been on the airwaves for a little over a year, and the pair already covered so many topics. From certain wrestlers to specific pay-per-views that Bruce was back stage for. Nothing is off limits either which is what makes it so unique. You're bound to hear a story you've never heard before with each new episode.


This past week the topic of conversation was the "Macho Man" Randy Savage. The show lasted an incredible four hours and ten minutes, during which they covered just about everything you could possibly want to know about the Macho Man. One particular area of interest was who Savage did and didn't like to work with. Unsurprisingly, Ricky Steamboat was a favored performer of Randy's along with Ted Dibiase and Tito Santana. On the flip side, however, Savage and Andre The Giant didn't particularly like working together.

It's unsurprising that Macho Man loved to work with Steamboat and Dibiase considering that those are two opponents that spring to mind when you think of Savage's career. There was the iconic Intercontinental Championship match between Savage and Steamboat at WrestleMania III, then the final of the WWE Championship tournament at WrestleMania IV which saw Randy defeat The Million Dollar Man.


If you think you know everything there is to know about the Macho Man, think again. Prichard was extremely close to Savage while the two of them were both under the WWE's employment and that is reflected in the stories he tells during the latest episode of Something To Wrestle With. Who Randy did and didn't like to work with really is just the tip of the iceberg, and everything from his feud with Hogan to his departure from WWE is covered in depth.

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Macho Man Randy Savage's Favorite And Least Favorite Opponents Revealed