5 Wrestlers That Macho Man Randy Savage Had Beef With (& 5 That He Loved)

The career of Randy Savage featured a hit list of memorable matches, promos and memories for the wrestling industry. Savage created a legacy that made him among the most important wrestlers in history. The stints of Savage in WWE, WCW and beyond all provided additions to the highly respected resume in his prime. Savage knew how to entertain the audience and is still a beloved figure in wrestling years after passing.

We will look at the behind the scenes relationships between Savage and others. The wrestlers to get along with Savage earned a friend that he wanted to deliver good work with. There were also the negative stories of Savage clashing with a few wrestlers for his own personal reasons. Find out just what went into Savage’s career off-screen. These are five wrestlers that Randy Savage had beef with along with five that he loved.

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10 Had beef with: Triple H

Most fans have no memory of Triple H and Randy Savage working together given their respective career timelines. However, Triple H was part of the WCW roster as Terra Ryzing when Savage joined the company. The dream of working for WWE saw Triple H jump ship.

Ric Flair claimed Savage was upset about that and wanted the booking to squash Triple H before his time in WCW ended. The viewpoint of Flair was different that the company should never try to hurt a young star leaving for a better opportunity. Savage just didn’t have much love for a young Triple H.

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9 Loved: Sid Vicious

A friendship between Randy Savage and Sid Vicious formed in 1999 when WCW started to spiral out of control. One of their quick fixes was to bring back Savage with a new look as the leader of his Team Madness faction with valets Madusa, Gorgeous George and Molly Holly.

Sid was the one wrestler to join Savage as his muscle. The pairing allowed Savage to have his final main event run in wrestling with a few more WCW Championship reigns. Sid and Savage developed a friendship and enjoyed working together at the top of the card.

8 Had beef with: Bill Dundee

Bill Dundee is not a name most modern fans will recognize, but he had huge beef with Randy Savage in the 70s. ICW was a show run by Savage’s family that often got into drama with other promotions. Savage and a few other ICW wrestlers invaded a Memphis show promoted by Jerry Jarrett.

Top star Dundee took exception this and challenged them to a fight. Savage and Dundee met in the parking lot to get out their frustrations on each other. Dundee reportedly had a gun that Savage wrestled away from him as he easily on the fight. A broken jaw kept Dundee out of action for over a month.

7 Loved: Bret Hart

The respect for Bret Hart was gained by Randy Savage during their time together in WCW. Both men rarely ever worked against each other in the same matches since Savage was a main eventer while Hart was still in the process of making his name.

Hart had strong praise for Savage in his book discussing how Macho Man offered advice and wisdom to him. The help was needed as Bret became one of the first self-made main eventers winning over the fans before management made him a world champion.

6 Had beef with: Lex Luger

The relationship between Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth created one of the best romantic pairings in WWE history. Elizabeth perfectly added to the character of Savage as the soft-spoken person that was the only one that could counter his intensity.

The two ended up working together in WCW after their real-life divorce ended the relationship. Elizabeth entered a romance with Lex Luger that many other wrestlers viewed as toxic. Savage and Luger were said to have an awkward relationship afterwards rarely interacting but keeping things professional.

5 Loved: Dennis Rodman

An unusual person in WCW that Randy Savage enjoyed quite much was Dennis Rodman. The friendship between Hulk Hogan and Rodman led to the controversial basketball superstar appearing for WCW. Rodman gave them extra media coverage as part of the iconic Chicago Bulls led by Michael Jordan.

Savage was the only WCW wrestler to enter a singles feud with Rodman. The prior tag matches gave him an easier introduction, but his Savage match left little room for error. Eric Bischoff revealed on his podcast that Savage loved Rodman and was ecstatic about working a program together.

4 Had beef with: Hulk Hogan

The relationship between Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage featured many ups and downs throughout the years. Both legends went back and forth between being best friends and hating each other’s guts. Savage went public with his disdain for Hogan in the 2000s after WCW ended.

A rap album featured Savage releasing a diss song of all things blasting Hogan with the title “Be A Man, Hulk.” Fans of Savage loved hearing him rip apart Hogan for various shady things that happened between them. Hogan claimed the two made peace when running into each other shortly before Savage passed away.

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3 Loved: Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash became a likable figure backstage among the fellow main eventers due to his charming personality. Eric Bischoff revealed that Randy Savage had a lot of fun in the nWo Wolfpac faction getting to work and hang out with Nash.

The two wrestlers worked a longer program together in 1999 when Nash was the booker. It was no coincidence that he tried to take care of Savage by adding him to a world title feud. Savage had a great relationship with Nash as they became friends in WCW.

2 Had beef with: Vince McMahon

WWE transitioning Randy Savage into a commentator was due to Vince McMahon believing he was too old to wrestle. Savage still felt he had gas left in the tank and was a huge draw for the company as they struggled immensely after losing Hulk Hogan.

McMahon refused to let him compete and the two ended their relationship in ugly fashion. Savage went to WCW where he spent another six years as a wrestler. McMahon reportedly told writers that Savage was the one name banned from returning to the company due to how personal things were at the end.

1 Loved: Diamond Dallas Page

The rise of Diamond Dallas Page in WCW was never meant to happen as the company expected him to remain in the mid-card for his entire career. Page started to grow a fan base after getting over the Diamond Cutter finisher and turning down an invite to join the New World Order.

Randy Savage entered a feud with DDP that changed the latter’s career forever. Page did a great job in his first real chance competing against an established main event talent. Savage made DDP look like a million bucks which was easy given their instant chemistry. Page became a credible rising main eventer after Savage went out of his way to help him.

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