Randy Savage’s 10 Lamest Rivalries, Ranked

Randy Savage is an iconic figure in wrestling still fondly remembered for all his great work. The runs of Savage in WWE and WCW made him a household name to wrestling fans that fell in love with his art. Fans typically forget that Savage dealt with quite a few disappointing feuds since his good moments outweigh them. However, there are a few rivalries that just wasted Savage’s time.

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We will look back at the worst feuds of his career that failed to leave a positive impact. Each scenario in play here consists of an angle that either had no chance to succeed or just failed to hit the mark in the way everyone expected. Find out just which wrestlers had weak chemistry with Savage. These are the top lamest rivalries of Randy Savage’s career officially ranked.

10 Hulk Hogan (WCW)

The WWE feud between Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan was outstanding, but they could not find the same magic in WCW. Both men made the jump around the same time since WCW was hoping to create new interest by signing familiar faces to huge contracts.

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The tension between Hogan and Savage was at its highest when both men were members of the New World Order. Hogan would cheat his way into a title shot ending Savage’s 1998 WCW Championship reign after one day. Their matches were tough to watch since both men were older.

9 George "The Animal" Steele

A polarizing feud of the 1980s featured George "The Animal" Steele rivalry with Randy Savage. Steele's peculiar gimmick had him biting turnbuckles, showing off a green tongue and having a generally harmless crush on Miss Elizabeth.

Savage’s jealousy as a heel made Steele one of his main targets. The character work of Steele was strong, but he rarely delivered impressive matches. Savage struggled to get much out of Steele leading to a disappointing feud that wasted some of Macho Man’s prime years.

8 Dennis Rodman

One of the final major storylines of Randy Savage’s career came towards the end of WCW. NBA superstar Dennis Rodman wanted to return to the ring, but he needed a new angle since the New World Order group was no longer around.

Savage entered a horrible feud with Rodman. Some of the lower moments of the angle included Rodman abducting Savage’s girlfriend and making out with her. The match was an essential squash with Savage easily picking up the win.

7 Honky Tonk Man

A forgotten feud from Randy Savage’s WWE time came against the Honky Tonk Man. Fans hated Honky Tonk Man for his obnoxious heel character cutting promos in song form before finding the cheapest ways to retain the Intercontinental Championship.

Savage became the new challenger to Honky Tonk Man attempting to take back the Intercontinental Championship. The end of the feud saw the Hart Foundation tag team and Jimmy Hart save Honky Tonk Man’s title reign via DQ as Savage could not make much of it work.

6 Jeff Jarrett

Randy Savage working for TNA was a surprising addition in the company's early days. The trio of Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall looked to gain control of TNA with faces AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy stepping up against them.

Savage joined TNA for one match teaming with Styles and Hardy to defeat Jarrett, Hall, and Nash. Jarrett was the main target of Savage, but the lack of direction made it impossible to understand Macho Man’s true motive. Savage never returned to TNA following the one-off match.

5 Bret Hart

A heel turn from Bret Hart in WCW saw him join Hulk Hogan in nWo Hollywood by costing Randy Savage a match that won Hogan the WCW Championship. Savage joined Kevin Nash’s new version of the nWo titled the Wolfpac.

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The feud between Hart and Savage was one of the main nWo rivalries. Unfortunately, neither man was still at the top of their game as Savage was a bit older and Hart lacked the same presentation he had in WWE. All of their matches together in WCW were forgettable as the timing was off.

4 The Twin Towers

The tag team run of Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage in WWE saw them forming the Mega Powers. Fans loved the idea of a dream team between the two most popular wrestlers on the roster. WWE struggled to find opponents for the duo and placed them in a feud with The Twin Towers.

The duo of the Big Boss Man and Akeem would see Hogan and Savage having to deal with two of the bigger heels on the roster. Unfortunately, the matches were slow and rarely ever provided any standout moments.

3 Lex Luger

Randy Savage joining the New World Order made him the second most important singles wrestler behind Hulk Hogan when Kevin Nash and Scott Hall primarily wrestled in tag team action. Lex Luger emerged as one of the leaders for WCW entering a long feud with Savage.

The wins were traded back and forth, but fans rarely cared for the second-tier angle since the WCW Championship was never involved. Savage and Luger had lackluster matches that never got over the way the company wanted. Luger’s lack of in-ring skills and Savage’s age each played a role in the weak rivalry.

2 Crush

The final storyline for Randy Savage in WWE came in a rivalry against Crush. WWE was hoping to make Crush in a bigger star and one of their future's top heels. Savage entered a feud with Crush that played out heading into a Falls Count Anywhere match at WrestleMania 10.

Despite Savage's star power, the interest just not there for the Crush face-offs. Their WrestleMania match had some fun moments even if there was no real importance behind it. Savage scored the win before getting phased out which inspired his jump to WCW.

1 Kevin Nash

The character revamp of Randy Savage in 1999 saw him form the Team Madness faction with three ladies of Madusa, Molly Holly and Gorgeous George at his side along with Sid Vicious as his bodyguard. Savage sported a new look as he entered a rivalry with Kevin Nash.

The angle created horrible television for WCW as ratings fell apart. Nash attempted to abduct Savage’s girlfriend, Savage slapped Torrie Wilson for helping Nash, Savage put lipstick on Nash and many more awful segments occurred. The WCW Championship changed hands back and forth in a feud that helped cause the demise of WCW.

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