Ranking All 18 TNA Knockouts Champions From Worst To Best

The Knockouts Championship has changed hands 17 times over the past decade. Here is a ranking of all the women who have held the title.

Every wrestling promotion has a females division. Much like WWE had Divas, TNA has their Knockouts who are widely considered to be some of the best wrestlers in the world.

Over the past few years, many wrestling fans have claimed that the Women's Division in TNA is much better than the one that was grabbing all the headlines in WWE. This could have been one of the main reasons why WWE decided to invest more time in their women as well since they have undoubtedly the best women's division once again.

There once was a time when the TNA Knockouts Championship was one of the most prestigious titles in the company. When Gail Kim became the inaugural Champion in 2007 she was considered to have been the best choice and one of the best female wrestlers in the world at that time.

Since then the Knockouts Championship has changed hands 17 times over the past decade and here are all the women who have won the title ranked from the worst to the best.

18 Sienna


Sienna didn't make her TNA debut until Knockout's Knockdown back in 2016 when she shockingly managed to defeat six-time Knockouts Champion Gail Kim in her very first match., even though it was via count-out.

In her past year in TNA, Sienna has cost Velvet Sky her job, when she defeated her with her career on the line and she has also managed to capture the Knockout's Championship. It felt very rushed with Sienna's storyline and the only reason she won the title is because Marti Bell returned and attacked Jade. She wasn't able to hold onto the title for very long either since she lost it to Allie a few months later at Turning Point in a Five-Way Knockouts match. More recently she attempted to reclaim the title, but current champion Rosemary is much harder to defeat than she was.

17 Maria


Maria has become a completely different person in the years that have followed her WWE departure. After taking over Ring of Honor, she and her husband Mike Bennett decided to take over TNA as well. Maria became the leader of the Women's Division on Impact and obviously found a way to become Knockout's Champion.

Maria became commissioner for the Knockouts and forced the champion at the time, Allie to lie down and let her get the pin. Allie did and it seemed to diminish the Knockouts title somewhat. Maria's title reign only lasted 50 days though since she managed to anger Gail Kim, who defeated her at Bound For Glory last year to ensure that she was no longer the lead woman in the Knockout's Division. While Maria's in-ring work has improved, the way she has been booked by TNA has been horrible to watch.

16 Rosemary


The current Knockout's Champion managed to come through a Six Sides of Steel match to win her first Knockout's Championship, but it wouldn't have happened if Gail Kim didn't injure herself and vacate the title. Rosemary is best known as a valet and even though she is a talented wrestler, she doesn't wrestle all the time.

She has one of the best female gimmicks, though, which to her credit she plays very well. But the fact that she only managed to win a few matches before she became Knockout's Champion once again proves that TNA are not booking their show as well as they should be, especially when it comes to the Knockouts. Rosemary is also very good on the mic, which is one thing she has over all the other women on the roster, but it's not enough to push her higher in the list.

15 Allie



Allie is another female wrestler who hasn't been in TNA for very long. She established herself as a heel when she made her proper debut and aligned herself with Maria. Becoming Maria's apprentice would not only help her but also hinder her much later.

She was put in a Fatal Five-Way match for the Knockout's Championship at Turning Point and it was thought that Allie was just there to make up the numbers, but after Marti Bell knocked her out and she landed and pinned Madison Rayne, it was announced that she was the new champion. A week later Maria forced her to lie down and take the pin so that she could then become champion. Her reign lasted just six days and she hasn't been in a position where she could win the title ever since.

14 Jade



Arguably one of the best Knockout Champions over the past few years, Jade got her start in TNA as part of The Dollhouse along with Taryn Terrell and Marti Bell. The trio worked together quite well and allowed Taryn to have a much lengthier title reign than she would have alone.

It was only when The Dollhouse broke up and Jade finally went solo that fans were able to see the talent that she had. She won the Knockout's Championship after defeating Gail Kim and Madison Rayne in a Triple Threat match before later in the night running the gauntlet and becoming the true Queen of the Knockouts. Jade held on to the title much longer than many thought she would and only lost to Sienna because of interference. She made the Knockouts watchable again, which is a credit to her.

13 Taylor Wilde



Taylor always seemed underutilized in TNA, not only is she a former Knockout's Champion but she is also a former Knockout's Tag Team Champion. Whilst Taylor was always gifted when it came to her in-ring skills, she did leave a lot to be desired when it came to her promo ability.

Take nothing away from Taylor, she worked hard for the titles she won and she always looked like she improved every time she stepped in the ring but compared to many of the other women on this list, she was always going to miss out on the top ten. With more promo training and a little more personality, Taylor could well have done much more during her time in TNA.

12 Taryn Terrell


Taryn Terrell was considered to be the leader of The Dollhouse and it was only because of interference from Marti and Jade that Taryn managed to keep the title for as long as she did. She wasn't a great shampion, she wasn't a great wrestler or talker, she was just good looking and it seemed that was enough to give her a title.

It took Taryn many opportunities to win the championship and she only managed it when she was part of a Triple Threat match against Gail Kim and Havok. Taryn is the longest reigning Knockouts Champion in history after managing to break Gail Kim's record during her early days as Champion, before The Dollhouse. Awesome Kong and Taryn had a lengthy decent feud before The Dollhouse came to her rescue.

11 Havok



Havok was perhaps the only woman in TNA history who could match Awesome Kong pound for pound and TNA unveiled her in the best possible way, by having her attack most of her competition before they even knew who she was.

This sent the right message, but when she finally won the Knockout's title instead of allowing her to be undefeated for a while and make her into a monster, Havok only had three title defenses before she lost the title in a Triple Threat match that also involved Taryn Terrell and Gail Kim. Taryn took her title and then eliminated her from the Battle Royal the following night. She was unable to go after Taryn again since Kong made her return and stopped her in her tracks. Kong defeated Havok in a Steel Cage match a few weeks later to end their rivalry and apparently her TNA career, since he announced that she had left the company not long after.

10 Brooke Tessmacher


Brooke Tessmacher has definitely changed a lot since her time with WWE and Extreme Expose. She made the switch over to TNA where it seems she was taken much more seriously. She is a former TNA Knockout's Champion and TNA Knockout's Tag Team Champion from her time teaming with fellow former WWE star Tara as TnT.

Brooke proved how much WWE dropped the ball with her when she wrestled in TNA and became a three-time champion. She was also part of some of the biggest feuds in the Women's Division during her time there and even though she briefly left the company to give birth to her son, she recently returned and stepped back into a feud with Maria and Sienna after both women attacked her on the same night a few weeks ago.

9 Velvet Sky


Velvet Sky is perhaps one of the most talented women that TNA have ever acquired. She is also attractive which also adds to the reason why WWE have wanted to sign her for the past few years. Velvet was part of The Beautiful People along with Angelina Love and Madison Rayne for many years. It was during this time that she became Knockout's Tag Team Champion.

She had a run with TNA that lasted almost a decade and saw her become a two-time Knockout's Champion. She has been in some deeply personal feuds with the likes of Mickie James and Winter as well as briefly in a relationship with Chris Sabin. She was a firm fan favorite throughout her career but decided to leave the company back in 2016.

8 Winter


Winter came to TNA following a brief stint in WWE where she was known as Katie Lea Burchill. She quickly became a TNA Knockout's Tag Team Champion after she was aligned with Angelina Love before going into a feud with Velvet Sky because of her alliance with Velvet's friend Angelina.

In the end, it was her alliance with Angelina that also helped her win the Knockout's Championship as well since Love became involved in her match with Mickie James. This also made her the first ever British Knockout's Champion. She lost the title in a Fatal Four-Way match a few months later and left the company not long after. She proved that her time in WWE was nothing more than a smudge on her character, by having some incredible matches in TNA.

7 Awesome Kong


Despite not having the 'look' that many wrestling fans expect their female Superstars, TNA has done a good job of making sure that Awesome Kong always look authentic and became one of the most dominant female forces that the company had ever seen.

If her short and rather embarrassing run in WWE is forgotten, Kong has had a great wrestling career. Even though TNA dropped the ball with her during ODB's Knockout's title reign back in 2009, she was still given a lot of opportunities and when she left TNA back in 2010 she was a two-time Knockouts Champion. She did return to the company briefly in 2015 but was released from the company after an altercation with Reby Hardy during TNA's UK tour the following year.

6 Madison Rayne


Any wrestling fan who is asked to name a TNA Knockout will probably say Madison Rayne or Angelina Love or even Velvet Sky because all three were part of The Beautiful People, a team that took over TNA and helped Madison rise to fame. Over the past eight years, she has managed to become a TNA Knockout's Champion five times and a Tag Team Knockout's Champion as well. She was also the first person to hold both titles simultaneously.

Madison is far from a fan favorite, but she has become one of the biggest stars in TNA throughout her career. Her matches were always solid and she always played her character to perfection. Madison has helped the Knockout's Division as much as Kim has over the past few years and her accomplishments pretty much speak for themselves.

5 Angelina Love



There aren't many TNA fans who would put Angelina Love inside their top ten when it comes to the best Knockout's Champions, but here I am putting her in my top five, mostly because of the things she has done for the TNA Women's Division over the past few years.

She is a record tying (along with Gail Kim) six-time Knockout's Champion and one of the faces of Impact's Knockout's Division. Her time with The Beautiful People established her heel character and proved that she is a great character wrestler. She recently left TNA to give birth to her first child with her both on-screen and off-screen husband Davey Richards, before making her return and stepping right back into the action a few weeks ago on the Impact recordings.

4 Tara


As Victoria she didn't have a lot of luck in WWE, given that she was always overshadowed by Trish Stratus or Lita, but she is a former WWE Women's Champion. She proved that she was a technically gifted wrestler during her time with the biggest wrestling promotion in the world and that gave her something to work with when she made the switch to TNA.

As Tara, she managed to win the Knockouts Championship in TNA and even feuded with former WWE rival Mickie James after she joined the brand. Tara was the perfect heel when it came to helping any babyface build on their character and was one of the backbones of the company for a very long time until her release. The current Knockouts Division are missing someone like Tara.



ODB was unique. She was the kind of female who made no apologies for not acting or even looking like a female should. She was a beer drinking, monster truck driving Superstar and she rode that wave all the way to the TNA Knockout's Championship.

She was never going to be the greatest female wrestler of all time, but her addition to the roster gave a lot of other females hope. After training in OVW, she answered the call from TNA rather than wait for WWE and it is thought that she made the right decision. WWE wouldn't know what to do with someone like ODB. At least TNA gave her a fair chance and proved that she did have a lot of talent despite the fact that she didn't look or act like your typical female wrestler.

2 Mickie James


There is a reason WWE decided to resign Mickie James earlier this year. She is one of the best female wrestlers that WWE has ever had and she is the only female wrestler to have held the Women's, Divas ,and Knockouts Championships.

Mickie has proved herself in both top wrestling companies and has always risen to the top. While there was a lot of speculation regarding her release from WWE, she is still considered to be one of the best wrestlers on the circuit. Mickie is incredible in the ring and can deliver promos on the mic as well. She proved that she can work as a credible face and heel and has managed to do both successfully in both companies. She has recently signed a three-year deal with WWE, so hopefully, the company is much more creative with her this time around.

1 Gail Kim



Gail Kim is a former WWE Women's Champion and made the switch over to TNA after it was reported that she didn't agree with the direction that WWE's Women's Division was going. She is credited as being the women who made the Knockout's Division as popular and successful as it was a few years ago. Gail has feuded with the likes of Tara, Velvet Sky, Brooke Tessmacher, and ODB over the past few years and has been part of TNA's best female matches over the past decade.

She is a record setting six-time Knockout's Champion and is widely considered to be the best female wrestler in the world. Gail became the first ever female inductee in the TNA Hall of Fame back in 2016 and after taking some time away from TNA she returned in January 2017. Shecould well be going after her seventh Knockouts title.

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