Ranking All Of WWE's Current Commentators From Worst To Best

Commentary is an essential part of any wrestling product, with the announcers painting the picture, adding emotion and backstory while being informative and continuing the storylines.

Throughout its lengthy run, the WWE has had some of the most iconic commentators in wrestling history. Producing iconic calls that have helped make great moments unforgettable. Although in the same token, bad commentary has caused some moments that fans would rather forget.

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With three weekly shows right now, WWE has a vast array of commentators, with some being better than others and within this article, we will rank WWE's current crop of commentators from worst to best.

10 Renee Young

While she might be on the bottom of this list, that doesn't necessarily mean Renee Young is a bad commentator, it is just that she is incredibly new to the role and learning live on a three-hour live episode of Monday Night Raw isn't the easiest environment to do so.

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Young brought an infectious energy to the commentary booth and she was making huge strides until the recent commentary changes which have seen her move to the SmackDown brand where she will occasionally be used.

Instead, Young will now focus on her role hosting the new WWE Backstage show, which is something she does better than anybody in the company, although keeping her on commentary as well wouldn't be a bad thing.

9 Jerry Lawler

Jerry 'The King' Lawler might be a WWE Hall Of Famer, but that doesn't mean that fans have any interest in hearing from him nowadays as the things that made him stand out during the Attitude Era he can no longer do.

Lawler became well known for making slightly inappropriate comments, but in today's PG era that isn't something that he can get away with anymore, which takes away the biggest strength that he had, as they suited the time period.

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When he was younger Lawler had much more energy, especially as a heel commentator working with JR. But now all fans are treated to is occasional high pitched screams and Lawler not always following along with the product.

8 Beth Phoenix

Much like Renee Young, the WWE Hall Of Famer was thrown in to the commentary booth without much training or experience with the hope that things would work, and while Beth Phoenix had quite a rough start, she has started to really find her feet behind the announce desk.

Phoenix seems to get better at her new role every single week on commentary, and she has really come alive since NXT was placed onto the USA Network, bringing fantastic energy to the table each week.

Because she has only recently retired, Phoenix clearly still has that wrestlers impulse and she offers is excellently, always doing her research and bringing plenty of backstory about the wrestlers to help flesh out their characters which helps.

7 Dio Maddin

The former NFL star is a recent addition to WWE's commentary team and so far, Dio Maddin has done an incredible job at the announce booth whether it be on 205 Live, or more recently, Monday Night Raw.

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The fact that Vince McMahon wasted little time in promoting him to WWE's flagship show was a clear sign that the WWE Chairman believes in him, and it is clear to see why as he brings tons of energy to each show.

Knowledgable, and confident in everything he has to say, so far having Maddin on the show has been like a breath of fresh air, and as he continues to gain experience he is only going to get better.

6 Corey Graves

At one point in time, Corey Graves would have ranked much higher on this list, especially during his run on NXT where he was just starting as an announcer, but WWE pushed him so much that fans began to become tired of him.

Thankfully, WWE has stopped him from being on every show now and restricted him to just SmackDown, which should make him feel fresh again, with Graves bringing his opinionated personality to the blue brand on a weekly basis.

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While he can go too far at times with his opinions, turning the commentary booth into an argument, most of the time he is a fantastic commentator, who is set for a lengthy career at the booth.

5 Michael Cole

Michael Cole often gets a lot of criticism from people because he is such a company guy, having been with WWE for over a decade now in a variety of roles, he has now worked himself to the point where he is in charge of WWE's entire broadcast operation.

However, despite Cole being a constant on WWE television for such a long period of time, he has always been consistent with his work and remained professional, doing a job that so many have struggled with.

Cole is fantastic at piecing together the storylines and calling the action, and if you can forget the horrendous heel run that saw him end up wrestling, he has been one of the best commentators of all time.

4 Vic Joseph

Vic Joseph has been WWE's best-kept secret for quite some time now on 205 Live, where he did an incredible job calling the fast-paced action, and due to the recent shakeup of commentators, the world is getting to see exactly how good he is.

Joseph is an amazing lead announcer who carries the shows with class, knowing exactly when to turn up the volume and when to keep things calm and steady to tell the stories in the best way possible.

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Now that he is finally getting the chance to perform at the highest level possible Joseph is only going to continue growing as a performer, where he will certainly be a hit with fans.

3 Mauro Ranallo

If you follow any sort of combat sports, whether that be MMA, boxing, or professional wrestling then you will know the iconic and recognisable voice of Mauro Ranallo, and as soon as you hear him you know you're ready for plenty of excitement.

Ranallo does divide a lot of fans, with many finding his passion, energy, and pop culture references to be incredible, while there is another section of fans who deem it to be annoying and too much.

However, whatever side of the coin you land on in that argument, it cannot be denied that Mauro cares about his work and about NXT, with Ranallo leaving everything he has at the commentary booth, always trying to leave the show better than where he found it.

2 Tom Phillips

During the recent commentary shake-up, Tom Phillips certainly got the worst deal, being taken off SmackDown duties and placed as the lead announcer for NXT UK, which might be a boost for the UK brand, but is a shame for Phillips.

While there is nothing wrong with NXT UK, it would just be smarter for WWE to use him on one of their main shows as he is an incredibly talented announcer who does a great job at leading the shows.

Phillips will do a fantastic job for NXT UK, with his calm nature telling the stories, while he certainly knows when to ramp it up for major moments to make them seem like a big deal.

1 Nigel McGuinness

When it comes to WWE's current roster of commentators, there is no doubt that Nigel McGuinness is the very best with the Englishman being a crucial part of NXT's current success.

McGuinness has everything that you could ask for in a commentator, from incredible analysis, to play by play, and his superb storytelling, the former wrestler really has offered a lot to the company.

The fact that McGuinness was such a highly respected wrestler has helped him, and his knowledge of in-ring holds and the wrestler's history really is second to none, always bringing great energy that makes everything seem important, WWE has found a great commentator here.

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