Ranking Every Awful Celebrity Appearance In TNA

Celebrities in professional wrestling go way back. One of the earlier memorable celebrity appearances in wrestling included Muhammad Ali being on the receiving end of an Airplane Spin from Gorilla Monsoon. Muhammad Ali was also involved in a match against Antonio Inoki. The match suffered as both parties couldn't agree to rules for the match. Celebrities were also involved in promotions other than the WWE. The greatest rebounder ever Dennis Rodman was a member of the nWo. He wrestled three matches for the promotion including a tag match where he and Hulk Hogan defeated the team of Karl Malone and Diamond Dallas Page. But talking about the negative is the more "popular" and "cool" thing to do, and TNA epitomizes negative. From it's inception in 2002 up until now, TNA has tried their best to include celebrities in their product. Like many other wrestling promotions, they fail to use them correctly. Sometimes they get the better part of wrestlers a.k.a the people who are there every week. Sometimes they make the mistake of having people who have never wrestled wrestle.

Here is a list of all the awful celebrity appearance in TNA.

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17 Billy Corgan

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Billy Corgan is the most recent celebrity addition to TNA and he's already gone. He was a part of a band known as The Smashing Pumpkins. In TNA, he began in a creative and writing role. In August of this year, he was named TNA President. He created the Impact Grand Championship during his short tenure. Corgan was involved in a series of lawsuits where he tried to gain control of the company. He claimed that talent including himself were not paid on time which isn't hard to believe. He lost the lawsuit and he was officially gone from TNA. Corgan honestly could have been TNA's last chance, their last hope of having a company but much like TNA very soon, they are blown up in smoke.

16 A.J Pierzynski 

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A.J Pierzynski is a Major League Baseball player. He is a former two-time All-Star and former World Series Champion (that's right, a real world champion appeared in TNA). He made several appearances with TNA. The first came in 2005 when he presented AJ Styles, Chris Sabin, and Sonjay Dutt with World Series memorabilia. He then managed Dale Torborg (the former Kiss Demon), Chris Sabin, and Sonjay Dutt to victory against Diamonds in the Rough. He then feuded with Lance Hoyt (prior to him becoming Vance Archer in WWE). He once again managed Dale Torborg in his match against Hoyt at Against All Odds 2007. The match was won by Hoyt and this was Pierzynski's last TNA appearance (the baseball diamond is clearly best suited for Pierzynski).

15 Shaquille O'Neal

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Shaquille O'Neal is a superstar in America. He is the most dominant NBA player ever, and arguably a top five player in the history of the game. Prior to 2013, he made an appearance in WWE as the guest General Manager. He attacked and took out The Big Show because what else would you do with Shaquille O'Neal? (In fact, these two could end up having a match at WrestleMania) Shaq also made an appearance in TNA in 2013. The company was being held hostage by Aces & Eights and Shaq appeared in a backstage segment with Hulk Hogan. Shaq told Hogan that he had his back in dealing with Aces & Eights. Although this seems rather harmless, it never led to anything. In fact, he never appeared in TNA again.

14 Toby Keith 

Toby Keith appeared on the first ever episode of TNA (yes, this was their big star for the evening). Keith was a popular country music singer in the early 2000s. He showed up to sing his popular tune "Courtesy of Red, White, and Blue." His performance was interrupted by Jeff Jarrett. To get back at Jarrett, he entered the Gauntlet for the Gold to determine the new NWA World Champion. Keith would deliver a very good looking Suplex and would eliminate Jarrett from the match. Jarrett was the number one entry, thus making it a little more meaningful. Keith would make one more appearance at the following week's show, helping Scott Hall beat Jeff Jarrett in a singles match in what turned out to be his final appearance.

13 Chris Rock

Chris Rock is a famous comedian who grew in Brooklyn, New York. He made one appearance in TNA when it was not even around for a year yet. His appearance felt forced upon the audience and nothing really came of it as it was his only appearance with the company. He was interviewed in the ring by then interviewer, Goldy Locks. Rock came to ring very jumpy and excited to be there and began talking. He starts off by blatantly lying and seeing "NWA-TNA is the best wrestling in the world." He then said "If you think this is fake, then come down here and get your a** kicked!" Goldy told him to enjoy the show and Rock left the ring. Good job, Chris Rock? We guess.

12 Brian Urlacher 

Brian Urlacher is a former NFL great and is arguably the greatest Chicago Bear in the franchise's history. With his size and look, if football never worked out, wrestling would have been perfect for him. He made one appearance with TNA in 2004. Urlacher looked great in this appearance. He took out security who was trying to stop him from getting to Johnny Fairplay. Urlacher got Fairplay up in to a Military Press position and threw him over the top rope. Thankfully Fairplay was caught by security. Urlacher defended professional wrestling as a sport saying "they really hit the ground hard." It is believed that Urlacher was going to make more appearances, but the Bears put an end to it and the Urlacher turned pro wrestling dream was over.

11 Chris Rose

Chris Rose is one of the host for the show "Best Damn Sports Show Period" on Fox Sports Net. He covers sports such as baseball and football. Currently, he is the host of Intentional Talk which is one of the most popular shows on the MLB Network. He made an appearance for TNA in October of 2004 at a show called "The Best Damn Wrestling Show Ever." The show it's self was used to hype an upcoming TNA pay-per-view. Rose's role was nothing too serious. He provided guest commentary for a Tag Team match involving AMW and the team of Dallas and Kid Kash. Also at the show he was involved in a segment with Roddy Piper and Johnny Fairplay where Rose would get the best of Fairplay.

10 Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman is a former NBA player, who may be known better for his eccentric personality and what some would consider to be an outlandish look. He was a member of the nWo and had a few matches including a one-on-one match against Randy Savage. In 2004, he made an appearance in TNA. He accompanied the team of BG James, Konnan, Ron Killings collectively known as 3 Live Kru to the ring for their match against Team Canada. The match was won by Team Canada. During the match, Rodman's presence wasn't really noticed as much as it was in WCW. This was his one and only appearance in TNA. Rodman took part in Hogan's Celebrity Wrestling in 2008 where Rodman actually ended up winning the competition.

9 Tom Arnold

Tom Arnold is an actor who has played in several television programs and movies. He played in Rosanne for several years as a minor character. He had one appearance in TNA in 2004. Like Chris Rose, it was at the "Best Damn Wrestling Show Ever." Also like Rose, his appearance was very small and was nothing noteworthy. Arnold refereed a match between two little people (yeah, that's not only a WWE thing). The match was a Hardcore match at that. Arnold would help one the participants win the match. Arnold then did a comedy skit called "Things you don't Say to a Puppet" and that was his entire appearance. Nothing too memorable or nothing to care about. Then again, it's Tom Arnold we're talking about here. Is anybody surprised?

8 Steve McMichael 

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Steve "Mongo" McMichael is a former NFL player for the Chicago Bears. But what is more relevant about him to us wrestling fans is that he was a member of the Four Horseman in WCW. He also won the WCW United States Heavyweight Championship. He left the wrestling business for almost ten years after his WCW run, but in 2008 he returned to the industry to referee a match. The match was a four team Monster's Ball match involving Beer Money, Matt Morgan and Abyss, Team 3D, and LAX. However, the match is more remembered for Steve McMichael. McMichael was slow and out of place for most of the pinfalls, leading to the wrestling community making fun of him for it (that's the wrestling community for 'ya.)

7 Rampage Jackson

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Quinton "Rampage" Jackson is a legend in the MMA world. Rampage is a former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion as well as a runner-up in the PRIDE Middleweight Grand Prix in 2003. He joined Bellator MMA in 2013 which was on the same channel as TNA at the time. TNA brought him in to be a member of the new Main Event Mafia. He would join members such as Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, and Magnus. Rampage Jackson being in the Main Event Mafia completely defeated the purpose of it being the Main Event Mafia. He tried to recruit Tito Ortiz to the group, but Ortiz would turn on Rampage and join the Aces & Eights. Rampage left TNA after being displeased about how they ran their operations.

6 Danny Bonaduce

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Danny Bonaduce is famous child actor. Danny played Danny Partidge in The Partridge Family in '70s. The Partridge Family were a singing family. Bonaduce's career fell off the rails and he eventually slipped into obscurity. He took part in Hulk Hogan's Celebrity Wrestling which was won by Dennis Rodman. Bonaduce would get a shot to wrestle professionally in TNA despite having no experience. In 2009, he wrestled Eric Young at Lockdown in a pre-show match. The Lockdown pay-per-view features nothing but Steel Cage matches. The match went a little over three minutes with Bonaduce spending some of it playing with nunchucks. One would think Young would just mop the floor with Bonaduce. But no Young had to beat him with a small package for whatever reason.

5 JWoww

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In 2010, TNA debuted the Robbie E character with his manager Cookie. The two were clear ripoffs of the MTV "hit" Jersey Shore. In fact, the two were known as The Shore. Robbie E reached some success in TNA. He won the X-Divison Championship from Jay Lethal which is really odd considering the fact that Jay Lethal is on a tear in Ring of Honor. JWoww was a main character on Jersey Shore. She made one appearance in TNA as The Shore were beginning to pick up some steam. She attacked Cookie in a Jersey Shore-esque cat fight. This led to nothing, not even a match. At least Snookie wrestled at WrestleMania XXVII. And not only that, Snookie can say that she actually won at WrestleMania (remember that?).

4 Ronnie Ortiz-Magro

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In 2011 Robbie E continued being a ripoff of the show Jersey Shore even though the show was not as popular as it was. They got rid of his manager Cookie and replaced her with Robbie T, the former Rob Terry. The two were an entertaining, but silly pairing. They were feuding with recently debuting NXT star Eric Young. Eric Young fit right in with them as he was just as goofy. They needed a guy to team with Eric Young to take out the team of Robbie T and Robbie E. Who do you get? Ronnie Ortiz-Magro of course! He was an actual member of the Jersey Shore television show. He and Eric Young defeated Robbie E and Robbie T when Ronnie pinned Robbie E (did you get all that?).

3 Tito Ortiz

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Tito Ortiz is a UFC legend. He was the first fighter that gave himself a brand and made himself stick out. His first appearance came in 2005 when he was the special guest referee for the AJ Styles and Jeff Jarrett title match at Hard Justice. He would referee once again in the Jeff Jarrett and Rhino title match where he stopped interference from America's Most Wanted. But Ortiz' worst moment came in 2013. The Aces & Eights stable had worn out their welcome. In signature TNA fashion, they kept going with it and added Tito Ortiz to the group. Ortiz was being built as a big deal and even had vignettes for it. He was being billed the "August 1 Warning." When he came out, wrestling fans watched in shock at how underwhelming it was.

2 Jenna Morasca

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Jenna Morasca was a former winner of the popular reality show Survivor. She has appeared in Playboy and Joe Rogan's game show Fear Factor. So you may be asking, what does she have to do with TNA Wrestling? Nothing whatsoever. But booking things that make sense is too easy. Morasca was brought in as a member of the already ruined Main Event Mafia. She was called a "financial backer" and mostly managed Kevin Nash. She began a feud with the other woman in the Main Event Mafia, Sharmell. They had a match at Victory Road 2009. In arguably the worst match in the history of wrestling, Sharmell defeated Morasca with the help of Awesome Kong. The match received minus four stars from Dave Meltzer and was voted the Worst Worked Match in the Wrestling Observer.

1 Frank Trigg

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The list ends with another mixed martial artist. Frank Trigg is the third one to be featured on this list. But his appearances in TNA is even worse than Jenna Morasca. In 2008, Frank Trigg made his first of a few appearances in TNA. He aligned himself with Kurt Angle because Angle is the closest thing to a mixed martial artist in wrestling. Styles, who was feuding with Angle, took on Trigg at No Surrender 2008 in match that was being billed as a Mixed Martial Arts match. The match featured a bunch laying around and the people doing nothing. The crowd grew restless and began to chant "Fire Russo." AJ delivered a low blow to Trigg and the fight was called off. To the joy of the crowd, Styles then destroyed Trigg with a Singapore Cane.

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