Ranking Every Brock Lesnar Match From His Current WWE Run

Brock Lesnar continues to amaze the masses. I'm not even saying that in reference to amazing work inside the WWE ring where he seems to treat his opponents as slabs of meat to toy with yet somehow most of his opponents have not received deliberating injuries. No, somehow Brock Lesnar continues to spit in the face of all the established rules of the UFC and the WWE.

Due to his sheer money-making power, Lesnar has done the impossible by signing on to fight number eight ranked heavyweight Mark Hunt at the absolutely epic UFC 200 event on July 9th. People are now beginning to speculate on who is going to win that contest but honestly I'm in so much shock that this is even happening. I can't think about that yet.

So what I've decided to do instead is to take a look back on Brock Lesnar's current WWE run. While his first stint in WWE had him pegged as "The Next Big Thing", this time around Lesnar has comfortably played the role as occasional main event attraction, a scenario which has been perfect for audiences, the WWE and Lesnar himself.

In this time, Lesnar has racked up quite a few classics and some yawners with 17 televised matches under his belt. All 18 of these matches will be ranked according to bell to bell action, feud build up and the overall feeling that you walked away from your television screen with after watching. So strap in reader, we're taking a tour of Suplex City... Here, we rank all 18 matches of Brock Lesnar's current WWE run.

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18 Brock Lesnar vs. Kofi Kingston - Beast In The East Network Special

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Ehh, what is there to really say for this match? Everyone knew exactly what was going to happen when it was announced and it was exactly what we got. So why is it the worst when Lesnar has had other identical matches through his run? Well, because of his opponent.

Why did the WWE think it was a good idea to put one of the company's hottest acts in Kofi Kingston (by extension The New Day) and completely squash him? The match is comprised of Kofi's offense being as effective as a rock type Pokemon versus an electric type and then Lesnar tossing Kofi like a paper airplane. Barely even a match, and highly unnecessary.

17 Brock Lesnar vs. Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper - WWE Roadblock

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You can copy and paste most of the text from the previous entry for this one, minus a couple of differences.

One, this one at least had a minor story behind it. The Wyatt Family made the horrendous decision to antagonize Brock Lesnar earlier in the year at the Royal Rumble and because of that, Lesnar wanted to rip eyeballs out and eat them with toothpicks. Or something like that.

Secondly, while Kofi/New Day was super over when they faced Lesnar, the Wyatts had as much momentum as a car in Hong Kong traffic in March 2016. The match was a vehicle for Lesnar's revenge and that was about it.

On the bright side, we got this instead of Braun Strowman vs. Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania. Thank God for that.

16 Brock Lesnar vs. Big Show -Royal Rumble 2014

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Who's excited for a Big Show match!? Oh no, please don't go, I was kidding!

I think it's safe to say that everybody is tired of The Big Show, and this was sentiment was in strong force not just now, but in 2014 as well.

The match itself is a typical Lesnar squash but the reason why I rank it a little higher above the other two preceding this is at least we got see to Lesnar let loose with a steel chair in a scary display of savagery.

15 Brock Lesnar vs. Big Show - WWE Live From Madison Square Garden

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Just couldn't get enough Brock Lesnar vs. Big Show action? Well get ready for another round of it!

While their other encounter at Royal Rumble was extended with a pre-match beatdown, this match got right to the point with Big Show scooping Lesnar out of the ring like a bag of garbage off a failed double leg takedown attempt by the Beast. Aside from that, it was identical to the other house show Lesnar matches.

Now with all these lame duck squashes out of the way, let's get to something completely different.

14 Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker - WrestleMania XXX

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The biggest shock in wrestling history (and that's saying something with wrestling promoters' insane minds) has to be Brock Lesnar pinning The Undertaker's shoulders to the mat for the old one-two-three. But was the match as a whole actually any good?

Errr, not really, but at least there's an understandable excuse for this one as Undertaker suffered a concussion in the match so it brought the pace to a screeching halt. The crowd was lifeless as a result of the slow pace and it brought down the match rating as a result.

While the ending of the match may cement its place in history, the match itself is anything but iconic.

13 Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins - Battleground 2015

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This match had to happen. Not necessarily because it was bound to be good considering the men involved, but because of the ending of WrestleMania 31 and how Lesnar was never pinned to lose his title.

Instead of a conclusive title match, what we instead got was an extended squash for Lesnar with an ending designed to get him to his next feud. The match just kind of ended (no bell was rang for a disqualification) when Undertaker appeared in the ring and chokeslammed Lesnar.

What makes this better than the other squashes that preceded this one on the list is the high stakes involved and some great agility displayed by Lesnar (he HURDLED the barricade) and Rollins. But the ending takes away greatly from the match quality.

12 Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H - SummerSlam 2012

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Am I the only one that thinks the Triple H/Brock Lesnar feud was just kind of, meh? Nothing really offensively bad, but just meh? I hope I'm not.

The first of three matches between the two, this match is structurally sound, but just lacking sizzle. There's solid psychology at work with both Lesnar working over HHH's arm for the kimura (something I wish Lesnar would do more honestly) but the match just feels flat. It makes sense I suppose since the latter two matches added stipulations to enhance their styles but this one just rests at a lukewarm temperature.

11 Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena - Extreme Rules 2012

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I've tried to really hard to ignore the horrific ending to this match and if I could it would have ranked a lot higher than it did. But I just can't.

The first match since Lesnar returned to the WWE in 2012, 95% of the match was exactly what it should have been. Lesnar beat WWE's loyal Superman John Cena from pillar to post with big slams and cracking strikes. All was well and good until Cena played his Super-Cena trap card and defeated Lesnar with a chain-wrapped punch and an Attitude Adjustment.

This laughable finish brought this match from one of Lesnar's best down to one of the worst from this run. At the very least, Cena and Lesnar got it right on their next try.

10 Brock Lesnar vs. Dean Ambrose - WrestleMania 32

Jae S. Lee/The Dallas Morning News via AP

If I could sum up this match with one word, it would be disappointing. Not bad, but disappointing.

The build to the match emphasized the tenacity of Dean Ambrose while Lesnar just effortlessly beat Ambrose around like an older brother. While the match promised to be a hard hitting and violent affair like some of Lesnar's other matches, it ultimately was a pretty tamed affair. There were bright spots, but the match felt a little too gimmicky for my taste.

Of course now we can speculate that the match was tame because Lesnar didn't want to suffer an injury prior to his UFC return, but it still made the match weaker as a result.

9 Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H - WrestleMania 29

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Alright, nobody for a second believed that Triple H was going to lose this match once it was announced that his career would be on the line, but that predictability shouldn't ruin the match for you.

What their first match lacked this match brought to the table. It was No Holds Barred so that these two can really rip into each other and Shawn Michaels was there because he's Mr. WrestleMania. He also superkicked Paul Heyman, so that's fun!

Lesnar and HHH would top this match a month later, but this serviceable match stands firmly in the middle of the road when ranking Lesnar's current WWE run.

8 Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H - Extreme Rules 2013

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And the award for the most unnecessary trilogy in wrestling goes to....

Not to say that this match was bad, but I don't think anybody was really dying to see HHH and Lesnar tangle for a third time. Having said that, this match was bell to bell the best of their three. It seems that they finally nailed the right mix of brutality and character work while also working a solid wrestling match at the same time.

I'm very impressed that a cage match in 2013 could be as entertaining as this one is to be honest with you, but it was. So props to Lesnar and HHH for that.

7 Brock Lesnar (c) vs. John Cena - Night of Champions 2014

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This had to be it, this was the match where Cena would reclaim his championship and WWE would play it safe by not having a part-timer hold the WWE Championship. Amazingly, they didn't go that way.

Sure, Cena had much more of a chance than he did at SummerSlam the month before with a better start to the match and more offense throughout, but Lesnar still dominated most of the match. The match is largely the same as their previous one (which is a good thing) but also feels less dramatic and shocking because of that. Its strength is also its weakness.

This match is also hurt by the weak DQ finish with Seth Rollins interfering and the implication that Cena was going to beat Lesnar after landing four AAs. Despite that, it's still pretty damn good.

6 Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Roman Reigns - WrestleMania 31

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You have to give credit where credit to due for Roman Reigns. The entire planet was rooting for this match to absolutely suck. Hell, the build up certainly made it seem like this match was going to be less WrestleMania main event and more like the World Tug of War Championships.

But it was pretty damn good. The company made the right call by having Lesnar decimate Reigns for a majority of the contest up until the last couple of minutes, where Reigns began his comeback. Then just when it looked like the hated Reigns was going to win, Seth Rollins came storming in to steal the title away from Reigns.

If the build was any better, this match might have been bumped a few spots up but as it is, still damn impressive.

5 Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena (c) - SummerSlam 2014

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Just who in the blue hell saw this one coming?

It is nearly impossible to truly trick wrestling fans nowadays. We're so in touch with behind the scenes knowledge that we can skip events without missing a beat in terms of storylines. But nobody saw this coming.

Right out of the gate, Lesnar set the tone for this match by nailing Cena with an F-5. After this, Lesnar proceeded to treat Cena like a grappling dummy by delivering 16 German suplexes and multiple F-5s. Not a technical classic by any definition, but it was a genuinely shocking and unique match that we almost never see in WWE.

4 Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker - SummerSlam 2015

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After the train wreck that was their WrestleMania XXX match, people were understandably worried that this match could have bombed badly and perhaps put the final nail in the coffin of The Undertaker's career. Instead, Lesnar and Taker stopped the casket lid from closing and burst back with a classic.

This match was the exact one we wanted to see at that point of these wrestlers' careers. In his desperate state after losing his streak, Undertaker needed to pull out every trick he could to defeat Lesnar while The Beast was just as ruthless as ever. This match also felt more like a fight than a wrestling match, as it should be.

The only black eye on this match is of course the screwy finish with Lesnar actually submitting The Undertaker but the ref never seeing it. That would be rectified however in their next encounter.

3 Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker - Hell In A Cell 2015

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Billed as the final stop on the Brock Lesnar "Go To Hell" tour, this match had a lot to live up to as the likely final chapter in The Undertaker/Lesnar feud. And somehow, they pulled it off.

It's difficult to demonstrate the brutality of a Hell in a Cell match in a PG environment, but Lesnar and Taker pushed it to the limit in this match. Lesnar bled, he was tombstoned onto the bare wooden boards of the ring and somehow still defeated the Deadman once and for all with an emphatic F5.

All of Lesnar's best in-ring qualities were shown off in this contest. Even the pink ropes couldn't distract us from Lesnar's absolute savagery in this one.

2 Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Seth Rollins vs. John Cena, Royal Rumble 2015

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The Triple Threat to end all other triple threat matches. While people certainly had high expectations for this match, the three men involved in this match went above and beyond for this masterpiece.

This is the prime example of booking that makes everybody come out looking better. The durability and brutality of Brock Lesnar was shown, John Cena's perseverance was on full display and Seth Rollins cemented his reputation as one of the most ridiculously athletic men in WWE history.

There is nothing to really complain about it in this match. Okay maybe you can be mad over the overuse of finishers, but hey that's more a problem of the era and less this match in particular. This match was so good it almost made us forgive the Royal Rumble match at this PPV.


1 Brock Lesnar vs. CM Punk, SummerSlam 2013

via bleacherreport.com

Call me a traditionalist, but I will always have a slight preference for one on one encounters over multi man affairs. And if you're going for the best one-on-one of Brock Lesnar's current WWE run, you gotta go with his SummerSlam 2013 match against "The Best In The World", CM Punk.

Right from the start of this feud all the way to the end, Punk/Lesnar had it all. CM Punk played his role as a never say die and pissed off rebel perfectly and Lesnar was in top form as the smug bully. The no disqualification stipulation gave Punk a believable chance of victory but ultimately Lesnar pulled off the victory with an F-5 onto a steel chair.

The perfect pacing, character interaction and subtle MMA elements to the match made this Lesnar's best match of this WWE run. It remains the benchmark for excellence for The Beast.

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