Ranking Every Current Female Wrestler In WWE From Worst To Best

Hearing chants such as "women's wrestling" and "this is awesome" during women's matches was unfathomable less than a decade ago (all due respect to the likes of Mickie James, Lita and Trish Stratus); yet, today the forenamed chants aren't uncommon when certain combatants lock up. In short, women's wrestling has made a number of strides especially in the last year and a half.

During that time, a number of talented female wrestlers have made their way on to the main roster. These female wrestlers have nixed the term "diva" and have shown that they're much more than eye candy. Moreover, these women have shown that they can put on compelling matches just like their male counterparts.

While this statement holds true for some of WWE's current female superstars, it doesn't hold true for all of them. Here, we rank every current female wrestler in WWE from worst to best.

NOTE: Wrestlers that are currently sidelined by injury have not been ranked as it is unfair to give them standing within these rankings. Furthermore, wrestlers who haven't appeared on TV for an extended period of time were also excluded. These include Eva Marie, Summer Rae and Paige.

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15 Tamina Snuka

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Tamina wasn't drafted in the 2016 WWE Draft as she was out at the time as she was recovering from knee surgery. Tamina was cleared for in ring competition in December of 2016 and not only have fans not seen Tamina return to the ring, but she hasn't been signed by either the Raw or Smackdown brand. As a result, Tamina sees her career at a standstill and with WrestleMania season quickly approaching, it is unlikely that she appears on WWE programming until WrestleMania season ends, as placing her on television now would make little sense. Moreover, placing Tamina in a storyline now would almost assuredly be rushed and sloppy. Before Nia Jax was looked at as WWE's imposing female talent, Tamina filled that void; perhaps Tamina can once again fill that role except on the blue brand.

14 Alicia Fox

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Is it even fair to critique Alicia Fox as a wrestler anymore? Fox is currently involved in an angle where she serves as the valet and on screen girlfriend of Cruiserweight talent, Noam Dar. Prior to playing the role of Dar's valet and on screen girlfriend, Fox served in the same roles for fellow Cruiserweight talent, Cedric Alexander. Prior to that, Fox was getting decimated by Nia Jax time in and time out while doing absolutely nothing to grasp the interest of viewers. Now thirty, Fox is one of the longest tenured women on WWE's roster; unfortunately, that doesn't mean that her career is headed in the right direction. Moreover, it wouldn't be shocking to see WWE give Fox her walking papers in the near future.

13 Emma

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In October of 2016, a number of promos began airing for Emma where she would be repackaged and would ditch her name for the name of Emmalina. The gimmick of Emmalina would have Emma transform via receiving what WWE billed as a makeover (like the drop dead gorgeous Emma needed a makeover). Emmalina finally debuted four months later on February 13th, 2017 when she cut a short and forthright promo proclaiming that fans had now seen the the makeover from Emma to Emmalina and that fans would now have to wait for the makeover of Emmalina to Emma. Essentially the Emmalina character did nothing to help Emma (or Emmalina) or WWE. With WrestleMania season just over a month away, it is unlikely that Emma appears on WWE programming until 'Mania concludes.

12 Dana Brooke

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The on-again, off-again protege of Charlotte, Dana Brooke, has done little, if anything, to establish herself as a threat in Raw's Women's Division. It doesn't help when one minute you're defying your on screen mentor, Charlotte, and the next minute you're providing her with an assist. Not to mention, Brooke makes sporadic appearances on Monday Night Raw and she isn't involved in a storyline at the moment, let alone a riveting storyline. In addition, when Brooke does have a match she more often than not picks up an L as opposed to a W. The easiest way for Brooke to establish herself is to separate herself from Charlotte outright. This way, Brooke is not only involved in a feud, but she's placed in a feud with the most successful Women's Champion in the company today.

11 Carmella

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When first drafted to the main roster, Carmella debuted as a face; her run as a face was short-lived as one who bills herself as the "Princess of Staten Island" seems better suited as a despicable heel as opposed to a lovable babyface. Carmella's first feud pitted her against Nikki Bella which included a number of merciless and heartless attacks on the alluring brunette. The two feuded for just over three months with Carmella coming out on the losing end and she's been losing ever since. No, Carmella hasn't been knocked down a peg to jobber status; it's actually worse. Carmella now finds herself in an odd pairing with James Ellsworth as a result of her finding him "uniquely attractive". The pairing was doomed from the beginning and continues to do nothing to add value to either Carmella or Ellsworth's character in the present.

10 Mickie James

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Initially making her WWE debut as a crazed obsessed Trish Stratus fan, Mickie James recently returned to WWE in late 2016. Yet, it wasn't James who had returned at that time; instead, it was James under the masked gimmick of La Luchadora who had returned. James has been unmasked (credits to Becky Lynch) for just over a month now and finds herself aligned in a partnership with the fun sized and former Smackdown Women's Champion, Alexa Bliss. James looks to have not missed a beat in the ring despite being thirty-seven years old and being the oldest female wrestling talent in the company. The pairing with Bliss allows for James to play the role of a top heel in Smackdown's Women's Division for the foreseeable future.

9 Natalya

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Natalya's recent heel turn has reinvented her character and added much needed interest to the blonde beauty by way of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The former one-time WWE Divas Champion is arguably the company's best female in ring talent (both before and after the WWE Women's Revolution), yet has never been treated as such. How can we ever forget that dismal flatulence gimmick she was once given? Luckily, that's in the past and "TJ's Wife" currently finds herself embroiled in a feud with former friend and fellow Total Divas cast mate, Nikki Bella. The two have put on a compelling program with Natalya frequently jabbing Bella in regards to her significant other John Cena, lacking interest in her. The program has arguably been the best of Natalya's career and her character is headed in the right direction which hopefully propels her to greater heights.

8 Nia Jax

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Monday Night Raw's female Braun Strowman, Nia Jax, has squashed a number of enhancement talent since being drafted to the main roster on July 2016. Now, Jax is facing actual talent from the roster as she finds herself feuding with the "Legit Boss", Sasha Banks. Not only does Jax find herself in a feud with Banks, but she's gotten the upperhand over the former three-time Raw Women's Champion on a number of occasions via merciless beatdowns. Not to forget, Jax is the reason why Banks not just accessorizes with shutter shade sunglasses and her Legit Boss rings, but with a pair of crutches as well. Jax is the most imposing figure in the Women's division on either Raw or Smackdown and WWE is currently positioning her as such against main roster talent.

7 Nikki Bella

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The longest reigning WWE Divas Champion in the company's history, Nikki Bella, is rumored to be walking away from the ring after WrestleMania 33. Whether Bella decides to retire her Nikes or decides to continue wrestling in them, is anyone's guess, but we'd be remiss to dismiss her current standing in the Women's Division on Smackdown today. Bella has been involved in two of the most aggressive and hard-hitting female feuds since the brand split. Her initial feud with Carmella embodied the definition of ruthless aggression and her current feud with Natalya left off right where her feud with Carmella ended. Bella has done well in transitioning back into the face role and garners a good reaction from the crowd more often than not. Not to forget, it doesn't hurt to have John Cena as your significant other when trying to obtain more opportunities inside and outside of the ring.

6 Sasha Banks

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When you're feuding for the Raw Women's Championship and come up short in the final, take-all match, there's no where left to go but down. And unfortunately for Banks, that's exactly where she has done. Banks has been relegated to more of a cheerleader for her buddy Bayley, who recently claimed her first WWE Raw Women's Championship. When Banks isn't in Bayley's corner rooting her on, she's getting beat down by the woman who is "not like most girls", Nia Jax. The long rumored Banks heel turn is allegedly set to take place soon, and it would greatly help add some much needed fire and flair (the definition Charl0tte, not your last name, sweetheart), to her character. Furthermore, the heel turn would almost assuredly place Banks in title contention once again.

5 Becky Lynch

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Usually when superstars return from injury or a short or long hiatus, they usually pick up the victory against their opponent in their return match. With Mickie James having recently returned, all signs pointed to her picking up a W against Becky Lynch at Elimination Chamber. Yet, it was Lynch who came out victorious in James' return PPV match on the main roster. Lynch looks like she will be involved in the feud that involves herself and Naomi against Alexa Bliss and James for the near future. Not to forget, Lynch was the inaugural Women's Champion on Smackdown and to this day arguably remains the number one babyface in the Women's Division on the blue brand. As a result, Lynch is one who figures to be in or around the title picture for the near future.

4 Alexa Bliss

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Kevin Owens frequently and keenly points out that he's the longest reigning WWE Universal Champion in the company's history (an impromptu Finn Balor injury may have helped Owens slightly); on the other hand, Alexa Bliss can unhappily lay acclaim to being the shortest reigning WWE Smackdown Women's Champion in the company's history (discounting Naomi's current reign as it is yet to conclude). Many were surprised when Bliss' reign concluded at seventh days, but it was a strong reign for the Harley Quinn doppelgänger who has been on the blue brand for just over half a year now. Bliss defeated the unnatural Smackdown Women's Champion Becky Lynch on multiple occasions and she figures to be a pivotal player in the title picture for at least the near future.

3 Naomi

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A decade prior, the born and bred Floridian Naomi used to be a dancer for the NBA's Orlando Magic; a decade later, Naomi just may be defending her newly won WWE Smackdown Women's Championship in her home state! Naomi, who first entered the WWE as a dancer alongside Cameron for Brodus Clay had always shown she was more than just a dancer/valet when she was given time in the ring. Yet, even after her split from the trio, Naomi would consistently flounder on the card. It looked like gold would never be in her future and a release wouldn't come as shocking. At the Elimination Chamber PPV, Naomi's years of hard work finally paid off as the underdog dethroned Alexa Bliss. Naomi is now the top dog or big dog (don't worry Roman, she's on Smackdown, you can keep your big dog status on Raw) of Smackdown's Women's Division and she is certainly well deserving of being the Blue Brand's Women's Champion.

2 Bayley

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One day after Naomi became the new Women's Champion on Smackdown, Bayley became the new Women's Champion on Raw. Now in her first reign as Women's Champion on the main roster, Bayley's victory wasn't unassisted; on the contrary, Sasha Banks provided Bayley with a welcomed assist when she struck Charlotte with her crutch. Unlike Naomi, Bayley didn't win in clean fashion and unlike Naomi, Bayley has to face Charlotte (likely on PPV) in a rematch for her belt and on PPV is where Charlotte reigns supreme. Nonetheless, Bayley has reached the mountaintop of the Raw Women's Division and is living out her childhood dream. While Charlotte may bill herself as "The Queen", Bayley is the rightful current Queen on Monday Nights for now.

1 Charlotte

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Having lost her Raw Women's Championship on February 13th, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada to Bayley, Charlotte's loss didn't come without controversy. Using her crutch, the "Legit Boss" Sasha Banks struck her foil, Charlotte, which paved the way to victory for Bayley. Yet, Bayley shouldn't get too comfortable as Charlotte is on an unprecedented winning streak of sixteen matches and counting at PPV's. The four-time WWE Raw's Women's Champ and one-time and also final Divas Champion may not possess gold at the moment, however, with the WWE Fastlane PPV less than three weeks away and Charlotte's history at PPV's it wouldn't be too surprising to see "the Queen" from the "Queen City" recapture her championship at the March PPV. After all just ask the forenamed Banks as to how well she's faired against Charlotte on PPV.

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