15Tamina Snuka

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Tamina wasn't drafted in the 2016 WWE Draft as she was out at the time as she was recovering from knee surgery. Tamina was cleared for in ring competition in December of 2016 and not only have fans not seen Tamina return to the ring, but she hasn't been signed

by either the Raw or Smackdown brand. As a result, Tamina sees her career at a standstill and with WrestleMania season quickly approaching, it is unlikely that she appears on WWE programming until WrestleMania season ends, as placing her on television now would make little sense. Moreover, placing Tamina in a storyline now would almost assuredly be rushed and sloppy. Before Nia Jax was looked at as WWE's imposing female talent, Tamina filled that void; perhaps Tamina can once again fill that role except on the blue brand.

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