Ranking Every Current Wrestling Couple From Worst To Best

It’s hard to find love when you’re so encapsulated by professional wrestling, which is why so many superstars seek comfort in the arms of their fellow competitors. Whether it be WWE, TNA or ROH, wrestling couples have been a thing for years on end now – and it’s no surprise that shows like Total Divas have made some people sick of the sight of them.

Still, they add an interesting dynamic both on and offscreen, which is something you need to add a sense of realism. Of course, some couples have a touch more charisma and star power than others, which is why so many of them thrive in actual partnerships together. There’s no doubt in our minds that there’s going to be some contention here, but just think about their respective positions on the card before complaining.

WWE have proven in the past that having a problem with one half of a couple can instantly affect the other, but sometimes if your star is shining so brightly it can actually bring your other half up in the mind of the company. Either way, some of the names on this list could certainly use a career boost right now. Fact.

30 Angelina Love & Davey Richards

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There’s no shame in putting in a great shift for GFW, especially when you’re as talented as these two individuals are. Unfortunately, Love and Richards have never quite been able to ascend to the heights that many of their former colleagues have done, and as a result they find themselves down in 30th.

Like we said, this isn’t an indication of their in-ring abilities, but as we all know you have to have the full package in order to put that star power together. If one of the two members of this couple had managed to exceed beyond the midcard-esque level then perhaps this would be a different story, but for now they remain in last place.

29 Josh Mathews & Madison Rayne

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When it comes to bizarre relationships within the world of professional wrestling, you can put this one right up there with the best of them. Madison Rayne, one of TNA’s most notable female superstars over the years, has somehow ended up with one of the most overrated commentators in the history of the game: Josh Mathews.

Still, we’ll focus on the star power at hand here and with that in mind it feels only logical to place the two this low down. After all, Rayne never really did much outside of Impact Wrestling, while Mathews was always shown to be more hype than substance. In summary, this decision wasn’t all too difficult.

28 Magnus & Mickie James

Despite being one of TNA’s brightest stars over the last few years, Magnus finds himself down the bottom of this list alongside his lovely wife Mickie James. Sure, they’ve both found a great deal of success throughout their respective careers, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into consistent star power.

James’ return to WWE has done the duo a few favours as the WWE Universe have been able to reacquaint themselves with her, but she still hasn’t been a top star on either Raw or SmackDown Live. For all of the hype and all of the talk surrounding James and Magnus, they’re yet to really reach that next level, which is a shame.

27 Austin Aries & Thea Trinidad

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The now-former WWE superstar Austin Aries has definitely lost some ground on this list after departing from the biggest wrestling company in the world, but he’s still The Greatest Man That Ever Lived, so there’s that. Aries and Trinidad are an interesting couple and one that, ironically enough, not too many people actually know about.

Whilst Thea hasn’t exactly had the most notable of careers, she has still put in some solid performances over the years. Meanwhile, Austin is arguably one of the most well-rounded wrestlers to have come out of the independents in the last 10 years. Everything he does is magic, which is why so many people were disappointed to see his WM33 match be relegated to the pre-show.

26 Zack Ryder & Laurel Van Ness

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Many fans were surprised that Zack Ryder let Emma slip through his fingers, but upon seeing new girlfriend Laurel Van Ness, their queries sort of faded into the distance. The duo look great together and an argument can be made that they’re both still yet to reach their full potential, which will make for exciting viewing over the next few years.

There's still a long way to go for the duo, but thus far they seem to be going fairly strong in what is still quite a fresh relationship. They’ve both got their look sorted down to a tee, and Ryder is still one of the most popular superstars in all of World Wrestling Entertainment to this day. Woo woo woo, you know it.

25 Jeff Jarrett & Karen Jarrett

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This is based on name value alone, with the Jarretts having an extremely decorated past when it comes to the pro wrestling business. In addition to Jeff’s solid tenures in WWE and WCW, the two are back at the helm of GFW, which was originally started by Jarrett himself. You may not like them, but you have to appreciate what they’re doing for the industry.

Jeff wants to give GFW a legitimate shot at competing against bigger companies once again, and despite his advanced age, he still holds a slither of star power from fans who remember the Attitude Era. Oh, and whilst this isn’t the most important factor of all, have you seen what Karen Jarrett looks like?

24 Johnny Gargano & Candice LeRae

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Gargano and LeRae wouldn’t have made much noise 12 months ago on this list, but in the present day, both competitors are in with a real shot of reaching the main event in their respective divisions. Johnny has been doing some fantastic work as one half of DIY down in NXT, meanwhile Candice has recently been able to shine in the Mae Young Classic.

Together, they’ve formed one of the cutest partnerships in professional wrestling, and it seems as if their story in the business has only just begun. Much like Ryder and Van Ness, they are a couple on the rise, and LeRae in particular has a huge amount of untapped potential.

23 Tye Dillinger & Peyton Royce

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Is this the definition of a perfect couple? We think so. Tye Dillinger and Peyton Royce are both beautiful in their own right, and as a couple, we love them even more. Despite only seeing a few shots of them together during their time in NXT we’ve seen more than enough to convince us of their love, and their star power is constantly on the rise.

Dillinger has made a real impact on SmackDown Live since being promoted to the main roster, while Royce continues to be one of the most underrated talents down in developmental. Together there doesn’t seem to be a limit to what they can accomplish in the industry, and their trajectory is looking extremely promising.

22 Tyson Kidd & Natalya

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We’re not sure what it is about the Hart family, but tragedy seems to follow them around like a bad smell. Case and point: Tyson Kidd was finally finding himself in WWE a few years back when a mistimed finisher at the hands of Samoa Joe led to disaster. Now, it’s unlikely that he’ll ever compete inside the squared circle again.

Natalya, on the other hand, is starting to find her footing as a heel on SmackDown Live – but is it too little too late? Given the depth of female talent on the blue brand, Nattie doesn’t really stand out above the rest, and whilst their lineage and wrestling ability does do them some favours it can only take you so far.

21 Mike Bennett & Maria Kanellis

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In case you’ve been living under a rock, Mike Bennett & Maria Kanellis popped up at the Money in the Bank pay per view to announce their “power of love” to the world. Bennett, who bizarrely enough has taken Maria’s last name, is a bit of an unknown entity to the WWE Universe, while Maria has quite the history within the company.

Her name alone was likely enough to draw the reaction that we saw in St. Louis, but we shouldn’t count Mike out just yet. The former Ring of Honor standout has a lot of potential within the business, and it’s safe to say that a solid position within the midcard is the least that we can expect from this duo. After all, theirs is the greatest love of all.

20 Bayley & Aaron Solow

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No offence to Aaron Solow, but this surge into the top 20 is solely because of the insane popularity of the one and only Bayley. The huggable former Raw Women’s Champion has captured the hearts of minds of fans from all around the globe, however, recent events have led to their position in this list.

Unfortunately the former NXT standout has seen her credibility drop over the last few months, with some bad booking leading to many fans growing tired of her current character. Obviously, there isn’t much she can do about it given her status within the company, but we’re hoping to see things be shaken up in the near future.

19 Enzo Amore & Liv Morgan

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His name is Enzo Amore, and not only is he a certified G, but he’s also batting way above his league when it comes to his better half. Whilst his popularity has suffered a bit of a knock since arriving on the main roster last year Amore is still a popular figure amongst the fans, and Liv Morgan has a lot of potential down in NXT.

The pair are one of the more unknown couples within the company, which is a shame because they actually seem to suit each other quite well. As the weeks and months go on we could start to see them climb this list, but for now there’s a great deal of work to be done in terms of boosting their image in the eyes of the WWE Universe.

18 Bubba Ray & Velvet Sky

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Bubba Ray Dudley isn’t only a member of one of the greatest tag teams of all time, but the guy is also a massively underrated heel champion. During his TNA tenure, Ray, also known as Bully Ray, managed to prove that he more than had what it took to carry a company on his back and become one of the best bad guys in the business.

Velvet, on the other hand, is no pushover either. She has been an integral part of the TNA knockouts division for many years now, and when people look back upon the history of that promotion in the future, Velvet Sky will be a big part of it. Trust us, these two could still do some great things in 2017 and beyond.

17 Buddy Murphy & Alexa Bliss

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This is the definition of a one-sided affair, with Alexa Bliss’ rapidly-rising stock in the company dragging Buddy Murphy up to heights previously unknown. The former NXT Tag Team Champion hasn’t really done anything of note down in developmental since splitting from Wesley Blake, while Bliss has been on an absolute tear on the main roster.

With three world titles to her name already, Alexa has been in complete control of the women’s revolution alongside Charlotte Flair. At this rate she could end up being one of the most successful female wrestlers in the history of the company, and we wouldn’t be at all shocked given her meteoric rise over the last few months.

16 Cesaro & Sara Del Rey

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Whilst the legitimacy of this particular pairing has been questioned in the past, enough people have commented on it that we feel comfortable including them here. It’s fair to say that Del Rey and Cesaro could’ve both given more to the WWE than we’ve seen up to this point, but at the same time their influence on many top superstars has been dramatically under-appreciated.

Cesaro is an absolute freak of nature and the majority of fans and media will admit to that, meanwhile Del Rey has been instrumental in training many female wrestlers that are currently plying their trade on the main roster. Sure, their star power may not be at an all time high, but we should still applaud them for the work they put in every single day.

15 Bray Wyatt & JoJo Offerman

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Boy oh boy are we going to get some criticism for including these two, but it’s worth talking about. It seems, from an outsider’s perspective looking in, like Wyatt and Offerman are an official thing now – or at least they will be after Bray officially separates from his wife.

With one being a former WWE Champion and the other being WWE’s best ring announcer right now, it’s not difficult to see why they’ve landed themselves a place in the top 15. The duo are one of the strangest couples on this list and in all of professional wrestling, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a tonne of star power between them.

14 Big Cass & Carmella

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When you take the potential within a superstar and transfer it over to your valet, you know that you’re onto something good. Somehow in the present day Carmella is finding more success as a singles star than Cass was alongside Enzo, with the Princess of Staten Island now officially being known to the world as Miss Money in the Bank.

Cass has had a few opportunities to shine on his own, most notably when he went after the Universal Championship, and after a stale (or is that sawft?) stretch, things seem to be looking up for the big man following his split from Enzo. Even then, Carmella is arguably the one maintaining the star power of the duo. But there’s plenty of time for that to change, especially following Cass' heel turn.

13 Cody & Brandi Rhodes

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Cody Rhodes took the biggest gamble of his entire career when he decided to leave WWE and venture out into the independent scene. It was something that the man formerly known as Stardust had been wanting to do for quite some time, but he wasn’t ever quite able to pull the trigger.

Now that he’s out in the big wide world, though, the former Intercontinental Champion has been able to shine on many different stages alongside his lovely wife Brandi. Together they form a gorgeous and powerful couple, and they both play their part when it comes to raising the profile of the Rhodes family even further.

12 Alberto El Patron & Paige

Yes, they’ve both been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons and yes, they don’t seem to care about anyone but themselves. There's also their recent bust-up at the Orlando airport, which got Alberto in trouble with GFW, and may get Paige fired from WWE. But El Patron (formerly Alberto Del Rio) & Paige still hold a lot of star power despite all the negatives. With a number of world titles between them and an extremely loyal fan base, they could create a lot of noise if they were to partner up onscreen together.

Even if they didn’t, there’s still a lot of potential there, with Paige’s WWE return still being a possibility. Sure, there would have to be a lot of forgiving and forgetting, but the value of Paige and El Patron as superstars above anything else is what we should be focusing on.

11 Matt Hardy & Reby Sky

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Delightful. Wonderful. Sensational. All of these words and more can be used to describe the relationship of Matt Hardy and Reby Sky, despite how many trials and tribulations they’ve been through over the years. With Matt’s Broken persona reaching unimaginable heights as of late, it’s no wonder that they’re placed so high up.

Reby has done her part too, with her involvement in the ongoing war with GFW raising her stock to the point where even non-wrestling fans are starting to hear about her. With Matt on the verge of transforming into his popular gimmick, things are likely about to get a lot more profitable in the Hardy household.

10 Jimmy Uso & Naomi

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A couple years back this partnership probably would’ve been towards the bottom of this list, but we’ve seen a surprising surge in momentum from both of these superstars as of late. With Jimmy being one half of the SD Live Tag Team Champions and Naomi holding the Women’s Title, they’re pretty much untouchable right now.

Their position on Total Divas also helps to solidify their stronghold in the company, and despite questionable booking, the charisma of this duo has taken them to heights they’ve never seen before. Of course there is still work to be done, but if their current trajectory continues in the same manner, then their stock could continue to grow.

9 Sasha Banks & Sarath Ton

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Sasha Banks’ popularity is absolutely staggering at this stage, with many believing that she’s even surpassed the Bayleys of the world in terms of her mainstream appeal. Of course we all know that she couldn’t have reached this point on her own, which is why a lot of praise needs to go to her husband and costume designer, Sarath Ton.

Sasha herself has admitted that Ton plays a big part in making her look ravishing week in and week out, which begs the question as to just how valuable they both are to WWE. After all, Banks is one of the company’s biggest cash cows in the women’s division, and by default they need Sarath around to maintain a lot of her momentum.

8 Finn Balor & Cathy Kelley

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We want Finn Balor and Cathy Kelley to get married immediately. There, we said it. The presenter and superstar alliance has sent the WWE Universe into meltdown since pictures of them together first surfaced, and there are no words to describe just how adorable the pair look together. Yes, we know, we’re swooning, but they’re just great.

Kelley is quickly becoming one of WWE’s most prized possessions in terms of presenters, and we all know that Finn is destined to become one of the biggest stars we’ve ever seen on Monday Night Raw. When you put that kind of star power together, they more than deserve a ranking in the top 10.

7 Rusev & Lana

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Unfortunately for good old Ru Ru, Lana has certainly been holding down the fort over the last few months. Hell, even when they were together on television, the Ravishing Russian was receiving 95% of the crowd’s attention. Why? Well, first of all, just take a look at her, and second of all, Rusev hasn’t exactly been booked like the monster heel we all know that he can be.

The two are arguably stronger together than apart, but when they’re both on their game they far exceed the quality of most relationships on this list. Rusev has used his comedic side to gain a wealth of new fans, while Lana could probably defeat every single internet darling within seconds and she’d still be loved unconditionally.

6 Dean Ambrose & Renee Young

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It may surprise a few people to see a non-wrestling figure appear so high up here, but it’s more than deserved. Renee Young has been the face of WWE’s kickoff shows and Talking Smack interviews for a long time now, and the plucky announcer seems to get better as her years with the company go on. It defies logic, really.

On the opposite end of the scale, we’ve got Dean Ambrose who, in the face of poor booking, has somehow managed to maintain his overwhelming popularity. As a heel, he’s better than 90% of the roster, but as a babyface, his star power makes him one of the most valuable assets across both Raw and SmackDown Live.

5 The Miz & Maryse

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Come on now, you just knew they were going to feature prominently here. The term "star power" is thrown around a lot, and has been throughout this article, but it’s never been personified quite as well as it has been by Miz and Maryse. But let’s not get things twisted, because it’s certainly a team effort between the two of them.

Maryse’s influence on Miz’s career since the night after WrestleMania 32 has been extraordinary, with The Awesome One completely revitalising his current run in the face of great adversity. Through all of the critics and naysayers, Mike Mizanin has come out of the other side a better man and a more improved performer, which is a testament to this relationship.

4 Brock Lesnar & Sable

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Sable may not have been seen in a WWE ring for many years now, but she’s still one of the most recognisable divas/female Superstars of the last few decades. She assisted in dragging the company into the mainstream during the '90s, with her Playboy shoot in particular grabbing a lot of headlines. Oh, and her husband is Brock Lesnar – did we forget to mention that?

The current Universal Champion is the last remaining special attraction in wrestling, and as such, he holds a special place in the hearts of many. Plus, and this is no exaggeration, having his name on the bill for a pay per view instantly raises the profile of not only the event, but every competitor that shares the ring with him.

3 Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella

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Neither one of these names are wrestling anymore, so this may seem unusual, but it is Daniel Bryan after all. Even after hanging up his boots last year, Bryan’s popularity is still at an all-time high, with his role as SD Live General Manager being extremely well-received by the WWE Universe. Not exactly surprising, is it?

As one half of the Bella Twins, the former Divas Champ Brie Bella also deserves some praise, with Brie herself hinting that a return to the ring could actually happen in the not so distant future. So regardless of all the mocking and teasing by Miz and Maryse, they still can’t touch the star quality of Bryan and Bella. Sorry, guys.

2 Triple H & Stephanie McMahon

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Falling just short of the number one spot comes Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, who are without a doubt the most powerful couple in all of professional wrestling today. Of course, that doesn’t always translate into star power inside of the squared circle, but in this instance The Game’s astonishing success more than carries them to the silver medal.

In both the business world and the wrestling world, Steph more than carries her load, helping to grow the company in ways that we as fans haven’t even thought of yet. HHH, on the other hand, always gets a huge reaction whenever he pops up on Raw or at WrestleMania, and that’s why we certainly haven’t seen the last of them on our screens.

1 John Cena & Nikki Bella

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You knew it was coming. John Cena is, whether you like it or not, still the franchise player in WWE. That hasn’t changed over the last decade and it certainly isn’t going to anytime soon, with his Fourth of July return gaining more coverage than just about anything that’s happened since WrestleMania 33 in the wrestling world.

Nikki Bella, on the other hand, has played a huge part in growing the Bella brand, firmly establishing herself as the more important member of the sisterhood. Sorry, Brie. With their in-ring careers apparently winding down there’s a chance that they could start to fall down the ladder, but you just know that Big Match John won’t allow that to happen any time soon.

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