Ranking Every Current WWE Women's Division Wrestler From Homeliest To Hottest

Stay tuned, as this list divulges every current WWE Women's Division wrestler ranked from homeliest to hottest.

Regardless of how much things have changed in terms of women's wrestling in the WWE because of the "Women's Revolution" the past couple of years, looks are still very much an important aspect of women's wrestling. Sure, you don't need to be a Lita or a Trish Stratus to "make it" in the WWE anymore, but most of the Women's Division wrestlers now a days are still in fact very attractive (albeit most aren't quite as hot as a Trish or Lita though).

The WWE have always been about giving their audiences "eye candy" (well at least Mr. McMahon is) and as much as Vinnie loves seeing a hard and shredded male wrestler's physique, he appreciates the beauty in his "Divas" as well. Personally, I don't mind at all that the WWE are trying to promote their female talents into more prominent and important positions/roles. Ironically, many of the female wrestlers can out-wrestle many of the boys in the locker-room, so it only seems fitting that they too get their fair share of opportunities in the spotlight.

However with all that said, looks are still very important to us fans, and we definitely can appreciate the hottest female talents such as Alexa Bliss, Lana and Nikki Bella. Sure we love a great match, but getting a glimpse of Alexa's booty is almost just as much of a thrill. Just as a side note before beginning the list, no Diva in the WWE is truly "homely," but let's just say that some Divas are hotter than others. Stay tuned, as this list divulges every current WWE Women's Division wrestler ranked from homeliest to hottest.

19  19. Nia Jax


Nia Jax is by far the most physically intimidating WWE Women's Division wrestler since Awesome Kong (Kharma). Nia has left an absolutely huge path of destruction since her main roster debut, and it's only a matter of time before Jax rises to the top of the division and becomes the RAW Women's Champion for the first time (perhaps SummerSlam?) Although Nia is a very imposing and talented wrestler, I'd say that she wouldn't be considered to be one of the "hottest" Divas on the roster.

This is especially true when you have the likes of Alexa Bliss and Lana floating around on the roster. However, for being a "bigger" built lady, I'll still admit that Nia's actually quite pretty in her own scary and intimidating kind of way. Nia Jax is far from being your average WWE "Diva," and she's really a breathe of fresh air. Nia doesn't need to be the hottest Diva on the roster to find success, because all she has to do is plow her way through the competition much like Braun Strowman.

18 Tamina


The extremely misused Tamina, the daughter of the late WWE Hall Of Famer Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka is by far one of the company's most intimidating Women's Division wrestlers today. Tamina has the size, strength and athleticism which are all key components in creating a dominant wrestler, however she has never really achieved much success in the WWE and was rather utilized as a side-kick.

Although Tamina has been considered widely to be a complete afterthought up until this point, now that she resides on the "Land Of The Opportunity" SmackDown Live, there's a slim chance that Tamina will rise and reach her potential (sky's the limit). With all that said, considering we're basing the Divas on looks in this article, Tamina has been ranked fairly poorly as she's not what most men (or women) would consider to be "hot." I'll admit, Tamina's kind of hot in a very intimidating biker kind of way (similar to Nia Jax), but she's definitely nowhere near being the hottest Women's Division wrestler.

17 Bayley


Bayley, the former RAW Women's Champion is floundering, and floundering pretty miserably I might add. Despite being handed countless opportunities to prove that she deserves to sit on the throne in the Women's Division on the RAW Brand, Bayley has ultimately failed in her attempts and proved that she really can't hang with "the big boys" (or the "big girls" in this case). What is it that Bayley lacks? Well, I'd say Bayley lacks an entertaining and/or compelling character at this point for starters.

Sure she's over, but Bayley honestly lacks a real connection with the audiences to make the fans truly want to root for her and not just cheer her on because she's booked like a geek and is a "Aw, I feel sorry for her" kind of babyface. Her character is just really stale and boring at this point and everyone knows it. Rant aside, since we're focusing on looks, Bayley is far from being considered a very "hot" Diva (at least to most), so Vince is desperately in need for Bayley to show us some personality to make up for her lack of extreme hotness which he usually tends to favor in his top Women's Division wrestlers.

16 Alicia Fox


Alicia Fox is currently a member of the Women's Division on Monday Night RAW. Although Alicia has never really been "the Diva" or a real key player of the division despite having a run with the Divas Championship in 2010, Alicia is still a solid performer that does add some depth to the fairly thin division. However, let's not try to hide the fact that Fox has been involved in countless botched segments and matches over the years (and perhaps some of the reasons as to why Alicia was never a key player for a very long period of time).

Regardless, Alicia Fox is pretty attractive in that crazy Diva kind of way, and maybe that has something to do with why and how Alicia Fox is still employed by the WWE all these years despite being in a lowercard "jobber to the top Divas" position. Obviously Vince finds miss Fox to be attractive, and I don't think we could really fault him for that. However, compared to some of the other Women's Division wrestlers in the WWE at the moment, Alicia is nowhere near the hottest.

15 Natalya


The former 1-time Divas Champion Natalya is currently amidst her heel run in the Women's Division on the Blue Brand, SmackDown Live. Although Natalya has always seemed to play second fiddle to the top Diva (usually utilized as a a jobber to the stars), she's still very much a critical addition to SmackDown's division, considering Natalya's one of the most solid and well-rounded performers they have. However, I don't particularly see Natalya becoming the top Women's Division wrestler on the Blue Brand now or in the future.

I rather see her continue to fill in the spot of that solid performer who puts over the top Divas or the up and coming female talents who are in need of a big win. It's common knowledge that Natalya's the daughter of former WWE star Jim Neidhart, and she definitely fits into that cliche saying that "she got it from her mother" as let's be honest, Jim was never a "looker." Although Natalya's not the hottest Women's Division wrestler on the roster, she's still pretty attractive.

14 Naomi


Naomi is the current SmackDown's Women's Champion, and she is now set to defend her championship against Lana at the Money In The Bank pay-per-view later this month. It has been quite the roller coaster year for Naomi, as she reached the "top of the mountain" so to speak by winning the Women's Championship from Alexa Bliss at Elimination Chamber, only to relinquish the title just a short while later. However, things have been looking up for Naomi since 'Mania, and she's currently the top Women's Division wrestler over on the Blue Brand.

Although she can be a tad clumsy (sometimes a lot), prior to her push, I still thought Naomi was someone who should have had a larger role in the company considering her incredible athleticism, and look at her now! I'm sure one of the factors in why Naomi received her push is due to her good looks, as there's no denying that Naomi's quite hot, albeit not quite as hot as some of the other Divas hence why she has been ranked in the #14 position on the list.

13 Carmella


"The Princess Of Staten Island" Carmella is presently rumored to be in-line for a singles push on SmackDown in the near future. Up until this point, Carmella has mainly been featured as a filler talent feuding in various midcard story-lines, but if the rumors are true, this will all be changing very soon. Despite not being anywhere near an "in-ring technician" by any means, I personally believe that Carmella will be more than capable (and ready) to thrive in a more prominent position on the Blue Brand moving forward.

The division is far too weak and revolving around the same names (Naomi/Charlotte et cetera), and the Women's Division is in desperate need of some new faces (heels in Carmella's case) at the forefront to keep things interesting and fresh. Carmella is set to take part in the Women's Money In The Bank ladder match later this month, and perhaps her push will start there by capturing the coveted briefcase. In terms of looks goes, Carmella is certainly attractive in a sporty way.

12 Dana Brooke


Dana Brooke, the former side-kick of "The Queen" Charlotte is now enjoying a singles run in the Women's Division on the RAW Brand after turning face by attacking miss Flair back in early April of this year following her loss at the hands of Sasha Banks. Although many fans don't believe that Dana has much going for herself at the moment, all she needs is a good character/story-line to propel herself into the top echelon of the division considering she most definitely has the look that Vince loves, and not to mention her strength.

Brooke may not be the best in-ring technician at this point, but she won't have to be in order to become a focal point of the Women's Division on RAW. Dana sort of reminds me of former WWE Diva Kaitlyn in that she's quite attractive, yet dangerous and intimidating looking at the same time. Dana's far from being THE hottest female talent in the company, but she's still pretty hot in my opinion.

11 Charlotte Flair


The self-proclaimed "Queen" of the WWE Charlotte Flair was traded to the Blue Brand due to the company's latest brand "shakeup" that occurred back in April. There's no denying that Charlotte has basically been utilized as the "face of the Women's Division" ever since her first Divas Championship win back in September of 2015 considering she's basically the "it factor" in terms of what the WWE wants in a Women's Division wrestler. Charlotte's without a doubt the company's best in-ring female talent right now, and her position reflects that.

Although she's not currently in-line for another Women's Championship match in the near future, Charlotte's taking part in the first-ever Women's Money In The Bank ladder match later this month, and there's no doubt that she's one of the odds-on favorites to grab the briefcase. Regardless, I'd say that Charlotte has undoubtedly achieved her successes thus far in her career based off of her incredible in-ring (and mic) talent, and because she's Ric Flair's daughter versus being a very "hot" Diva. Some fans find "The Queen" to be attractive, but compared to the likes of Alexa Bliss among others, she's nowhere near their level of hotness (at least in my opinion that is).

10 Sasha Banks


"The Boss" Sasha Banks, the three-time RAW Women's Champion is currently amidst a pretty significant and noticeable de-push. Despite having three Women's Championship runs under her belt (although they were all pretty short), Sasha finds herself in an undercard Diva's position at the moment (tag teaming with Cruiserweight Rich Swann against Noam Dar and Alicia Fox at Extreme Rules was an example of her imminent de-push in the company). Although it's not arguable that Banks has been a key player in the "Women's Revolution" in the WWE, perhaps her inflated ego/attitude have been factors as to why she's nowhere near as relevant as she once was.

However, I sincerely doubt that this will last forever, as she's far too solid of a performer for the WWE to squander away in meaningless filler feuds and matches. With all that said, much like Charlotte Flair, Sasha has achieved her successes based off of her in-ring talent and connection with the fans over being Vince's eye-candy. Don't get me wrong, Banks is still attractive, but she's far from being one of the hottest Women's Division wrestlers.

9 Mickie James


Mickie James shocked the WWE Universe last year following her return to the company after a nearly seven year absence. It honestly seems like Mickie has been involved in the wrestling business for an eternity (ironically Alexa Bliss threw James' age and lack of relevancy up in her face during one of her promos). However, despite wrestling since '99, Mickie James is really only 37 years old. Although many Women's Division wrestlers retire before they turn 35, Mickie still looks fantastic, and she has proven that she can still go in the ring like she used to.

However, despite being a former 5-time Women's Champion and a 1-time Divas Champion, the WWE have mainly utilized Mickie as a side-kick to Alexa Bliss (while on SmackDown), or as a jobber to the stars. Mickie James is now a member of Monday Night RAW, and we'll just have to wait and see if her position improves or not. In terms of her looks, Mickie looks absolutely stunning for her age (almost looks hotter than she did 10 years ago), and she's definitely one of the hottest Divas around today.

8 Summer Rae


Summer Rae has been nowhere to be seen since the 2016 WWE Draft last July following her draft to Monday Night RAW due to various injuries. Although Summer's far from being considered a "talented" Women's Division wrestler, there's no denying that she definitely has the looks that Vince McMahon appreciates in one of his Divas. However, for the majority of her career thus far, Summer Rae has mainly been utilized as a manager for other talents (Fandango, Dolph Ziggler, Rusev, Tyler Breeze et cetera) as well as a filler talent who's thrown into (ironically) throwaway Women's Division matches whenever a Diva's needed.

At 33 years old, it's hard to determine as to whether or not Summer Rae will be utilized as a full time in-ring Women's Division wrestler following her recovery from her injuries. Considering both SmackDown's and RAW's Women's Division's are pretty thin, I think either brand could benefit from the addition of Summer. In terms of hotness, I'd say that miss Summer Rae certainly deserves to at least be in the top 10. Taking into account the facts that she's not usually used as an in-ring wrestler nor is she all too talented as a manager, I'm sure Summer's looks have played a factor in why she's still employed.

7 Becky Lynch


Becky Lynch also known as the "Irish Lass Kicker" is a current member of the Women's Division over on the Blue Brand, SmackDown Live where she has up to this point one (and the inaugural) reign as the SmackDown Women's Champion. Becky is by far one of the company's most well rounded performers, as she definitely has the looks, the in-ring talent, the connection with the fans and decent mic skills (even though her accent reportedly "bothered" one of the higher-ups in the company).

Although there are fans who don't especially like some of Becky's fashion choices (take her interesting hairdo at BackLash for example), there's absolutely no denying that she's definitely one of the hottest Women's Division wrestlers around presently. Her fiery personality, ring style and toughness about her rounds Becky Lynch out as being quite attractive in a sort of intimidating kind of way (similar to a Ronda Rousey).

6 Emma


Emma has had an incredibly up and down WWE career like a yo-yo thus far, and it mainly stems from the company's complete idiotic booking of her and not knowing how to properly utilize the Australian to her fullest potential. As I'm sure you all are well aware, between October of 2016 up until mid February of this year, we were getting weekly vignettes of the impending debut of Emmalina. However, as you also all probably know, the "Emmalina" gimmick was dropped like a ton of bricks before she even made an official debut, and the character ended when Emmalina showed up to RAW declaring that she is transforming back to Emma.

According to backstage reports, the Emmalina character (which would have resembled The Kat or a Sable kind of wrestler) was dropped because the company felt as if Emma wasn't putting in enough effort into her new role, and because she didn't look comfortable in the role to begin with. Regardless, let's hope that the WWE try's to figure out how they can effectively utilize the talented Emma moving forward. In regards to Emma's looks, she's undeniably hot, and many fans would agree with me hence why she has been ranked closer to the bottom of the list.

5 Paige


Paige is widely considered to be the WWE's most controversial Women's Division wrestler in recent memory taking into account both her recent private video and photo leaks as well as her relationship with the hot-head known to the wrestling world as TNA's Alberto El Patron. Although we haven't seen Paige in a WWE ring since late June 2016, things probably wouldn't have gone in favor of Paige. Prior to her hiatus from the company, Paige's position had increasingly lessened as the "Women's Revolution" Divas such as Charlotte, Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch took over the division.

At the time, Paige was basically a glorified jobber, so she's really not missing out on very much. However, with how thin the Women's Division's are on both shows, I'm sure the WWE would try to make good use out of a solid talent in Paige. It's common knowledge that Paige is exceptionally hot in her Gothic, punk-rocker kind of style, and she has a plethora of male fans who would do just about anything to be in the extremely lucky Del Rio's shoes as her fiancee. Paige is definitely deserving of being in the top 5 hottest Women's Division wrestlers category (despite not wrestling in nearly a year).

4 Eva Marie


Although Eva Marie is probably one of the top 3 worst female wrestlers the WWE ever tried to push and promote as "the future," there's no denying that she's incredibly hot (and it's no wonder why Vince has tried and tried again with Eva). Eva has been given countless opportunities to succeed in the wrestling biz, but she has failed every single time. Whether down in WWE's developmental territory NXT or on the main roster, Eva Marie has proven time and time again that she just doesn't have what it takes to be a trusted Women's Division wrestler.

Fittingly, ever since Eva's Wellness Policy Violation back in August of last year, she hasn't made a television appearance since. Instead, it seems like Eva Marie is focusing her time towards growing her already-large Instagram following and a potential acting career (in my opinion, a much better fit for her). However, as long as she's still under a WWE contract, we can still consider Eva to be a Women's Division wrestler, and as such, she's undoubtedly one of the hottest female talents the company has.

3 Nikki Bella


Nikki Bella is currently on a hiatus from wrestling which she confirmed on April 4th through her Instagram account. As I'm sure you all are aware, John Cena had proposed to Nikki Bella at this past WrestleMania pay-per-view following their tag team win over The Miz and Maryse much to the shock of the WWE Universe. After having a fairly long and successful career atop the Women's Division, it makes sense that Nikki has other things on her mind at the moment (marrying John Cena being one of them).

Although Nikki was never the best "in-ring technician," she still had a connection with the fans (not to mention her incredibly good looks that would've driven Vince loony). There's no doubt that Nikki's push in the WWE was partly due to her attractiveness, as she has widely been considered by many fans to be the hottest Diva in the WWE. Although Nikki's by far one of the hottest Women's Division wrestlers in recent memory, there's still two Divas who top her in the looks department.

2 Lana


"The Ravishing Russian" Lana is set to make her SmackDown Live pay-per-view debut at the impending Money In The Bank later this month in a match for Naomi's SmackDown Women's Championship. Despite some fans thinking that this is a "risky" move on part of the WWE considering we haven't really seen if Lana's worth a damn in the ring, I still think it's a smart decision (and one that I had predicted would occur sooner rather than later). Lana's undoubtedly one of the hottest Divas in the WWE today, so I believe it's a smart move by the WWE to attempt pushing the extremely popular former manager of Rusev.

Even if Lana goes on to prove that she's mediocre at best in the ring, I still think that Lana will be a solid addition to the division to add some diversity (we don't just want workhorse Women's Division wrestlers do we?) Lana's a throwback to the Divas of the past, and I predict that she'll get over very quickly as the top Diva in the division. Lana's by far one of the top 3 hottest Women's Division wrestlers currently, and I doubt very many fans would argue that!

1 Alexa Bliss


By far the hottest Women's Division wrestler today is none other than the current RAW Women's Champion (and the saving grace of the division) Alexa Bliss. Alexa's basically this generations version of Trish Stratus, as she has the in-ring talent, the mic skills, and the incredibly hot looks (not to mention her infamous "booty"). Alexa Bliss is without a doubt the most well-rounded Women's Division wrestler today, whether you compare her to the rest of RAW's division or SmackDown Live's division. Alexa just has "it" which is very hard to come by these days it seems.

Despite being involved in that absolutely atrocious "this is my life" segment involving Bayley last week, for the most part, Alexa's pure gold on the mic and there's not a single ounce of hesitation when she puts a mic in front of her mouth. It's very hard these days to find a Women's Division wrestler who possesses the two most important traits, as it's usually a split between the women who just have the in-ring talent and those who just have the looks. In Alexa's case, she has both traits and Bliss' honestly on another level compared to the rest of the women on the roster. Not only that, but I believe Alexa can take the "I'm the hottest Women's Division wrestler of them all" award too.

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Ranking Every Current WWE Women's Division Wrestler From Homeliest To Hottest