Ranking Every Women's Wrestler We've Seen In Her Birthday Suit

We kind of have to face it, without women, professional wrestling would just be sweaty, musclebound dudes in tight costumes pretending to wail on each other and performing acrobatic stunts. There would still be the athleticism and some of the story lines, but at the same time, wrestling would lack an element of sex appeal for the majority of the audience. The popularity of women in wrestling, and especially the Divas in WWE have gone through the roof in recent years and we can see why. The women are stunning, athletic and put on a great show (even the ones who can barely wrestle or handle a mic).

Unfortunately, women's wrestling is often a massive tease. We get to see these Goddesses wearing tight, revealing athletic attire running around, throwing each other and looking nearly perfect while doing it, but fans are seldom seeing what they're really looking for. This is more true nowadays because WWE focuses on having a relatively family-friendly product. A decade ago however, Divas were showing off their goods constantly. Of course, others got nude before or after their wrestling careers while working as models. Finally, there are a group of Divas and former Divas who recently had photos leaked.

Here we'll be counting down and ranking these Divas who stripped down in front of cameras. Whether their phone got hacked, they posed for a magazine or participated in a movie, we'll include them all and rank them based on how hot the picture is and how lusted after the Diva was or is.

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20 Honorable Mention: Summer Rae

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Why is Summer Rae an honorable mention? Well, with the recent set of leaked pictures that involved Paige and several former Divas, there is a rumor of a Summer Rae nude shot having been leaked, along with a video. She has denied that the picture is actually her (and there is no face featured in the picture, and she also said the woman in the video is most definitely not her. Spoiler alert: we included the other women who have had recent photo leaks, because in those cases, there is no question. In this case, it really is hard to see whether she is the girl in the photo. Believe whatever you want to believe if it helps you sleep at night.

19 Missy Hyatt

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Missy Hyatt's time in WWE (back in the late 1980s, so WWF) was so short that many don't remember it, which is fine because it was a waste of her time, of Vince's time and of course, a waste of time for the fans. She was hired by Vince McMahon, while still under contract with Universal Wrestling Federation, to do a talk/interview show called Missy's Manor. It was a disaster and she found herself back in UWF very quickly.

Much later in her career, around 2000, she decided to try her hand (body?) at the adult entertainment world, and started a site called Wrestling Vixxxens. It didn't last very long but fans got to see women of wrestling fooling around, including another member of this list...

18 Chyna

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One of the biggest names among female wrestlers and also one of the most popular wrestlers of the 1990s and early 2000s, Chyna's death shocked the sports world last year; another celebrity killed by a nasty concoction of drugs. Her stint in WWE ended in the early 2000's and while she continued wrestling, she worked in independent promotions through the majority of the 2000s. Her adult film and magazine career included a couple of Playboy appearances along with a few films. The first of these was a video she made with Sean "X-Pac" Waltman entitled 1 Night in China, which sold tons of copies and won an AVN Award, which is no small feat. She was in five more films including two Avengers parodies in which she played She-Hulk.

17 Victoria

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A two-time winner of the WWE Women's Championship and five time Knockouts Champ in TNA, Lisa Marie Varon/Tara/Victoria/H.B.I.C. spent most of the 2000s with WWE and then set off for TNA. She was originally a bodybuilder and worked as a personal trainer, and met stars like Chyna and Torrie Wilson (more on them later) in that line of business, and essentially got her start through contacts.

In March 2016, she was the victim of that infamous photo leak scandal and had several of her pictures show up online. Some were in lingerie, some were without anything at all, and at least one involved her in the middle of a certain act that guys will do just about anything for (not doing the dishes, but if you made that joke, we like your style).

16 Melina

via forum.bodybuilding.com

Model, fitness competitor and multiple-time WWE Divas/Womens' Championship title holder Melina Perez started training in the early 2000s and was a favorite of Bret Hart. She learned the business quickly and her brilliant athleticism helped her become an icon quickly. Most of her time since leaving WWE in 2011 has been spent in small promotions, along with a brief stint in Lucha Underground. She's still active on the independent regional circuit and at the time of writing, holds the Women's Championship for Maryland Championship Wrestling. She was one of the former Divas who had sensitive pictures leaked recently and while she still has a very fit looking body, whatever doctor performed her boob job should be publicly flogged. Sorry, but that's just calling it how it is in this case.

15 Sunny

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Tammy Sytch was one of the great Divas of the 1990s and with good reason. Starting out in Smokey Mountain in the early 1990s, and moving to WWE in '95, she was on top of the wrestling world and eventually got named to the Hall of Fame. Unfortunately, her life went off the rails in the 2000's and continues to be somewhat all over the place to this day. If she's been in the news in the last several years the news has either been relating to an arrest or discussing her p*rnographic video Sunny Side Up: In Through the Backdoor which was released last year.

Of course, dedicated and older fans know, she had posed nude prior to this, having worked for Missy Hyatt's site in the distant past as well. While she's looking a bit worse for wear today, Sunny was something special in her prime.

14 Brooke Adams

via prowrestling.wikia.com

One of those wrestlers who never really did anything all that special in WWE, Brooke Adams went on to have great success in TNA, in which she won the Knockouts Championship three times and the Knockouts Tag Team Championship once with Tara (WWE's Victoria). Years ago she did a nude photo shoot on a beach. We aren't actually sure which publication she was posing for, but the pictures are about as great as you'd imagine. More recently she did a nude pregnancy photo shoot and while we're on board for the whole "all women are beautiful" thing, we'll stick to the clothing-impaired women who aren't lugging around kids inside their bodies.  So yeah, go check out those photos if you want but we suggest the beach shoot.

13 Candice Michelle

via prowrestling.wikia.com

While she has been well over five years since she was involved with WWE, we still remember her fondly. She was evil and sexy at the same time along with Torrie and Melina as one of Vince's Devils, and despite her being unsuccessful on Diva Search the company (like so many other girls) hired her anyway and developed her talent. She posed for Playboy in Arpil, 2006 but what many fans don't know is that she also had a brief career in the adult industry before she got picked up by WWE. Candice Michelle went by the name MacKenzie Montgomery in the early 2000's when she was active in that business, and did a lot of videos in the foot fetish niche.

12 Kaitlyn

via flashofthestars.com

Gorgeous Texan Celesta Bonin started out, like a few women on this list, in fitness competitions and bodybuilding before making the switch to pro wrestling. After training with Florida Championship Wrestling in 2010, she finally became a regular on the main roster for WWE a couple of years later. She held the Women's Championship briefly but took her retirement from WWE and wrestling in general back in 2014. Much like her real-life friend AJ Lee (sorry, no leaked photos of AJ are out there). Her intention was to return to fitness modeling, and work on a clothing line she had started. Recently, she was one of the former WWE starlets whose private pictures were leaked onto the internet. We feel bad for her, but a lot of fans finally saw what they wanted.

11 Tiffany

via cagesideseats.com

Now 31 and a born-again Christian with two kids, Tiffany (Taryn Terrell outside of WWE), it is unlikely that we will ever see her nude body again. While it is unfortunate and sad, there are worse injustices in the world, so we'll get over it. Like a few women on our list, Tiffany posed for Hugh Hefner's incredible publication multiple times between 2007 and 2010. Her shoot were hot but by no means among the best compared to many of the other ladies we'll see higher on the list. We don't want to use the word "boring" but you could kind of tell the shoots were thrown together and it looks like she wasn't having fun and trying to be hot; which is just too bad for fans.

10 Ashley Massaro 

via bestsportsstar.blogspot.ca

As we all know, some Divas are hired because they are great at what they do. They have decent wrestling, are great athletes, can handle the mic and of course, look stunning. Trish Stratus and Lita are two such Divas that come to mind, in terms of being the whole package. On the other hand, there are Divas who are just hot. Ashley Massaro belongs in the latter category. She had a great face and a hot body, but watching her in the ring was rough. She appeared in Playboy three times total, including two great shoots from her days before she joined WWE. If see-through tops and hiked up skirts are your thing then we recommend Googling these images sometime. They won't make you start drooling and pass out, but they're nice to see.

9 Lana

via hawtcelebs.com

We all know Lana as the fake-Russian accent manager of Rusev. And we have to say, the accent is comically fake, but for a laugh and for the theatrics of WWE, she's alright and a welcome member of the current diva roster. Prior to her time in WWE though, she did just about everything else in show business, including dancing, modeling, acting and singing. She served as a backup dancer for a number of musical stars including Akon, Nelly and Pink. Her modeling career included some nude pictorials that were pretty awesome, and while many people know her acting career includes a part in the Pitch Perfect films, but she was also in an episode of Cinemax's show Banshee, in which she was fooling around with a guy in a bathroom stall while he snorted blow off her tata's. He looked like he was having a nice time. We can't say we aren't jealous.

8 Christy Hemme

via wallpapers76.com

The winner of 2004's Diva Search (what a great year) has worked in wrestling since 2004, but retired from her work as an interviewer with TNA just last year. We probably don't need to point this out to anyone who has been occasionally glancing at TNA for the last few years, but in terms of looks, Christy hasn't missed a beat; still a gem, still a hottie with the desirability of a far younger woman.

Her Playboy issue was April, 2005 and digging into our bag of fun facts about Divas who posed for Mr. Hefner, she actually spoke to her father and sought his permission before doing the shoot, as he had once told her never to pose nude, early in her career in show business.

7 Maria Kanellis 

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Maria has kept herself busy since her six years in WWE back in the mid to late 2000s. She has a degree and apparently plans to continue her studies, got married back in 2014, has had a few movie parts (nothing worth calling home about) and has continued her participation in the wrestling world, moving to Ring of Honor and more recently TNA with her husband former TNA, ROH and New Japan Champion Mike Bennett. She posed for Playboy in April, 2008. More recently, she was one of the former WWE employees whose private pictures got hacked and many people online have had a chance to ogle her once again. We have to say, while the wrestling lifestyle may severely take its toll on some people, Maria is looking fantastic these days.

6 Maryse 

via caq.fr

Stunning French-Canadian Diva Maryse, is currently in her second stint with WWE but got her start over ten years ago after an unsuccessful time on Diva Search. These days she's working as a valet for The Miz (her real life husband, and a guy of whom we are all jealous) but long ago she held the Divas Championship twice, in 2008 and 2010. She posed for Playboy a couple of times and one of the shoots had a weight room theme. We dig it, but would imagine that if a woman this hot started taking off her gear in the middle of a workout there would be dudes dropping barbells left, right, and center. No, that's not a euphemism, people would get distracted and hurt.

5 Beulah McGillicutty

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While she primarily worked for ECW for a few years in the 1990s, she had a few appearances in WWE throughout the 2000s when Tommy Dreamer (her husband) was in the promotion. She was gorgeous, and one of the sexiest valets in the business back in the 1990s. These days she is retired from the wrestling game, despite Dreamer's involvement as the founder of House of Hardcore. She has written a children's book called Gertrude the Great and has two kids. Back in the '90s, Beulah was the star of a video (very easy to find, we might add) of her...let's just say "going at herself." Beulah has come a very long way from that video and the ECW days to a children's author.

4 Mickie James

via cagesideseats.com

You wouldn't know it by looking at her, but Mickie James is creeping up on forty and is currently 37. Recently we've seen her return to WWE after a few years away in other promotions like TNA and Global Force, but long before her first stint with WWE, she did some adult modeling, and not the "soft" kind. The two most well-known publications for which she posed were Leg Show and Naughty Neighbors. The photo shoots left nothing to the imagination and we have to say, they were awesome. She's come a long way and while she has seldom spoken of her experiences in the adult business, she acknowledges them and apparently has no shame. Good for her. There is nothing wrong with owning your past as Mickie has.

3 Torrie Wilson

via wwe.com

Torrie Wilson will always be remembered as one of the sexiest women to ever work for WWE, with a nearly flawless body and a really pretty face as well. She got her start in WWE after WCW (where she was working at the time) was bought out. She stuck around from then until the late 2000s at which point she retired. She still looks amazing to this day, and remains an incredibly fit woman. There are some out there who think she is hotter now, in her early 40s, than she was back during her career. And in reality, there are no losers in that argument. She posed twice for Playboy; once on her own and of course, once with Sable. Speaking of Sable...

2 Sable

via wwe.com

Brock Lesnar is a lucky guy, but we have to say, he's earned his incredibly hot wife. She was married to Mark Mero for a decade but Lesnar and Sable (Rena) got together shortly after and got married in 2006. Prior to that, whether she was Vince McMahon's supposed mistress or feuding with Jacqueline and Torrie Wilson, Sable was absurdly beautiful and the fantasy of wrestling fans across the globe. She was featured in Playboy three times, including a series of pictures with Torrie Wilson that are far beyond the realm of hot. They are two of the hottest women to ever work for WWE and seeing Torrie licking Sable's face is almost too much for us to take. Magazines may no longer be a hot item but you can find photos this classic all over the internet.

1 Paige

via stillrealtous.com

As far as current Divas go, we're hard-pressed to think of one we wanted to see with nothing on more than Paige. The stunning young Brit has a unique look, is a genuine talent in the ring and has some amazing charisma with the mic in her hand. Of course, for those who saw the pictures and the videos...we now know she has another set of skills. We always suspected, but this proved out suspicions. Everything was about as perky as we hoped it would be, but at the end of the day she wasn't much in terms of energy while doing the deed. Maybe she had wrestled in the last few days.

For now at least though, Paige is the queen of the WWE Divas we've seen in their birthday suit. Obviously this isn't a title she'd want, but she's got it.

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