Ranking Every WWE Diva In History From Worst To Best

Sick and tired of watching World Wrestling Entertainment's talented roster of women wrestle one to two minute matches on the reg, the WWE Universe decided to backlash against the product the only way

Sick and tired of watching World Wrestling Entertainment's talented roster of women wrestle one to two minute matches on the reg, the WWE Universe decided to backlash against the product the only way they knew how. With a hashtag. Little did we know, a freakin' hashtag would change the world of sports entertainment as we know it. Almost two years ago, #GiveDivasAChance trended worldwide for not just an hour, not just a day, but for three whole days, prompting major media outlets to point out WWE's mistreatment of its female talent -- not the kind of publicity WWE wanted.

With women like Paige, AJ Lee, Sasha Banks, Emma, Charlotte, Bayley, and Becky Lynch changing everybody's perception of what a woman can do in the WWE, the company had no other choice but to listen to its fans and light a fire in the division like never before. And boy, did the women of WWE experience quite the revolution this year.

Women not only wrestled inside Hell In A Cell, they were also the main event. No longer do we have a Championship belt more suited for a Bratz Doll than a wrestler. Women are finally being considered for "Match of the Year" and they're winning it. Sasha Banks and Bayley scored that coveted prize in NXT, something many fans never thought possible.

So what is so great about Sasha Banks and Bayley? Are they really deserving of the best match? Are they better than Trish Stratus and Lita were? Are they better than AJ Lee and Paige? Or what about Eva Marie and Rosa Mendes? HA!

Not always were we treated to breathtaking action like we are today. We’ve had our wrestlers and we’ve had our models attempting to become wrestlers because, why not? Sometimes, these Divas would succeed and other times fall flat on their faces. Literally. The average lifespan of a woman in WWE is about three and a half years. How many WWE Divas have we seen over the years then? Is it even possible to name them all? Yes it is! And what better way to do it than by ranking every single last one of them from worst to best. It's to show you just how far the WWE women's division has come. To qualify...

A) Any woman who has wrestled in a WWE ring, or pulled hair in a WWE ring will be on the list.

B) If she hasn't wrestled or pulled hair, but was involved in story line and was hired by WWE with the intention of doing more with her, she’s on the list.

C) No ring announcers or backstage interviewers. Sorry Rene. Sorry Lillian.

D) Women who were signed by WWE but never appeared on RAW or SmackDown, and only worked under a development territory like OVW, FCW, or even NXT, do not qualify.

Sorry, Asuka. You’ll top a list one day. We will begin the list with…


No, no. I'm not saying Sunny is the worst WWE Diva of all time. She’s a Hall of Famer, I'm well aware. She just won't be on the list. I will be using Sunny as a starting point because it wasn't until a bombshell like Sunny arrived that many more followed suit. Hence for better or worse, the birth of the term “Diva.” Therefore…

e) Anyone who wrestled before Sunny and never in a WWE ring again will not be on the list. Because lets face it. Alundra Blayze wasn’t a Diva. She was a wrestler and she could probably kick your butt. And we all know Sensational Sherry would top this list if she were qualified.

This leaves us with a list of 89. So who is the worst WWE Diva in history? It’s a tie.

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89 Lauren Jones and Rochelle Loewen


If you remember Lauren Jones and Rochelle Loewen, you're a either a die hard fan of World Wrestling Entertainment or you're just a really big loser like me who knows way too much about women's wrestling. If you don't know who they are? Good for you.

After the first Diva Search in 2004, WWE seemed only interested in hiring bikini models and as a result, the Divas division would suffer for many many years -- Lauren and Rochelle being prime examples of this. If we're being completely honest, these girls were kind of useless. They didn’t do a whole lot, they never worked a match (probably because they didn't want to), they obviously didn’t have much passion for the business, and, well, I’m pretty sure Randy Orton pooped in one of their bags. Sorry, not sorry.

Active: 2004-2005

88 Muffy


Having a brief stint as Stephanie McMahon’s fitness instructor, Muffy is probably even more forgettable than Lauren and Rochelle, but at least Muffy had a gimmick.

Real name Caryn Mower, Muffy was signed with World Wrestling Entertainment at the same time as Trish Stratus. The original idea was for both blondes to debut alongside each other. However, a change of plans would see Muffy be given only a few segments on WWE television where she would come out and insult the fans for being overweight. It was actually kind of funny. Alas, it didn’t work out for poor Caryn and WWE would prematurely give up on the Muffy character, promptly sending her back to developmental where she would later be released from her contract.

Active: 2000

87 Rebecca


Rebecca’s claim to fame was making it into the final three in the 2006 Diva Search. Even with the loss, WWE saw something in the bombshell anyway and were quick to hire her in the hopes of making her a star. So what did Rebecca do exactly? Good question. She backstage interviewed on the terrible resurrection of the ECW brand, she was once a Lumberjill for a Women’s Championship match taking place at the Cyber Sunday Pay-Per-View, and well... before you knew it, we never saw Rebecca on our television screens ever again. To be fair, most of you probably didn’t even notice her on your television screen in the first place. Not much to write home about, but damn was she pretty.

Active: 2006-2007

86 Lena Yada


Another woman to make it to the final three in a Diva Search competition, Lena Yada was hired and given the position as "backstage interviewer” on the ECW brand. Like every other woman employed by World Wrestling Entertainment during this time, Lena Yada would eventually be tossed into a Bikini Contest where it was there she would decide to try and make a name for herself by attacking Kelly Kelly. Yada yada yada, make a name for herself Lena Yada did not. She would have one official match, being the participant in a 16-Diva Tag Team match, which pretty much meant she didn't actually wrestle because she was never tagged in. A week later, she was released from her contract.

Some models just weren’t meant to be in a wrestling ring, ya know?

Active: 2007-2008

85 Brooke


Also emerging from the WWE Diva Search (seeing a pattern here?), Brooke was assigned to the ECW brand where careers went to horribly die. Brooke, along with Kelly Kelly and Layla, would form an exotic group called Extreme Expose. They would prance out to the ring and dance and strip for the audience. It was pretty much a retread of The Nitro Girls. Only hotter. And trashier. Kelly Kelly and Layla would recover from this. Brooke wouldn't.

As some of you may already know, Brooke would go on to much better things in TNA Wrestling and she has won herself four championships there already. If you were to merely judge Brooke by her stint in WWE, you probably would have never guessed such an accomplishment could be possible, but she's actually pretty damn cool.

Active: 2006-2007

84 Trinity


Signing with World Wrestling Entertainment as a capable wrestler, WWE would surprisingly do absolutely nothing with Trinity and treated her as if she was just another talentless Diva Search hopeful, which trust me, she was not. For example, her prior success in TNA Wrestling had her become the first woman to ever wrestle for the X-Division Championship. In comparison, do you want to know what Trinity's most memorable moment in WWE was? Wearing caution tape over her naked breasts and winning an ECW Halloween Costume Contest. Apples and oranges, to be completely truthful.

Trinity would wrestle a few times at live events, but not once on WWE television. After being released from the company, she later found success as a stuntwoman in Hollywood.

Active: 2006-2007

83 Sara


Not an actual trained wrestler, Sara is the ex-wife of The Undertaker and was merely brought in for a storyline during the infamous Invasion angle in 2001.

Sara was first revealed to the WWE audience in a series of footage shot straight from the point of view of a stalker. Pretty creepy, huh? The stalker turned out to be none other than Diamond Dallas Page and he and Undertaker would feud over the ordeal. That's what you get for marrying a professional wrestler. Stalked and kidnapped for weeks on end. Sara's most memorable moment in WWE? Being the victim of Page's Diamond Cutter on RAW. With the help of her husband, Sara would gain her revenge and win her first and only match against Diamond Dallas Page on RAW. Talk about girl power! 

Active: 2001

82 Marianna


Anything really was possible in The Attitude Era for better or for worse. Also known as Mrs. Cleavage, Marianna played a mother who may or may not have had a sexual relationship with her son Chaz Warrington -- only in the bizarre world of WWE.

The Canadian bodybuilder didn't have prior experience in wrestling and was merely brought in for the angle. Due to Owen Hart's death and a real life sexual harassment lawsuit filed by Rena Mero (Sable), the storyline would be dropped before it could really come into fruition and Marianna would soon be released from her contract. She would never have anything to do with professional wrestling again.

Sadly, she (real name Marianna Komlos) passed away in 2004 from breast cancer.

Active: 1999

81 Ariel


A tarot card reader/fortune teller who looked like a vampire, Ariel didn’t amount to much during her time with World Wrestling Entertainment. Not at all surprising, she was on the ECW brand where she managed another vampire wannabe, Kevin Thorne, to very minimal success. She did make an appearance at WrestleMania 23 which is pretty cool for her, accompanying her man to the ring for when his team, dubbed The New Breed (none of which are still employed with the company), took on the ECW Originals and lost.

Other than that, she slapped Kelly Kelly around a bit and that's pretty much it. She has continued her career in wrestling, but like her career in WWE, with minimal success. Nothing to see here.

Active: 2006-2007

80 Carmella DeCesare


Making it into the final two in the first ever WWE Diva Search, Carmella DeCesare was popular for a hot minute, mainly because all of the other Divas in the contest were pretty awful to her, and rightfully so. Carmella was pretty awful.

All the other Divas claimed she didn't know squat about wrestling and that the only reason she was there was to try and get famous. But like, come on. Really? Most of the other Diva Search hopefuls were only trying to get famous too -- let's be real here.

Carmella would compete in a Pillow Fight against Christy Hemme at Taboo Tuesday, but was quickly disposed like a box of tissues on a 15-year-old boy’s nightstand. Pardon the vulgar reference.

Active: 2004

79 Ryan Shamrock


Known for being Ken Shamrock’s sister (kayfabe), Ryan Shamrock was… well, she was Ryan Shamrock. She was sort of pretty, but also sort of boring. Her career highlights would be appearing at WrestleMania XV and having sex with Val Venis in her debut month. Oh, but she was captured and sacrificed by The Undertaker one time which is pretty cool. Not every former female wrestler can say they were mentally abused by the Phenom himself, ya know?

She also had a bad case of PMS, teaming with Terri Runells and Hall of Famer Jacqueline in the Pretty Mean Sisters stable present in The Attitude Era. Apparently, the reason for her release was because she couldn't agree to a five-year deal. Thank the heavens, am I right?

Active: 1999

78 Amy Weber


One of the first Diva Search contestants with potential (and that's me being kind), Amy landed herself an amazing gig as JBL’s image consultant in The Cabinet. Why was it so amazing? Because she was getting numerous segments every night working side by side with the WWE Champion. Seriously, what better gig can you get?

Due to some backstage drama, Amy would call it quits after being bullied by some of her male coworkers during an international tour. That's okay though. Amy is doing quite alright for herself now and has continued her career as an actor and model. She even landed herself the cover of Maxim in 2010. She's definitely done better outside of wrestling than in it. Not bad, Amy Weber. Not bad.

Active: 2004-2005

77 Joy Giovanni


Another Diva Search contestant, *yawn*, Joy Giovanni was also given a pretty decent gig, being involved in major storylines on SmackDown with The Big Show and Kurt Angle. Joy was like super super hot, so she won herself the title of Rookie Diva Of The Year in 2005 after parading herself in her bikini in front of the entire WWE Universe.

It wouldn't be long until Joy Giovanni left the world of professional wrestling. Oh, but she was brought back years later for a match at WrestleMania. Wait, what? Joy Giovanni had a match at WrestleMania? Yep, she did. Remember that Divas Battle Royal at WrestleMania 25 that Santino Marella won? Oh, you forgot about it? Sorry I even reminded you.

Active: 2004-2005

76 Maxine


Remember that other girl on the all-girl cast of NXT? The one with AJ Lee and Naomi? Yeah, that other girl’s name was Maxine. Although most of her stay with the company was in NXT (where sadly for her, she would have one of the worst matches in the history of wrestling), she did manage to sneak herself into a Divas tag match on Monday Night RAW one time. Therefore, she is making the list. She beats out all the other colleagues because she was pretty talented on the mic and pretty beautiful to boot.

Though her career in WWE would be short lived, she is now working for Lucha Underground under the name Catrina. It's safe to say WWE's loss was definitely LU's gain.

Active: 2010-2012

75 Krissy Vaine


Krissy who?

She was on SmackDown once. Literally, one time. And all she did was brutally attack Torrie Wilson before disappearing never to be seen or heard from again.

So to reiterate, Krissy Vaine literally took years of her life to train and master the craft of professional wrestling, only to be called up to the main roster to do one thing -- viciously beat up Torrie Wilson. So why only one appearance? Well, apparently after being called up, Krissy Vaine couldn't stand being away from her boyfriend. The kicker? Her boyfriend was also signed with WWE, but had yet to be called up to the main roster.

So the both of them quit.

*Face palm*

It's their loss, I suppose, not ours.

Active: 2007

74 Francine


Francine will and always will be remembered for her lengthy career in ECW. 

Her stint in WWE was very brief, and you probably didn't even know she was in the WWE. Like most of the other ladies low on this list, she would only appear on the ECW brand. She had a few appearances here and there -- a few cat fights every now and again, exactly what you would expect from Francine really. Though she didn’t do very much, fans were always excited to see her, especially at the WWE produced ECW One Night Stand pay-per-view, when she and Beulah (only contracted for two One Night Stand appearances) relived their glory days with one final cat fight. It's kind of poetic, really. 

Active: 2005-2006

73 Cherry


One of the more forgettable tag teams in WWE history were accompanied by one of the more forgettable Divas in WWE History. You remember Deuce & Domino? No? Well, they were former Tag Team Champions believe it or not, and they were managed by none other than Cherry -- you know, like the fruit? Cherry along with her boys had 1950s in-ring personas. Why? I don’t know -- because that’s the best WWE could do, I guess.

It obviously didn't work out and Cherry would eventually split up from her boys, wrestling against the likes of Victoria, Maryse, Natalya, and Vickie Guerrero before suddenly being released from her contract. Poor, poor Cherry. She barely even had a chance. She was pretty cute though, no?

Active: 2007-2008

72 Rosa Mendes


Of all current active female wrestlers on the roster today, Rosa Mendes is first to make the list.

She was in the 2006 Diva Search, was brought in as Beth Phoenix’s crazy stalker fan, managed Primo and Epico to Tag Team Championships, and… um… well, she hasn’t really done anything else worth mentioning -- like nothing at all -- and she’s been with the company almost 10 years. I don't really get it. She may be beautiful, but I'm not sure the girl was made for the world for professional wrestling. Recently, she has become a cast member on Total Divas and has since become a mother. Will she come back? Do we want her to come back? Not really, but she’ll probably be back anyway.

Active: 2006, 2008-Present

71 Ashley


Here's the first WWE Diva to make the list to be involved in such pivotal storylines, teaming with Trish Stratus and even competing at WrestleMania 23 against Melina for the Women’s Championship in 2007. Sure, Ashley was super good-looking and willing to pose nude for Playboy magazine, but what Diva wasn’t at the time? Surely there were better options for a push, no? To her credit, she may have tried, but she couldn’t wrestle at all, yet she won way too many matches in her career anyway, which means others like Victoria and Jillian Hall had to job to her each and every week -- not exactly fair or reasonable. 

Ashley, you were beautiful, but we weren't sad to see you go. Sorry.

Active: 2005-2008

70 Serena

via Desivalley.Com

She had her head shaved on an episode of SmackDown and became a member of one of the greatest factions during the most boring eras in professional wrestling -- CM Punk’s Straight Edge Society. Serena appeared as if she had loads of potential and was one of the most intimidating women on the roster. Once she started getting into the ring to wrestle, WWE abruptly decided to release the girl from her contract. The reason? She did not portray her straight edge persona in real life. Kind of a silly and unfair reason, no? Apparently not to the powers that be.

Despite her release, she continued her career in professional wrestling, wrestling for popular promotions such as Shimmer and ROH. She has since retired.

Active: 2010

69 Kristal


Emerging from the 2005 Diva Search and losing to the lower ranked Ashley, Kristal Marshall was pretty much your typical WWE female. She did your typical gyrations, looked hot in a bikini, competed in a few Bra and Panties matches (weren't those matches so fun and degrading?), and is one of few women to have a wedding on SmackDown. But as most WWE weddings go, things went south when her fiancé Teddy Long had a heart attack in the middle of the ring. The poor girl must have been so heartbroken that she left WWE never to be seen or heard from again. Don’t worry though because she would eventually have a real life wedding to another former WWE superstar, Bobby Lashley. Good for her.

Active: 2005-2007

68 Aksana


Originally a Lithuanian fitness model, Aksana would debut in the company in NXT Season 3 with the sole purpose of getting Goldust to fall in love with her so she could marry him and remain in America. They would tie the knot, and she would slap him in the face because quite frankly, Aksana is an evil and very diabolical woman. 

After that, she was hired to the SmackDown brand, dyed her hair jet black and flirted with Teddy Long and Cesaro for a few hot seconds before eventually deciding to do what a person should do in WWE: wrestle. She never really managed to stand out in the division and in the spring of 2014, Aksana was rightfully released from her contract.

Active: 2010-2014

67 JoJo


Starting off as a member of Total Divas alongside Eva Marie, JoJo was originally hired with the intention of WWE turning her into a full fledged wrestler. Although she did wrestle a few times here and there, she has since become a ring announcer for Monday Night RAW. I know that may sound like a demotion, but a full-time position with World Wrestling Entertainment without having to risk your body sounds like a pretty amazing deal to me. And do you really think cute and innocent little JoJo could last five minutes in the ring with Charlotte? Or Nia Jax? Hell no. 

So why does she beat so many other WWE Divas on the list? Because she’s adorable -- fair or not, I'm sticking to it.

Active: 2013-Present

66 Nicole Bass


Not many people are fortunate enough to make their debut at the grandest stage of them all. Nicole Bass would, but it would be the highlight of her career in professional wrestling.

It had seemed like another woman could finally give Chyna a run for her money. She was big, scary, and looked like she could kick just about anyone's butt. At WrestleMania XV, Nicole Bass would shock the entire WWE Universe by interfering in the Women’s Championship match by aiding Sable to victory. She would continue as Sable's bodyguard, but with the Playboy playmate leaving the company shortly after, Nicole Bass would only be involved in minor storylines with Debra, Ivory, and Val Venis before filing a lawsuit against the WWE for sexual harassment. Needless to say, Nicole didn’t win.

Active: 1999

65 Hiroko


Hahahaha. Hiroko. Kenzo Suzuki’s chick. She was annoying and evil, but it was cute.

Being the real life wife of Suzuki, Hiroko got herself involved with professional wrestling as his valet. Why stay at home when you could travel the world with your husband? The two of them were a humorous pair, but never managed to make any real impact in the WWE due to not ever being taken seriously. Hiroko didn’t do a whole lot, nor was she a trained wrestler. She did make history though by being in the first and only Kimono Match against Torrie Wilson wherein she would be stripped of her kimono in front of the entire world. She also liked to throw powder into the eyes of Suzuki's opponents.

Active: 2004-2005

64 Momma Benjamin


Hahahahahaha. Momma Benjamin might not be remembered fondly by most in the WWE Universe, but whatever, I thought the woman was hilarious. Even if it did more harm than good for Shelton Benjamin's career in the long run, the angle did not overstay its welcome and only lasted a couple months, just enough time.

Poor Shelton must have been so embarrassed to have his mama up in his grill every Monday night. Having her accompany him to the ring each and every week did manage to win Shelton his second Intercontinental Championship though -- not bad for a mama's boy. Eventually, Big Show would scare poor Mama Benjamin so bad, she had to leave the company for heart surgery. Here’s hoping it was a #speedyrecovery.

Active: 2006

63 Katie Lea


Debuting in WWE as Paul Burchill’s creepy little sister, the original plan was for the two to be lovers -- yes, meaning incest. Pretty gross, huh? Luckily for them, the angle would be scrapped due to WWE changing its product to be more suitable for children.

Katie Lea was a pretty bad chick at first. At times, she would even team up with her brother and wrestle against the men. After a few Women’s Championship losses to Mickie James, Katie Lea would never again get a real shot at the title and would be drafted between brands doing very little of importance before being let go from the company.

Katie Lea still wrestles and has even won the Knockouts Championship over in TNA.

Active: 2008-2010

62 Shaniqua


Formally known as Linda Miles, a Tough Enough season two winner, Shaniqua took on a dominatrix persona and managed The Basham Brothers during the peak of The Ruthless Aggression Era. She seemed as if she would eventually cause quite the stir in the women's division, as she had literally abolished every other Diva on the SmackDown roster. 

Her greatest accomplishment has to be competing with her fellow brethren for the WWE Tag Team Championship, one of few women to get such an opportunity. Oh, and there was this one time Bradshaw gave Shaniqua quite the “clothesline from hell,” as it miraculously caused permanent swelling to her breasts. No, I am not making that up. WWE used this in storyline as a way to explain her new breast implants.

*Double face palm*

Active: 2002-2004

61 Cameron


Stone Cold asks what your favorite match of all time is.

“Melina vs. Alicia Fox.”

Oh geez -- cringe! This silly answer would get Cameron eliminated in her season of Tough Enough. Despite literally knowing nothing about wrestling, which she would openly admit, Cameron still managed to get the WWE to hire her anyway as one half of the Funkadactyles. Surprising then, Cameron would actually outlast Brodus Clay and become a major player on hit reality television show Total Divas. It was pretty obvious though Naomi was the more popular of the two. Wanting to hone her craft, she would move down to NXT, but WWE would never call her back to the main roster, instead releasing her from her contract earlier this year. 

Active: 2012-2016

60 Jackie Gayda


Later to be known as Miss Jackie, Jackie Gayda was the surprise winner of the second season of Tough Enough alongside Linda Miles (aka Shaniqua). Sadly for her, she is mostly remembered for having “that match” on RAW where she teamed with Christopher Nowinski to take on Trish Status and Bradshaw and botched the heck out of it. The poor girl was obviously still green and would've benefited from more time in developmental. She eventually turned into a decent worker, but fans never really opened up to her.

Her career highlights include teaming up with Stacy Keibler in a Playboy Evening Gown Match at WrestleMania XX and marrying Charlie Haas. She may not have the most memorable career in sports entertainment, but at least she met the man of her dreams.

Active: 2002-2005

59 Dana Brooke


Fitness model and bodybuilder Dana Brooke has muscles only men could dream of possessing. Her original partnership with Emma both in NXT and on Monday Night RAW would be cut short after Emma would leave with an injury, but it would actually be the best thing to happen for her. Dana Brooke has recently partnered up with Women’s Champion Charlotte to be a mighty thorn in everyone's side, especially Sasha Banks and Bayley's. For having the least amount of experience on the roster, she’s doing quite well for herself and has become a major player on WWE television since her debut this year. She’s got the cocky heel down pat and if anything, Dana Brooke is here to stay, which is a good thing.

Active: 2016-Present

58 B.B.


Aka Big Boobs. I mean Barbara Bush.

She played an EMT who happened to be quite voluptuous. Her career consisted of her coming to the rescue of injured wrestlers. She was literally so sweet, yet it rubbed some Superstars and Divas the wrong way. Ivory had a problem with her, and so did the Dudley Boyz apparently. They power bombed the poor girl through a table on an episode of SmackDown and we never saw poor B.B. again. Why would they do such a thing? She only wanted to help!

Her career highlight would be competing for the Women’s Championship in a swimming pool on pay-per-view. It's also worth stating that she would also have two brief stints in WCW and in TNA.

Active: 1999-2000

57 Sharmell


King Booker. Therefore, Queen Sharmell.

Oh, was this woman annoying -- like literally the most annoying woman to ever hold a mic in a WWE ring. But that's only because she played her character to perfection.

Originally a Nitro Girl in WCW, Sharmell would actually sign with WWE as early as 2001 with the plan to become a professional wrestler. Due to an injury, Sharmell decided to give up on that dream and years later, would return to the world of professional wrestling to work alongside her husband Booker T as the awfully terrible Queen we would eventually learn to love to hate. Her career highlight would be running and screaming from The Boogyman at WrestleMania 22 and accompanying her man at WrestleMania 23.

Active: 2005-2007

56 Tiffany


Starting off in the 2007 Diva Search, Tiffany was hired on for her beauty and was later appointed Assistant General Manger on ECW just because. Drafted to SmackDown, she faced off against LayCool a few times and even competed for the Women’s Championship before being let go due to a real life incident involving real life husband Drew McIntyre. It's a shame because the girl turned out to be quite talented in the ring.

As we know, like Brooke, Tiffany would go on to much better things in TNA. Once again, WWE's loss was TNA's gain. The girl even competed in a Ladder Match way before there was a Women’s Revolution in WWE, which is pretty impressive and speaks to her wrestling skills.

Active: 2008-2010

55 Carmella


Since being drafted to SmackDown this past summer, this Princess of Staten Island has turned into a mega witch hellbent on making Nikki Bella’s life a living hell just because. She's even earned herself a few pay-per-view matches already.

I personally think it was a wasted opportunity not to call her up with Enzo Amore and Big Cass back when they debuted on Monday Night RAW earlier this year, since she had been teaming up with during their time together in NXT. With so many women on the active roster, I think Carmella could’ve benefited being by their side a bit more before breaking off as a singles competitor. It worked for Melina and Trish Stratus, didn’t it? Unfortunately, it didn't work out that way.

Active: 2016-Present

54 Tamina


Another woman on the active roster, the daughter of Jimmy Superfly Snuka tries to be intimidating but she hasn’t won very many matches, so she’s sort of the exact opposite of intimidating. She's had a few championship opportunities but never managed to capitalize. Throughout Tamina's career, she’s sort of rode the coattails of other Divas such as AJ Lee, Sasha Banks, and Naomi. Her biggest WrestleMania moment would be at WrestleMania XXX, but every other woman on the roster was in that match too.

Currently recovering from an injury, we’ll see if Tamina can return to make a name for herself. The only problem is that it appears as if Nia Jax has already stolen her spot.

Come on, Tamina. We believe in you. Don’t we?

Active: 2009-Present

53 Nia Jax


Nia Jax has only been on the main roster since the brand extension this summer and it appears as if she’ll be a destructive presence in the division for years to come. Though I’m sure being the cousin of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has something to do with her being signed with the biggest wrestling company in the world, the girl’s still holding her own. One thing is for sure, veteran Alicia Fox might never recover from the beatings she’s taken from Jax since her arrival. Her career is just getting started and we’d be surprised if she never becomes champion. Heck, we would be really very surprised if she does not become champion this year.

Come on, Nia. Go after Charlotte already.

Active: 2016-Present

52 Eva Marie


Most people would place Eva Marie much much lower on the list, but hey, the girl gets the most heat out of everyone on the roster, male or female. She even gets more heat than Roman Reigns. Now that says something.

I know. I know. She sucks. She is improving though. Obviously Eva Marie was hired for her beauty alone, and fans are over models trying to become wrestlers. But hey, if Eva Marie is legitimately dedicated like she says she is, she has the potential to be one of the best heels the division’s ever seen. Although a recent violation of the Wellness Policy has put a momentary stop to her push, All Red Everything will be back and more mediocre than ever.

Active: 2013-Present

51 Christy Hemme


This was another Diva with potential. After winning the first ever WWE Diva Search, Christy Hemme was getting more television time than any other woman on the roster. She was fun, she liked to dance around a lot, landed the cover of the annual Divas magazine in 2005, posed nude for the pages of Playboy magazine, and she even competed for the Women’s Championship at WrestleMania 21 against Hall of Famer Trish Stratus. Fans seemed to really like her, but soon after she was drafted to SmackDown, Christy Hemme would be released from her contract. Why? The answer has never been confirmed.

Like many others on this list, she would find success in TNA for well over a decade. Once again, WWE's loss is TNA's gain.

Active: 2004-2005

50 Alexa Bliss


Out of all the women called up to the main roster since the brand extension, Alexa Bliss has earned herself the most success with her most recent Women's Championship feud with Becky Lynch on SmackDown Live. Her beauty is matched by an athleticism like no other woman on the roster. Not that it's a surprise being that she's a former gymnast, but her arsenal of moves are quite impressive and she likes to believe she was born to be a champion. Still being relatively new to the ring, Alexa Bliss is only going to benefit with more and more experience. She is without a doubt a future Women’s Champion and in due time, she’ll likely give Charlotte and Sasha a run for their money too.

Active: 2016-Present

49 Kharma


Boy, was this a sad case of what could have been. This is a woman that didn’t need World Wrestling Entertainment to make a name for herself in professional wrestling. Kharma debuted in WWE during a time where the Divas division was in dire need of change. She would debut and annihilate Michelle McCool in her retirement match, almost as if it McCool were passing the torch to whom we all believed would be the next big thing in WWE.

Due to unfortunate circumstances, her gig would be short lived. Less than two years later, she would return for one final appearance as one of only three women to enter the Royal Rumble match. If things would have worked out, there’s no doubt this “Diva” could have been one of the best.

Active: 2010, 2012

48 Summer Rae


She plays a total witch on Total Divas, but she really is a total sweetheart.

She's a woman who once flourished in NXT but has since become a ditzy blonde more focused on finding a man than wrestling, accompanying the likes of Fandango, Dolph Ziggler, Rusev, and Tyler Breeze. Her career highlights include getting into several cat fights with Lana, losing multiple matches, and having her face shoved into a dead fish. Not quite impressive, is it? 

Since the brand extension, Summer Rae has not made a single appearance and we’re not quite sure the reason. Absence does make the heart grow fonder though and time away may actually do Summer favors when she returns. And hey, she truly is not all that bad in the ring either.

Active: 2013-Present

47 Lana


The queen on the mic, fans have grown to love the ravishing Russian more so than her man and former United States Champion Rusev. Every time Rusev comes to the ring without Lana by his side, "we want Lana" chants emanate from the arena.

Recently, it seemed as if WWE had no idea what to do with her. They tried to split the two of them up, but after Lana announced her real life engagement to Rusev on her social media (which apparently ticked management off), WWE had no other choice but to reunite them on television as well. Either she’ll succeed or she will crash and burn. One thing seems certain; if Rusev’s career fumbles, so will Lana’s. I wonder how that makes Rusev feel. 

Active: 2013-Present

46 Gail Kim


How is Gail Kim, one of the most respected female wrestlers in the world, number 46 on this list? Because this is a WWE list, and WWE had no idea what to do with Gail Kim during her two stints with the company. She would win her first and only Women’s Championship in a Battle Royal in her debut back in 2003 and would do nothing after that worth noting. She would become so fed up from her mistreatment as a talent, she would actually eliminate herself in a Divas Battle Royal in 2001, thus, eliminating herself from the WWE for good.

If you want to check out what Gail Kim can really do, check out her matches in TNA. Although it seems unlikely, we'd love to see her return to the big leagues.

Active: 2003-2004, 2008-2011

45 Emma


Before the Four Horsewoman, Emma along with Paige would become the first two women to tear the roof off an NXT Takeover event. Emma has been severely underrated throughout her career. Her major downfall was being given a silly dancing gimmick that could only last for so long, but when you’re as talented as this Australian, then you know how to reinvent yourself, which Emma has proven to do on more than one occasion. She is making her return to RAW as Emmalina, a character who actually looks more fitted to be a wrestler during the Attitude Era than a woman of today. Call us intrigued.

The question is whether she will be able to stand out among Charlotte, Bayley, and Sasha? Only time will tell.

Active: 2014-Present

44 Jillian Hall


Jillian Hall was definitely a talented athlete who more than excelled in her role. Even if it wasn't a very good one. Jillian Hall debuted with a grotesque mole on her face only to have it viciously bitten off by The Boogeyman in one of the most weirdly amazing moments in SmackDown history. Eventually, Jillian’s career went downhill when she turned herself into a Britney Spears wannabe, singing before every one of her matches to drive the fans in attendance insane.

The gimmick lasted for longer than we thought it would and she was pretty much there to make all the other woman on the roster look good. To her credit, Jillian Hall is a former Divas Champion, even though the reign only lasted for five minutes. 

Active: 2005-2010

43 The Kat


Mostly remembered for flashing her breasts on live pay-per-view, The Kat managed to capture the prestigious Women’s Championship at Armageddon in 1999, defeating Ivory, Jacqueline, and B.B. in a swimming pool. Throughout her career, The Kat would also have a "match" at WrestleMania, wrestle in mud, chocolate pudding, and even ice cold snow, losing her title to the only man to win it -- Harvey Wippleman. She was clearly eye candy for the WWE and they knew how to use it.

What a historic career to be proud of, no? As we know, WWE never took their female wrestlers seriously during this era and her championship reign isn’t something on which the women of today would fondly look back. But like her or hate her, she owned it.

Active: 1999-2001

42 Vickie Guerrero


Excuse me. I said excuse me!

At first, it seemed Vickie Guerrero had overstayed her welcome as she was a major player on television for too many years, acting as the general manager on more than one occasion for both Monday Night RAW and SmackDown. WWE seemed to only keep her around just to humiliate poor Vickie. You have to give it to her though. Did she not play one of the best heels the company has ever produced? She also got to work with some of the best performers in the business like Edge, Dolph Ziggler, AJ Lee, and Stephanie McMahon. As much as we couldn’t stand her, it was bittersweet to see her go. If Eddie Guerrero could love her, we could learn to love her too.

Active: 2005-2014

41 Dawn Marie


Now this has to be the most evil woman to ever step foot into the WWE.

To get under rival Torrie Wilson’s skin, Dawn Marie romantically involved herself with Torrie’s father, Al. Eventually, the two of them would tie the knot and a week later on SmackDown, we bore witness to their honeymoon. It was here the two of them would have so much sex, it proved too much to handle for poor Al’s old heart, so he had a heart attack and died. Yes, Dawn Marie killed Torrie Wilson’s father. Talk about drama. Not only that, Dawn also tried breaking up Charlie Haas and Miss Jackie’s marriage. I am not sure who is worse, Dawn Marie or Glenn Close from Fatal Attraction.

Active: 2002-2005

40 Kelly Kelly


So nice, you had to say her name twice. Kelly…Kelly.

A lot of people liked her because how could men not like her? Some other people really didn’t her because she couldn’t really wrestle. She could barely run the ropes.

Brought in as a glorified stripper on ECW at 19, Kelly Kelly would grow up before our eyes and quickly became the face of the division, eventually capturing the Divas Championship from Beth Phoenix. She would also compete at three WrestleManias, her most notable match being when she teamed with Maria Menounos to defeat Phoenix and Eve Torres. Also, Kelly Kelly is the only woman to ever defend the World Heavyweight Championship (on behalf of Edge) in what has to be one of her best performances of her career.

Active: 2006-2012

39 Nidia


One of the first winners of Tough Enough alongside Maven, Nidia started off her career as Jamie Noble’s trailer trash girlfriend on SmackDown. They were an entertaining pair, and she would lead him to a lengthy run as Cruiserweight Champion. Over a year later, after being blinded by Tajiri’s green mist, their relationship would quickly turn sour and they would break up WWE style; by wrestling one another at No Way Out in 2004 for the entertainment of the fans. This would be Nidia’s one and only one-on-one pay-per-view match in her career.

Eventually, she would be drafted to RAW to compete in the women’s division, but it did not last very long. She would only get one shot at the Women's Championship against Trish Stratus. 

Active: 2002-2004

38 Tori


Not many WWE Divas can say they were part of Degeneration-X, but Tori can. Her career highlights include her Women’s Title match at WrestleMania XV against Sable, making history by competing in the first ever Women’s Hardcore match against Ivory, and assisting Stephanie McMahon into winning her first and only Women’s Championship.

For a while it seemed like Tori could have been a great competitor in WWE’s Golden Era along with fellow wrestlers such as Victoria, Molly Holly, and Jazz. With Trish Stratus and Lita starting to make names for themselves in the division towards the end of Tori’s career, WWE eventually decided to release her from her contract and she never quite lived up to the standard set by her fellow female colleagues. 

Active: 1998-2001

37 Debra


At one point after Sable left the company in 1999, Debra was one of, if not the, most popular female on the roster. Bleached blondes with heaping bosoms were in. She even managed to become a Women’s Champion, believe it or not, not because she was a wrestler, but because Commissioner Shawn Michaels thought she looked hotter in her bra and panties than Sable did. I am actually not kidding, that is what really happened. Luckily for us, she would never wrestle again after 1999 and would instead take a backstage role as the Lieutenant Commissioner to Mick Foley.

Later, she would work alongside husband Stone Cold Steve Austin and to everyone’s dismay, forced everyone backstage to eat her homemade cookies. I guess it could be worse.

Active: 1998-2002

36 Terri Runnels


A former Hardcore champion (lol), this horny little she-devil debuted as the cigar smoking Marlena, manager and then wife of Goldust.

After breaking off with him, Terri sort of just bounced around from story to story. Although she will never be remembered for her wrestling ability, who didn’t like her? She sure could take a beating, as Chyna, Molly Holly and Victoria have kicked her butt on more than one occasion.

Her career highlights include winning a “match” at WrestleMania 2000, competing for the Women's Championship against Trish Stratus, and viciously murdering a mop. Yes, a mop. Sorry, Perry Saturn. Oh and she also formed one of the more infamous stables in wrestling called PMS, alongside Jaqueline.

Eventually she would transition to being a backstage interviewer before eventually leaving the WWE in 2003.

Active: 1996-2003

35 Maria Kanellis


Maria is definitely one of the most popular wrestlers to come from the Diva Search. Starting off as a ditzy backstage interviewer, she would never become the greatest wrestler but still managed to rally the fans so behind her, they would vote her Diva of the Year in 2009.

She has teamed with John Cena in the main event of Monday Night RAW, posed for the pages of Playboy, wrestled against Beth Phoenix and Melina at Wrestlemania XXIV, and even landed herself a gig on Donald Trump’s The Apprentice before being let go by the company because she wanted to make an album or something silly like that. She recently made waves by recalling her time on the show.

Her life in wrestling would continue, as she has become a Knockouts Champion in TNA.

Active: 2004-2010

34 Kaitlyn


Winning the first and only all-girls season of NXT season 3, Kaitlyn seemed destined for greatness. Even though she was involved in one of the worst matches in NXT, she quickly improved in the ring and would wrestle in some surprisingly great matches later on with Eve and AJ Lee, eventually winning herself the Divas title on Monday Night RAW. In fact, AJ Lee may have actually had some of the best matches of her career with Kaitlyn.

After losing the butterfly belt, Kaitlyn would be put on the back burner to do very little and we're not sure the reason. It wasn't long after this that she decided to leave the wrestling business, before really getting the chance to make her mark. She's since found success by launching her own fitness clothing line.

Active: 2010-2014

33 Alicia Fox


She has a devastating scissors kick and can take a bump better than anybody else on the roster. Alicia Fox hasn’t been utilized as strongly as she should be throughout her lengthy career in the WWE. Though she was part of the Divas Revolution, teaming with Brie and Nikki Bella last year, she has yet to truly shine on her own even though she is a former Divas Champion.

Now, it seems as if she remains on the roster to make the newer women look strong, such as with her feud with Nia Jax this summer. If you saw the beating Alicia Fox took, she made Nia Jax look like a million bucks and it’s about time WWE rewards her for her talents.

Active: 2008-Present

32 Layla


On the roster for nine years, Layla had varied degrees of success throughout her career. On the roster during a time when the Divas division wasn’t nearly as popular as it has been, Layla started off with zero experience, but was able to master the craft and become quite credible in the ring. The only winner of the Diva Search to hold both the Women’s and Divas Championships, Layla and Michelle McCool ruled the division together for years. Unfortunately, after McCool left, Layla was unable to hold onto the top spot and sadly for her, her Divas Championship reign was one of the most forgettable reigns in the belt's history.

She would later make the decision to retire from professional wrestling in 2015. 

Active: 2006-2015

31 Luna


One of the scariest looking women to appear in World Wrestling Entertainment, Luna started off managing Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels in the early 90s and was later signed back as Goldust’s manager just as the Attitude Era was taking off. This would lead to a memorable feud with one of the era’s top stars in Sable, but sadly for her, Luna would never win the Women’s Championship, even though she was probably the most deserving woman on the roster.

Existing in the era of mud wrestling and bikini challenge, Luna was unfortunate to be in the division at the wrong time. To her credit, she is the first woman to challenge Jeff Jarret for the Intercontinental Championship, which is pretty cool.

Active: 1993-1994, 1997-2000

30 Naomi


Seeing how Naomi is one of the most athletic women the WWE has ever had on their roster, it’s surprising that she has not once held a Championship despite coming close on many occasions. Starting off her career alongside AJ Lee and Kaitlyn in the all-girls cast of NXT season 3, Naomi's impressive moves would make her a breakout star.

She would later be promoted to the main roster as one half of the former Funkadactyls and both would become central figures on hit reality show Total Divas. Unfortunately for her partner Cameron, Naomi would easily overthrow her in popularity.

Currently, she’s on the SmackDown brand with the sickest entrance of all time. But we ask this? When will Naomi get a real chance to shine? Or in her case, feel the glow?

Active: 2010-Present

29 Eve Torres


Like Kaitlyn, Eve is another wrestler who left just as she was truly making a name for herself in World Wrestling Entertainment. Towards the end of her run, she became one of the better heels on the roster and even wrestled in mixed tag team action in the main event of RAW. It seemed like just as fans were finally starting to take Eve more seriously, she left the company to pursue other interests. It's quite possible she could have become highly successful with the company. Can you blame such a beautiful woman though? Regardless, she still accomplished some great things throughout her career, having the most successful career of all the WWE Diva Search winners.

She captured the Divas Championship three times, and competed at WrestleMania XXVIII.

Active: 2007-2013

28 Candice Michelle


A popular Super Bowl ad would deem Candice Michelle “too hot for network television,” and she would be drafted to RAW in 2005 to become one of the most popular female wrestlers of her era. Another Playboy covergirl, this Godaddy girl and former Women’s Champion was geared to be the next Trish Status. She had the drive and the passion and would shock the WWE Universe by actually becoming a credible wrestler, but a few injuries lead to her eventual release from the company. Having some of her best matches with the likes of Beth Phoenix and Melina, Candice Michelle’s WrestleMania moment would come at the 22nd annual event when she would take on Torrie Wilson in a Playboy Pillow Fight.

The WWE really has come a long way, hasn’t it?

Active: 2004-2009

27 Jazz


Originally from ECW, Jazz erupted into the WWE in late 2001 and make her debut at Survivor Series. She would immediately start kicking butt big time, winning herself the Women’s Championship from Trish Stratus a few months into her arrival and later again in 2003.

Trish would remain her arch nemesis throughout her career and it was their matches that helped establish Trish as a legitimate wrestler. Jazz would compete at two consecutive WrestleManias and successfully defended her title at WrestleMania X8. She even competed for the Hardcore Championship against Bubba Ray Dudley.

Along with many other woman in 2004, Jazz would be released from her contract so that WWE could focus on the newer “talent” coming in from the WWE Diva Search.

Active: 2001-2004

26 Natalya


Natalya has been with the WWE for many years, but has never truly been used to their full advantage, not that it’s surprising given she is part of the prestigious Hart family. Still, Natalya can wrestle a great match with just about anyone so it’s baffling why she isn’t in the title hunt more often than not. She did manage to win the Divas Championship years ago and did some great stuff with LayCool, teaming with Beth Phoenix in the first and only Divas Tag Team Table match.

Her best match would come a couple years ago on NXT when her and Charlotte would battle for the title with Ric Flair in his daughter's corner and Bret Hart alongside his niece. With the Women’s Revolution now in full swing, it would be a shame if Natalya doesn’t win the Women’s title at least once more in her career.

Active: 2007-Present

25 Maryse


Mesdames et messieurs!

Unlike Natalya, Maryse wasn’t ever the best wrestler, but she’s still a two-time Divas Champion and the third longest reigning Divas Champion of all time. Another Diva Search hopeful, Maryse would be hired as soon as she was eliminated from the contest and I think it’s safe to say nobody was expecting this French Canadian to become such a breakout star. She plays a complete witch like no other and to our surprise, actually made her return earlier this year to help her husband, The Miz, capture his fifth and most successful Intercontinental Championship. And well, we have to admit… The Miz has become much more relevant with his beautiful wife by his side. Agreed? You know what they say, behind every great man is an even greater woman. 

Active: 2006-2011, 2016-Present

24 Brie Bella


Yes! Yes! Yes! Maybe we love Brie Bella so much because she’s the wife of our beloved Daniel Bryan, or maybe we love her so much because she’s gorgeous.

The first of the Bella Twins to make the list, this former Divas Champion seemed like she was going to become the more popular of the Bella Twins, landing herself a high profile feud with Stephanie McMahon in the summer of 2014. Brie would take a backseat to her sister Nikki shortly after and would ultimately decide to have her retirement match at WrestleMania 32 in order to settle down and have children with Bryan. 

But don't worry, you can still catch her on Total Bellas. And who knows? Maybe we'll see her return for one more match as her sister's partner.

Active: 2008-2012, 2013-2016

23 Melina


Starting off as the manager of MNM, Melina was determined to become the most dominant woman the WWE had ever seen. And well, she pretty much succeeded, dominating the division for most of her career and competing in several memorable matches with Trish Stratus, Mickie James, and Michelle McCool to name a few. Her career highlights include defending the Women's title at WrestleMania 23 and winning the Divas Championship at the biggest party of the summer in SummerSlam.

If you ask me, Sasha Banks has always kind of given me major Melina vibes. Wouldn't it be cool to see them square off? Well we might. Rumor has it that the three-time Women’s Champion and two-time Divas Champion may actually return for one last run.

Active: 2004-2011

22 Stacy Keibler


She had legs and she definitely knew how to use them.

Shortly after WCW went under in 2001, Stacy Keibler waltzed her way into the WWE during the Invasion and it didn’t take her long to become one of the most popular WWE Divas of all time. Although Stacy Keibler is not remembered for any mat classics, she was involved in major angles throughout her career with the likes of Test, Scott Steiner, and the chairman himself Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

She never won a championship, but without a doubt, Stacy Keibler goes down as one of the most beautiful women the company has ever had. WWE sure liked to take advantage of that by putting her in as few clothes as possible whenever they could.

Active: 2001-2006

21 Torrie Wilson


A two-time Playboy covergirl, the master of the Bikini Contest and the Queen of the Bra and Panties match, who didn’t love Torrie Wilson and her puppy?

Another survivor from WCW, Torrie had an aura about her like no other. When Sable returned in 2003, the two would battle over supremacy on SmackDown, resulting in one of the steamiest segments in WWE history at Judgement Day. Although not given many opportunities at legitimately wrestling for the women’s title in her career, you could argue that at one point or another, Torrie was more over than Trish.

Like Stacy Keibler, Torrie would never win a championship but still managed to cement herself in WWE’s rich history by competing in not only three matches at WrestleMania, but SummerSlam, Royal Rumble, and Survivor Series as well. 

Active: 2001-2007

20 Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young


These two may have wrestled way before Sunny but they continued way after her, wrestling into their 80s against women like Ivory, Victoria, and Torrie Wilson to name a few. These two icons have been through more abuse than an old age home. Fabulous Moolah has been RKO’d by Randy Orton and has had her head smashed in with Jeff Jarrett’s guitar. Mae Young has been powerbombed through a table. Twice. Off a stage!

Also, who can forget when Mark Henry got Mae Young pregnant and she gave birth to a hand? Did that make any sense? None, but it was hilarious anyway. And we all know about Fabulous Moolah’s 30-year title reign back in her heyday. #RIP

Fabulous Moolah Active: 1999-2007

Mae Young Active: 1999-2013

19 Bayley


The most adorable woman to ever step foot in a WWE ring, Bayley is the type of woman you wouldn't mind your little girl emulating. For only being on the main roster a few months, Bayley already has the entire WWE Universe rooting for her to win that RAW Women’s Championship. Her career in NXT was so successful that if her career in WWE were to end now, she would still be regarded as one of the best female wrestlers the WWE ever had.

Like stated at the top of the article, she's already a Match of the Year winner. From here on out, it’s only bigger and better things for Bayley and we can’t wait to see it unfold. Here's hoping she sticks around. 

Active: 2016-Present

18 Jacqueline


Although Jacqueline was hardly one of the most popular women in her era, not having wrestled at WrestleMania for example, she is still one of the most successful. And boy, she's one tough chick. When the Women’s Championship was reinstated in 1998, she would become the first to capture it and would make history as the first African American woman to win the title. She would go on to win the belt once more by defeating the only man to have held the women’s title, Harvey Wippleman. Later, she would make even more history by becoming the first woman in WWE to win the Cruiserweight Championship by defeating another man, Chavo Guerrero Jr.

She has earned her rightful place in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Active: 1998-2004

17 Sable


This is for all the women who want to be her, and all the men who come to see her.

The first WWE Diva to go mainstream with Playboy magazine, Sable was a pioneer in her own right. If there was no Sable, there’s a chance we may have never had future wrestlers such as Trish Status and Torrie Wilson. Though unlike Stratus, Sable never took the time to really learn how to wrestle, she did play the sexy vixen oh so well. You could even argue that her wild popularity is the reason Vince McMahon decided to reintroduce the Women’s Championship in 1998. And to her credit, unlike The Undertaker, Sable can say she is undefeated at WrestleMania, so she has that.

Perhaps she will be the next woman inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Active: 1996-1999, 2003-2004

16 Becky Lynch


Believe it or not, this straight fire lass kicker has been in the professional wrestling world for 14 years. Finally signing with WWE in 2013, she would make her main roster debut last summer along with Charlotte and Sasha Banks to become a pivotal member of the Divas Revolution, and rightfully so. Her matches at NXT were groundbreaking.

Without any of the three other members of the Four Horsewomen by her side, the Irish born beauty now rides solo on SmackDown Live and it’s probably the best thing to ever happen to her. She has finally been able to take the spotlight to become the inaugural SmackDown Live Women’s Champion, a feat nobody else will be able to accomplish. She has a good chance to hold the belt for quite a while.

Active: 2015-Present

15 Paige


The original Anti-Diva, Paige has been taking bumps since she was in the womb, so she says. Coming from a family of wrestlers, Paige’s mother actually wrestled a match before even realizing she was pregnant! Beginning her official career at the age of 13, Paige would later sign with WWE and become their youngest Divas Champion at only 21 years old. And she would win that title in her RAW debut.

Wrestling a lengthy number of quality matches with AJ Lee, The Bella Twins, and Charlotte, Paige seemed to have solidified herself at the top of the division. However, two recent violations of the Wellness Policy has left the WWE Universe worried we might not see her return. It would be unfortunate if this were the case, because after all, this is her house.

Active: 2014-Present

14 Ivory


A future Hall of Famer, Ivory emerged in the Attitude Era and immediately started whooping butt as quickly as she arrived, winning the Women’s Championship on three separate occasions -- one of those times from the legendary Fabulous Moolah herself. She was sort of too good for her time, having to share the ring with other women who weren’t actually wrestlers more often than not. Despite this, she was able to dominate the division during her reigns, being part of what has to be the most hated group in WWE’s history -- Right to Censor from 2000-2001.

Her WrestleMania moment would come at what many would argue is the greatest WrestleMania of all time, X-7, when she would lose her title to Chyna in a squash match.

Active: 1999-2005

13 Victoria


Hot and scary, originally debuting in the WWE as one of the Godfather’s ho's, Victoria would later return to the WWE and transform into the psycho we loved to hate.

Her high profile feud with Trish Stratus in 2002 brought the division to whole new heights, and their Hardcore Match at Survivor Series goes down in history as one of the most influential matches in women’s wrestling. Although Victoria was hardly a threat in the later part of her career due to the WWE sadly making her the resident jobber in the division (boo-hiss), she is a two-time Women’s Champion, has wrestled three WrestleMania matches, and competed in the first and only women’s Cage Match against Lita on Monday Night RAW.

Active: 2000, 2002-2008

12 Nikki Bella


Along with her sister, John Cena’s boo has become a huge star due to the success of hit reality series Total Divas. They proved to be so popular, they even got their own spinoff.

Nikki is the longest reigning Divas Champion of all time, as she reminded us over and over, and although it may be because WWE wanted to wipe AJ Lee clean from the history books, Nikki has managed to hold her own, surprisingly becoming a solid performer inside the squared circle, something most people did not think was really possible.

In fact, Nikki Bella is so dedicated to her craft that even after undergoing career-threatening neck surgery, she’s still in the ring and is proving the naysayers and haters dead wrong.

Active: 2008-2012, 2013-Present

11 Michelle McCool


The Undertaker picked a good one. The best one.

Starting off in the inaugural Diva Search, nobody would have originally thought that Michelle McCool would be the Diva to carry the division during her final years with the company. She wound up becoming incredible in the ring, was involved in the infamous “Piggy James” angle, and was the sole female to unify the Women’s and Divas Championships at Night Of Champions in 2010.

We kind of wish Michelle had not left so soon as it would have been great to see her square off with the current generation of women, but if you are a woman and you want to start a family, then a woman’s gotta do what a woman’s gotta do.

Active: 2004-2011

10 Molly Holly


Entering the WWE as the younger sweet and innocent cousin of Hardcore and Crash Holly, Molly transformed herself into Mighty Molly and teamed with Hurricane Helmes (even winning herself the Hardcore title at WrestleMania X8) before breaking out into her wholesome virginal persona we loved to hate. She would win the Women’s Championship on two occasions and would make history by competing for the title at WrestleMania XX in the first and only Title vs. Hair match to feature women, having her head shaved at the grandest stage of them all. Talk about a trooper. If anything, Molly Holly is the original role model, showing younger girls that you don’t have to tear off your clothes in order to become a successful woman in WWE.

Active: 2000-2005

9 Stephanie McMahon


You can’t complete a WWE list without a McMahon. Once a sweet girl madly in love with Test, it wouldn’t take long for Stephanie to turn into one of the most hated heels WWE has ever had, teaming with her husband Triple H on television (and behind the scenes) for well over 15 years. Stephanie's had to endure a lot, being the butt of many jokes throughout her career, and even having to wrestle one-on-one with her own flesh and blood father. Though not usually a wrestler, she is a former Women’s Champion and was involved in more than a few memorable matches against Trish Status, Sable, and Brie Bella.

Her slaps by the way? Ouch. Her poor mother was even the recipient of one.

Active: 1999-Present

8 Beth Phoenix


I feel kind of bad for Beth Phoenix. Though she has had many credible opponents and feuds in Candice Michelle, Mickie James, Melina, and Michelle McCool, Beth was stuck in a division where she had to carry both Maria and Kelly Kelly through WrestleMania matches, never being fully able to showcase her skills the way she could have at the grandest stage of them all. 

Despite this disadvantage, Beth is an impressive four-time champion and one of three women to compete in the Royal Rumble. Even though she would retire in 2012 just before the revolution in women’s wrestling would take center stage, Beth Phoenix is still one of the most recognizable and successful women to ever step foot inside the squared circle. She's now married to Edge, raising two kids, but we would love to see her in a one-off with a current woman of her choosing.

Active: 2006-2012

7 Mickie James


Partaking in possibly one of the greatest feuds culminating at WrestleMania 22 against Trish Stratus, it didn’t take long for Mickie James to become a fan favorite. When Trish and Lita retired at the end of 2006, Mickie took over as the face of the division for several years until eventually being let go of her contract after the Piggy James angle with LayCool. This wouldn’t deter her one bit and she would move on to TNA to find great success there as well. Super lucky for us, her success isn't slowing down as it’s been confirmed Mickie James is making her triumphant return to WWE shortly at NXT: Toronto. Already a five-time Women’s Champion and a one-time Divas Champion, we’re betting Mickie James will be able to add yet another title reign to her already impressive resume if she stays in WWE past Survivor Series weekend.

Active: 2005-2010

6 Charlotte



Being the daughter of the legendary Ric Flair, Charlotte has had some very big shoes to fill and she has exceeded everybody’s expectations. She ended Nikki Bella’s historic title reign last year to win her first Divas Championship, to later defend the title and steal the show at WrestleMania 32. A gifted athlete and genetically superior, so she likes to say, Charlotte is the first woman of the new era to hold the Women’s Championship and has already managed to win it three times.

This year alone, she’s wrestled in not only the main event of Monday Night RAW, but in the main event of a pay-per-view, being the first of two women to compete inside Hell In A Cell. Forbes has already declared Charlotte the best women’s wrestler of all time, and although they’ve made a good case, that statement might just be a little too premature.

Active: 2015-Present

5 Sasha Banks


Though Charlotte and Becky Lynch originally had much more time in the spotlight once the Divas Revolution began last year, Sasha Banks was the one getting all the cheers, and she’s still the one getting a huge fraction of the cheers.

Banks is the first woman on the active roster who can call herself a Match of the Year winner. She has won the Women’s Championship on two separate occasions and is one of two women to compete inside WWE’s most barbaric structure in Hell In A Cell. Although Banks would lose her title to Charlotte, if you could hear the deafening silence after her loss, then you too know it’s what the WWE Universe didn’t want to see.

Possessing an arsenal of moves so impressive they’ll make you squeamish, and a natural ability to play a heel and a face to perfection, Sasha’s career is merely getting started.

Active: 2015-Present

4 AJ Lee


Of all the women in the all-girl cast of NXT, AJ Lee would become the most popular. She didn’t need the win, as she eventually won the hearts of not only the WWE Universe but several of her male counterparts, trading smooches with John Cena, Kane, Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, and future husband CM Punk in pivotal storylines.

AJ Lee was as cunning as she was sweet, and it’s a real shame the three-time Divas Champion and former RAW General Manager left so soon just as the Divas Revolution was kicking off, something AJ had publicly advocated. We all know about that tweet with Stephanie McMahon and it would have been amazing to see them both square off in the ring and settle their differences. Hey, it’s still a possibility isn’t it? We can dream.

Active: 2010-2015

3 Chyna


Dubbed The Ninth Wonder of the World, no woman has yet to accomplish as much as Chyna in the world of professional wrestling, and no other woman probably ever will.

Chyna battled against the men way more than she did the gals, being involved in many classics with the likes of Jeff Jarrett, Chris Jericho, Eddie Guerrero, and Ivory. She is the first woman to have been entered into the Royal Rumble, the only woman to be entered into a King Of The Ring tournament, and the only woman ever to have held the Intercontinental Championship. Chyna didn’t wait until a revolution came. She revolutionized the business herself. She is the definition of a trailblazer, and with her recent passing earlier this year, it's time WWE lets bygones be bygones and induct her into her rightful place in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Active: 1997-2001

2 Lita


The first Diva who did moonsaults just as well as the Cruiserweights, Lita debuted with Essa Rios in 2000 and it wouldn’t be long before she would ditch him, teaming with the Hardy Boyz to form one of the most popular stables during the Attitude Era in Team Xtreme. She is the only woman who can say she captured the Women’s Championship twice in the main event of Monday Night RAW: the first against Stephanie McMahon and the second with Trish Stratus -- a match so iconic, it’s still talked about to this day.

Even though Lita would go from most loved to most hated once news broke of Lita’s real life affair with Edge, fans were quick to forgive the four-time Women’s Champion and she has since become a Hall of Famer and has once become a fixture on WWE television.

Active: 2000-2006

1 Trish Stratus


There’s no denying today’s gifted roster of women are super talented. In fact, they could probably throw down in the ring much better than our number one pick. But let's be real -- as of this moment, there has yet to be a single woman to match Trish Stratus in terms of success in World Wrestling Entertainment.

While her debut as the manager of T&A was fun, it was her steamy on-screen relationship with Vince McMahon that turned her into a star, earning her the opportunity to share the ring with some of WWE’s greatest -- The Rock, Kurt Angle, and Triple H. It wasn’t until she won the vacated Women’s Championship in a Six Pack Challenge at Survivor Series that she proved herself to be just as impressive in the ring as she is beautiful on the beach. Hard work and determination would earn her a record setting seven Women’s Championship wins throughout her illustrious career.

She is now happy living life as a mother, but something tells us we will see this Hall Of Famer in a WWE ring once again, even if it's not for another five or so years. I mean who wouldn’t want to see her face off with Charlotte at WrestleMania?

Active: 2000-2006, 2011

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