Ranking The 15 Hottest Hook Ups Of Evolution Members

Perhaps one of the WWE's greatest factions, the members of Evolution either already were megastars or were on the verge of becoming megastars. Leaders like Ric Flair and Triple H had cemented their legacies as two of the best all-time WWE performers. Newcomers Batista and Randy Orton were seen as the next generation. Two teachers, two students and four dominant personalities made Evolution dangerous.

But it wasn't just fellow WWE Superstars the members of Evolution would lay waste to on a nightly basis. Most of the group were known for being friendly with the ladies. Both in the WWE and outside of it, all four members of the group had a storied history with women.

It shouldn't really come as a surprise. Evolution dressed the part, they acted the part and they were the most powerful faction in professional wrestling. The fans knew it, the boys in the locker room knew it and the ladies knew it. Who were the hottest hookups of the four members of Evolution?

Keep reading to see how we rank them. Some members were pretty tame in the sheer quantity of women on the list. Others you'll see revisit this list often. How would you rank them?

15 Randy Orton and Samantha Speno

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The ex-wife of Randy Orton, Samantha Speno was Randy's first wife. As far as hookups go, Speno has that wholesome, girl next door sort of look to her which many men find attractive. It's why we've placed her at No. 15 on the list to kick things off.

Speno and Orton were engaged in 2005 and married in September 2007. They have a lovely daughter together — Alanna Marie Orton. Unfortunately, things didn't work out well for the two of them and Samantha filed for divorce in 2013. The split was amicable and the two remained close friends, with Randy allowed to visit his daugther whenever he wanted. Randy is now remarried and while it appears as though things are still cordial, it's more likely a friendly parenting situation than anything else.

14 Ric Flair and Jacquie Beems

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Jacquie Beems was attractive enough as far as female hookups might go, but she's not very high on our list because it turns out she's a little bit crazy — the kind of crazy that has her officially blessed with a set of her own mugshots. She also seemed to have brought out the worst in Ric Flair who almost went to jail thanks to not paying over $32,000 in marriage support payments.

Beems and Flair were married in 2009. They stayed married for three years and she filed for legal separation in 2012. The story doesn't end there, however. In the time since their separation, Beems was accused of making harassing phone calls, physically abusing the multi-time heavyweight champion and Beems threated Flair's new girlfriend Wendy Barlow who received over 50 harassing text messages. Flair has been married many times, but his marriage to Beems is by far the most disastrous.

13 Ric Flair and Wendy Barlow

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Ric Flair is now engaged and for the fifth time. This time, he's gone back to his roots (in a way) as Wendy used to be Ric's valet in WCW. Her character name was Fifi the Maid and we're hoping she can clean up Flair's act when it comes to dating and marrying women every few years.

Barlow is not only attractive, but she seems pretty chill after having to deal with a crazy ex in the form of Ric's fourth wife Jacquie Beems.  So too, both Ric and Wendy are still apparently open for show business as they've been on an episode of Celebrity Wife Swap and they aren't shy about posting photos of their personal lives in public.  Wendy often travels with Ric when he's doing WWE business and that may not be a bad idea considering Ric's hookup history.

12 Ric Flair and Elizabeth Harrell

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Are you sensing a pattern here yet? With Flair's third consecutive entry on our list, he's clearly not shy about hooking up and marrying the opposite sex. This entry is a bit different than all the others.

By hookup standards, Elizabeth Harrell doesn't rank on the typical or traditional scale the way some of the other entries will. Instead, what she has going for her is that she was able to keep the "Nature Boy" under some semblance of control for 23 years. That's no easy task. She's also the proud mom of one of the greatest and hottest female wrestlers we know today in Charlotte Flair.

Her being Charlotte's mother catapulted her up the standings and that's enough to have her rank among Flair's greatest accomplishments. Harrell wasn't exactly a hookup in the short-term sense of the word, but her and Ric did good by us and the WWE Universe is reminded of that every Monday when they see Charlotte compete.

11 Batista and Rosa Mendes

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Rosa Mendes recently parted ways with the WWE, but she had a fairly extended and successful career in a number of different roles. She was not a terribly talented wrestler and probably ranks among the WWE's least entertaining on-screen personalities. To recent fans, she was probably most well known as an over-dramatic Diva on the Total Divas show.

Mendes had developed a bit of a reputation for dating a number of wrestlers and was linked to Eddie Colon, Santino Marella, and Steven Slocum to name a few. In this instance, and according to an interview Batista conducted promoting his book Batista Unleased, Mendes and Batista hooked up in 2009. Not much is known about their relationship, other than that Batista says it happened and that she was one of the many women Batista found attractive on the WWE roster.  While Mendes has moved on and is now happily married, I'm sure she feels great knowing she was just one of a long line of many Batista hooked up with.

10 Randy Orton and Kelly Kelly

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There was the smallest of rumours that Randy Orton had hooked up with WWE Diva Kelly Kelly. He was asked about said rumours on the radio show "Between the Ropes" where he was a guest. He denied the rumour but went on to publicly slam Kelly Kelly for hooking up with as many as 10 different WWE personalities, all while getting a good laugh at her expense.

It was a huge issue and one that Orton caught a lot of heat for. He claimed to have gotten carried away in the moment of the show and has since apologized. Kelly Kelly (now Barbie Blanks) was always known as a "friendly" WWE Diva, but this one must have hurt a bit because not much more than a year later she parted ways with the WWE. It appears at the least Orton and Blanks were close at one time.

9 Batista and Rebecca DiPietro

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According to whosdatedwho.com, Rebecca DiPietro and Batista dated for a couple months in 2006. We already know that Batista was a fan of the women in the WWE, but he didn't waste much time in this instance, getting to know DiPietro and starting a relationship with her shortly after she was signed by the WWE in August of that year.

A former Playboy model, DiPietro spent most of her time as eye candy down in the WWE territories and training leagues until she "earned" a spot as a backstage interviewer in ECW. She spent all of eight months in the WWE before departing ways with the company. Did her relationship with Batista have something to do with her early exit?

DiPietro has been linked to celebrities like former NHL'er Derek Boogaard, football player Brady Quinn and actor Marco Dapper. She's definitely high on the list of the most attractive women Batista has hooked up with.

8 Batista and Melina Perez

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After a short storyline on SmackDown together, there were rumours that former WWE Diva Melina Perez (known as Melina) and Batista hooked up in real life. At the time, Melina was viewed as one of the WWE's hottest female stars and her entrance to the ring where she did the splits on the apron was the stuff of dreams. As well as she was known for that signature move, she was also widely known as "the commodity" of another WWE Superstar, John Morrison.

Batista mentioned Melina at the same time as he mentioned other Divas when talking about his past WWE relationships.  She later documents on an episode of the "Ross Report" that during her time in the WWE, she was often bullied backstage and Batista was there as a friend. This led to the rumours of their relationship blossoming and the eventual destruction of her and Morrison's status as a couple. She describes the hookup as a friendship. Batista seems to claim otherwise.

7 Randy Orton and Kim Kessler

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Based on looks alone, Kim Kessler might have ranked higher on our list. Based on personality, it was hard to justify keeping her this high. Randy Orton has never been seen as the most polite WWE Superstar to grace the company. His relationship with Kessler shows his personality hasn't changed all that much.

While the two are now married and parents, the example they set for their kids hasn't been top notch. Kessler and Orton found themselves in the middle of a media backlash when Orton tweeted rude comments about a fan — one he claims was stalking he and Kessler (his girlfriend at the time).

"Look @kimklro I met the Latino Ms. Piggy today at the gym. I wish you were there to have a good laugh with me! #MsPig." were one of the comments he made. When it wasn't enough to just publicly humiliate the fan, Kessler didn't downplay his comments, instead, fueling the fire by responding. "Thats what @kgomez325 gets for always talking s&^! about me. Your not the only one who can play games."

6 Batista and Sarah Jade

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There is hot and then there is the pole-dance championship kind of hot. It's the latter that now has Batista's attention. Batista's most current relationship is his most recent wife Sarah Jade who won and was named Miss Pole Dance America 2016. Jade is a pole aerialist, aerial chandelier performer, and the owner of a pole dancing company she founded in 2012 — Buttercup Pole Dance.

Jade is wife number three for Batista and to his credit, it seems to be a third time the charm kind of situation. Batista also seems extremely proud of her accomplishments. He's publicly tweeted how proud of her he is and many of his current WWE friends were there to celebrate their wedding. As happy as he seems, with Batista's track record for hooking up with women and his current success in Hollywood, one can only hope he has a good prenup.

5 Triple H and Chyna

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Before Triple H married his current wife and became the business-suit wearing Triple H many fans see running NXT on a regular basis, he got his start in the public dating scene by dating fellow WWE performer and DX member Chyna. It was an odd relationship, but one that definitely benefited Chyna who was tougher than almost any man on the WWE roster.

The two were a pretty big deal as far as wrestlers dating each other went and were together from 1996-2000. Later referred to by her real name Joanie Laurer, Chyna was a trail-blazer in wrestling. The first woman to hold the Intercontinental Title, she took out many male WWE performers with ease. Rumours were she was tagged to be the first-ever female World Champion, but her decision to pose for Playboy Magazine derailed those plans.

Her relationship to Triple H also went off the rails when Triple H started an on-screen relationship with Stephanie McMahon. Tragically, Chyna passed away after years of what looked like a troubled life. It didn't seem like she ever got passed her exit with the WWE and how Triple H treated her when he was done and moved on to a more prominant and powerful hookup

4 Randy Orton and JoJo

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Whether for the sake of furthering her career or she actually had a crush on “The Viper”, a 19-year-old JoJo was rumoured to have dated Randy Orton back in 2013. The couple were seen holding hands by various people but it wasn’t a huge story because, at the time, many within the WWE were denying the rumours. It could be because of JoJo’s young age or, perhaps Randy Orton wasn’t interested in being part of the Total Divas show, which would have been one of the major developments on that program. Either way, too many people figure something was up for their not to have been something going on.

This came not long after an episode of Total Divas where JoJo was seen making out with former WWE Superstar Justin Gabriel. Clearly, Gabriel was not as influential in the WWE as Orton and we can’t help but speculate that JoJo being attached to the multi-time champion didn’t have it’s benefits. To Jojo’s credit, it may have worked as she is now a very successful ring announcer in the WWE and is seen as one of their brightest future talents.

3 Batista and Kelly Kelly

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Batista revealed on a WJFK radio interview that he had at one time dated WWE Diva Kelly Kelly. He also mentioned her by name is his Batista Unleashed documentary. Calling her a bit immature, he cited their age difference as the major reason the two broke up. Unlike Randy Orton and Kelly Kelly, this ranks higher because the relationship was actually known to have occurred.

Kelly Kelly was one of many in a long line of WWE Divas Batista is rumoured to have had a relationship with. As was noted when she appeared on the list at No. 10, Kelly Kelly is also rumoured to have gotten around. It seems she had a thing for the members of Evolution in particular. Either way, she's got to be considered one of Batista's hottest hookups.

2 Ric Flair and Halle Berry

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Ric Flair swears this hookup with Halle Berry happened. Halle Berry's people claim Berry doesn't even know who Flair is, let alone would she have hooked up with him. It seems a bit far fetched, but Flair once claimed live on this radio show "The Ric Flair Show" that he and Berry got together in the 1990s just after Berry had divorced former baseball player David Justice. When questioned about the facts, Flair adamantly stuck to his story.

After boasting on his show he's been with dozens of famous women, he used Berry as an example of a celebrity who had ridden on "Space Mountain" — a phrase Flair often associated with hooking up with women. If his own story is true, the timing of the hookup means that Flair would have had to have cheated on his second wife. That part isn't the unbelievable part. The Halle Berry part?... well that's on that might take some more convincing.

1 Triple H and Stephanie McMahon

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At the top of our list is Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. This relationship earns the top spot because not only is Stephanie considered an attractive female by a huge WWE fanbase and overall television audience, but these two are the "it" power couple of the WWE. Pegged to eventually run the entire company when Vince McMahon eventually hands over the reigns, The Game and Stephanie are the most prominent couple on our entire list.

These days, you can find the two as regulars on WWE programming. The two go everywhere together, they post videos of their midnight workouts and they are proud parents of three lovely daughters. Their in-ring relationship is and will be a mainstay on WWE programming and their behind-the-scenes work brings a lot of what the WWE Universe has come to know and love as the wrestling product fans now know and love.

When the relationship first started, many viewed it as Triple H working his way into a more prominent role within the company. Today, it's viewed as an amazing partnership as Triple H has proven to be one of the most influential forces behind many of the things the WWE Universe knows and loves.

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