Ranking The Top 15 Wrestlers With The Best Chance Of Beating Brock Lesnar

The last time Brock Lesnar was pinned cleanly was back in 2013, falling to Triple H (like everyone does at some point) at WrestleMania 29 in a No Holds Barred Match. Over the last decade, Lesnar has established his brand after a dominant UFC run which put him on the map as one of the greatest combat fighters ever. His UFC run did wonders and he would proceed to destroy opponents like John Cena in a dominant fashion upon returning to WWE. He became must see television on a WWE platform and is without question the biggest draw in the entire company.

Fast-forward and Lesnar once again created some massive hype for himself by winning in his UFC 200 return, Vince McMahon sent out a statement claiming Brock is the most “formidable combat athlete in the history of the country.” Hunter furthered the statement calling Lesnar a “once in a lifetime type of athlete."

With all this recent hype, it begs the question of who will ever beat Lesnar on a WWE stage? With so much momentum on his side, it’s really hard to predict when that time will come and who will be given the honors. We start the list with his SummerSlam opponent and assess the odds of Orton getting the job done!

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15 Randy Orton

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With Brock Lesnar successfully winning in his UFC return, the odds of Orton beating Lesnar at SummerSlam diminished quite significantly for The Viper, resulting in a number 15 entry on this list despite the two competing against one another at the WWE’s biggesr event of the summer.

Orton certainly has the credentials to take down Brock Lesnar, especially when compared to most others on the current WWE roster. From a booking standpoint, however, raising Randy’s hand in victory wouldn’t make much sense at this point. Once again, Brock turned himself into the hottest commodity in all of combat sports, meaning his stock at the moment is higher than ever. To capitalize on this situation, the company has no other choice but to put Brock over once again and solidify his current legacy as the most overpowering sports entertainer on the planet. Unfortunately for Randy, this high profile matchup will likely end in defeat with Orton coming out of the match still looking respectable. A win/win situation if you ask me.

14 John Cena

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Similar to Randy Orton, John Cena certainly has the credentials and draw value at this point to defeat Brock Lesnar. Cena is the face of the company and by far the most established babyface on the active roster. In addition, Brock owes a lot to Cena, as it was Cena who put Brock over at SummerSlam in 2014, solidifying Brock’s dominance and championship victory. Not only did Lesnar win the match, but Cena made him look spectacular in the process, taking a big beatdown throughout the entire match, something you never see in a Cena match.

Once again, from a booking standpoint and heading into his 40s, beating Brock won’t do much for Cena nor would it make a big difference in his already established career. The only way we can see this possibly happening is if something drastic would come out of the match, like a Cena heel turn paving the way for a new gimmick for the next generation. Aside from that, beating Lesnar is not something Cena needs, nor would it make sense for the future, unless the improbable heel turn would go down.

13 The Rock

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SummerSlam seems to be Lesnar’s standout PPV, as not only did he beat John Cena to continue to establish himself as a dominant force, but he also defeated The Rock, stamping his name in the history books by capturing his first WWE Championship. Once again, he did so in dominant fashion tearing apart The People’s Champ.

Booking the next to defeat Lesnar can go two ways. The WWE will put their eggs in the basket of a future star (which is what they should do) or, in typical WWE fashion, they will give the win to a part-time face that is already well established within the company. Yes, doing so with the likes of The Rock will certainly be great for business, but looking at the long term aspect, this clearly isn’t the right move. However, as we’ve seen in the past, if the WWE doesn’t feel like they have someone with enough credibility, they’ll put their faith in an old face, even if it means a short term gain in terms of exposure. If this would be the case, The Rock would be one of the front runners for the job.

12 Big Cass

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Every list needs some underdogs and, at this moment, Big Cass is exactly that. What makes his character so unique is his dominant presence in the ring that is backed up with a massive stature. Normally, the WWE uses wrestlers like Cass to go over as heels, similar to the likes of Baron Corbin and Rusev on the current roster. Having a guy with a big frame that is over with the crowd is certainly a breath of fresh air for the WWE Universe.

As of right now, this seems like a long shot and it is, as the stars certainly need to align before we can further this discussion. However, with Brock being as hot as ever, it seems like his streak will last for quite some time. In the meantime, Cass will enjoy his Tag Team run with Enzo Amore, but when that falls through in the future, look for a big singles run for Cass. In order to solidify him as a dominant face, beating Lesnar would do wonders for his career, making him an unlikely top babyface for the WWE. Only time will tell if this can be an actual possibility.

11 Shinsuke Nakamura

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The booking of Shinsuke Nakamura has been spot on thus far by Triple H and the NXT creative team. The developmental brand is slowly building his dominance and adding a Brock Lesnar-like mystique to every one of his matches. Similar to Lesnar, the company is creating a kind of rareness to every Nakamura match which makes us enjoy him that much more.

He is currently undefeated and it will probably remain that way for quite some time during his hunt for the NXT Championship. His demeanor and unorthodox wrestling style has been a massive hit and will likely carry the same momentum onto the main roster. From a booking standpoint, fans are curious to see how his WWE run will play out. Will he be used as a dominant force or will he put younger talents over? Regardless of the situation, at the age of 36, some would find it strange for him to beat Brock. However, with an MMA background, Nakamura becomes one of the only legitimate wrestlers to not only have a high profile in the wrestling industry, but to also have a history in combat sports. Regardless of who wins, the match would be a treat to watch and one that will be discussed for a long time.

10 Bray Wyatt

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The WWE really dropped the ball with this one. Bray Wyatt’s star power is evident, however, the company has failed time and time again to make him a consistently big player on the roster. The company finally put Bray in the spotlight, after he appeared with The Wyatt’s and eliminated Lesnar from The Royal Rumble match. It seemed like Bray was finally getting his big break, but that was not the case. The feud came to an abrupt end at WWE Road Block, where Lesnar was slated to take on Bray in a career changing match for Wyatt. However, it was later changed to a two on one match with Bray watching his Wyatt brothers in the match instead. The match ended with Lesnar beating the two and later starring down Bray from a distance.

They dropped the ball with the encounter, but left the door wide open for a future battle. With Bray’s popularity and young age, you have to believe he is a legitimate front runner to defeat Lesnar.

9 Sami Zayn

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The building of a future star is the name of the game when looking at who is the next in line to defeat The Beast. The company can choose to take a different route and create a feel good story which would see the ultimate underdog defeat the dominant and ruthless heel. If they need to chose a wrestler to make this classic pro wrestling story work, Sami Zayn is by far the greatest option. He is the prototypical journeyman in the wrestling industry, putting on great matches every week. There would be no greater reward than making him beat The Conqueror.

Creatively, the only way you can pull off such a match is by having it headline a major show with the World Championship on the line, having Lesnar defend it and Sami battle for it as the major underdog. Both wrestlers are tremendous in-ring workers making this match a dream to watch on any stage, even a WrestleMania one. Zayn picking up the victory would create an unlikely scenario while adding the element of surprise and shock, something the WWE lacks in today’s product. Sami is a strong candidate to break his version of the streak. It would have striking comparisons to the late, great Eddie Guerrero defeating Brock Lesnar at No Way Out for the championship over a decade ago. Expect a similar type of celebration.

8 Kevin Owens

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KO seems like the fan favorite to defeat Brock Lesnar and become the most dominant heel in the company. He certainly deserves it, as it's hard to find a wrestler that has been more worked by the WWE in the last year than Owens. When looking at who should be the next in line to beat Brock, a deciding factor should be merit and body of work. When you think about these two factors, there is no man better suited for the victory than Kevin Owens.

For booking purposes, the decision would make sense in terms of future scenarios. The victory would solidify Owens as a dominant force, while allowing him to brag about yet another victory on his resume. The victory would be comparable to Y2J defeating both Stone Cold and The Rock on the same night, as his bragging would be endless, while creating some serious legitimacy and heat to his character. KO is a big time front runner to defeat Brock at some point.

7 Finn Balor

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Finn Balor’s WWE main roster debut has plenty of hype and loads of possible booking scenarios. Some fear the company will make a mess of him, while others dream of possible matches, including one with The Beast, Brock Lesnar.

Creatively, writing the script for such a feud is a dream for any fan or professional WWE writer for the matter. It is the classic dominant unbeatable heel against the mysterious and fan favorite babyface. If you need an example, think of Hogan and Sting in WCW. Hulk was the dominant ruler of th nWo, while Sting was the mysterious baby face looking to end Hulk’s run of terror. Although the feud ended terribly with Bret Hart’s random referee spot, the feud played out as one of the greatest in WCW history. With a modern day twist, the WWE can recreate this story with Brock and Balor. A Finn victory would earn him the rights to becoming the new face of the WWE.

6 Goldberg

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I can feel many of you rolling your eyes as you see the name Goldberg on this list, as at the age of 49, fans certainly believe the WWE missed the window of opportunity with this storyline.

However, it's still possible, especially when you think of the lack of established names that can possibly beat Brock. With Goldberg’s involvement in the new 2K17 game, many believe that this will once again open the door for a possible WWE return for the WCW franchise player. Both wrestlers have been doing some serious promotion for the game, as Brock is gracing the cover, while Goldberg is the unofficial spokesperson for the game. It seems unlikely, but this can result in a Goldberg comeback and possible feud with Brock. In terms of draw value, beating Lesnar is a definite possibility. But, heading into his 50s, most fans would see Goldberg beating Brock as a big time wasted opportunity for someone else making the situation less likely to go down. Doesn't mean WWE won't still do it.

5 Stone Cold

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If Stone Cold would ever return for one more match, you’d better believe his opponent would need to be more than worthy of his presence. Looking at the WWE roster from top to bottom, only one Superstar really fits the bill and that’s Brock Lesnar.

A match between the two would shatter the WWE Universe. What would add to such a match is the back story between the two, as Austin had walked out of the company after he refused to put Brock over during a match between the two, which was scheduled for Raw and not a PPV. Steve hated the booking decision and left the company. During Austin’s podcast, Steve and Heyman teased a possible WrestleMania match, although that seems highly unlikely at this point with Austin being content outside of the ring. Steve might be the only outside wrestler that fans would be ok with to pin Brock, even if it’s a one-time only type of thing. The rarity of it all, would make for great theater.

4 Samoa Joe

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The online wrestling community completely marks out when thinking about a future Brock Lesnar versus Samoa Joe match. Joe is the only member of the WWE at the moment that possesses a combat style that can rival Brock Lesnar's. Both Superstars are built similarly with a repertoire filled with suplexes and vicious strikes, so one can only imagine how many stiff shots will have landed once these two go toe to toe in a WWE ring one day.

The question remains, does Joe have a long enough future in WWE to do something with a win over Lesnar. The answer is yes. Joe has yet to scratch the surface on the main roster, leaving him with years and years of storylines and possible opponents. Not to mention his conditioning and speed, which still look spectacular judging by his NXT progress. The guy can clearly go with anyone, any day. If you’re looking for a passing of the torch type of scenario, Joe is the man.

3 Kurt Angle

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When looking at wrestlers outside of the WWE, Kurt Angle is the front runner to defeat Brock Lesnar. Before Lesnar’s run of dominance, Angle was one of the first wrestlers to put Lesnar over, solidifying Brock as a top star for the company over a decade ago. In the ring, these two were absolute magic together no matter which Superstar played the role of heel or babyface. They told a tremendous story outside of the ring and worked some breathtaking matches in it. The two together helped put SmackDown on the map and made it recognized as the “wrestling” brand of the WWE.

If Angle were to comeback, you’d best bet he’d be picking Brock as his opponent. What a spectacle it would be to see Angle fight one last match and finally beat his long time rival, creating a true WrestleMania moment. The possibility is certainly there, but it remains to be seen how the WWE will book Kurt if he ever returns.

2 Roman Reigns

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The rematch will go down eventually, as it’s a matter of when, not if. Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns have some unfinished business to attend to from WrestleMania 31. The story between the two was built brilliantly and was by far Roman’s best work as an upper card WWE Superstar. The match, which was doubted by many, turned out to be a terrific WrestleMania main event and told a tremendous in-ring story of two heavy hitters trying to put their stamp on different legacies. Reigns was looking to punch his ticket as the new era face, while Lesnar was trying to show the world why he is the most dominant Superstar of our time.

The match lived up to the hype and it will certainly lead to a rematch that is only suited for a stage like WrestleMania or SummerSlam. With Roman being booked as “the guy,” the possibility of him going over is immense.

1 AJ Styles

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It’s very apparent that AJ’s time to shine is now. Styles is the most over WWE star at the moment. Some believe Styles will end up on SmackDown, while some, like myself, believe it’s best AJ stays on Monday Nights as a big time player for years to come.

In order to obtain a greater heel status, AJ must get a little dirtier. Using The Club to his advantage against Cena was a good start, but the group needs to be more ruthless in their WWE run. Expanding the group is a great possibility, but, most importantly, AJ going over a huge star is what’s truly needed. With the help of The Club, AJ defeating Brock would set up a tremendous run for not only AJ, but the entire Club as well. It would work long term and help to change the landscape of the WWE. Styles picking up the win as a heel would be a huge plus and we hope this is the direction WWE decides to go.

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