15 Rare Photos Of Charlotte Flair (And 10 Of Her Parents)

As the daughter of a 16-time World champion, Charlotte Flair had a lot of expectations to live up to when she decided to become a wrestler. Since joining WWE in 2012, Charlotte has gone on to become one of the top stars in the women’s division. She’s already a six-time champion and has made history by main-eventing PPVS and competing in matches such as Hell in a Cell. Plus, like her father, she’s created her own group called The 4 Horsewomen.

Charlotte’s career has accomplished a lot so far and with plenty of years of wrestling left, she’s sure to make more history as WWE’s Women’s Revolution is in full effect. She may even surpass her father in terms of having a legendary career. As Charlotte continues her wrestling career, she has the support of her parents Ric and Elizabeth. Everyone knows Ric as a WWE legend, who holds the record for most championship wins. These days Ric is known more for making headlines due to his partying and his health scare. As for Elizabeth, she’s remained out of the spotlight since her split from Ric.

With the Flair family being one of the most popular clans in wrestling, they’re always in the public spotlight. There’s lots of photos of them making red carpet and television appearances. However, there are some behind the scenes photos that fans have never seen before. So for this article, we’re taking a look at some rare photos of Charlotte Flair along with a few snapshots of her parents.

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25 The Beast Meets The Queen

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Charlotte is one of the most well-liked stars in WWE. She has a lot of friends backstage including Becky Lynch. Often you can see photos of Charlotte posing with her friends and fellow wrestlers backstage at WWE events.

In one photo, Charlotte is seen posing with a wrestler no one would expect her to be friends with, Brock Lesnar.

The photo shows Charlotte and Brock sharing a hug backstage. The photo seemed odd due to the fact that Brock has a reputation of being standoffish, but then again who can resist having their photo taken with Miss Flair.

24 The Flair Kids Pose For Pictures

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Charlotte is the daughter of Ric Flair and his second wife Elizabeth. She was the couple’s first child, and Ric’s third. She has two older half-siblings David and Megan, whom she’s very close to. Two years after Charlotte’s birth, Ric and Elizabeth welcomed another child, their son Reid.

The four Flair siblings were very close growing up and in a rare childhood photos, the siblings are seen posing for the camera while at a family gathering. Charlotte, Megan, and David have no problem with their picture being taken, but poor Reid appears to be camera shy.

23 Ric And Elizabeth's Wedding

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In August 1983, Ric Flair married his second wife Elizabeth Harrell. The ceremony was attended by many of Ric’s wrestling pals including Ricky Steamboat. Elizabeth settled into her new life as The Nature Boy’s wife and stepmother to his two children. Three years after their wedding, the couple would welcome their first child, daughter Ashley aka Charlotte. Two years later, their son Reid was born. Ric and Elizabeth were married for twenty-three years before splitting up in 2006. He married two more times, and both marriages ended in divorce.

22 Ric And Evolution Enjoy A Basketball Game

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In 2003, Ric teamed with Triple H, Randy Orton, and Batista to form the stable Evolution. Known as heels, the group claimed themselves as the past, present, and future of WWE. They were a force to be reckoned with inside the ring, where they cheated to win and brutally attacked their opponents.

But outside the squared circle, they enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle, which fit their characters.

In 2004, the group attended a NY Knicks game where they posed for photos with fans.

21 Charlotte Was Daddy's Little Girl

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Charlotte has always had a close relationship with her father. Growing up the daughter of a legendary wrestling icon, had it’s ups and downs. While Ric was a good provider and lavished his children with expensive gifts, it was difficult with him being on the road a lot. Yet, no matter how busy Rick was, he always made time for his kids. Now that Ric’s retired from wrestling, he can now watch proudly as Charlotte carries on the family legacy and is even at WWE events to cheer on his daughter.

20 Posing With Fans

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As a member of The 4 Horsewomen and a pioneer in the Women’s Revolution, Charlotte is one of WWE’s most recognized stars in the women’s division. The Women’s champion has gained legions of fans, who proudly show their support for their favourite star.

Like other WWE stars, Charlotte has a busy schedule that consists of wrestling, autograph signings, and television appearances; she always makes time for her fans. She’s known to stop to sign autographs or pose for photos with the crowds.

19 Ric Flair's Early Days As A Wrestler

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There’s no doubt Ric is a wrestling icon. With a career spanning over four decades, he's accomplished so much. Not only is he a 16-time champion, but he’s also wrestled for a variety of promotions. This photo shows a young Ric before he set out on his legendary career as a wrestler. In 1972, at the age of 23, he started training in the ring and before long he caught the promoters attention, who wanted to book this rising star for their shows.

18 Charlotte And Becky Hang Out Backstage

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Onscreen Charlotte and Becky Lynch have feuded, but in real life the two women are friends. Their friendship developed back when both were in NXT and it has continued since they were moved up to the main roster.

Charlotte and Becky often travel together to shows, and they post videos and photos of their hijinks on Instagram for fans to see.

With the two ladies now part of Smackdown, their real life friendship has become part of a storyline in which one of the women may turn on the other.

17 Charlotte As A High-School Volleyball Player

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Like many wrestlers, Charlotte played sports during her school years. For two years, Charlotte played volleyball in high-school, where as captain she led her team to winning two championships. Charlotte’s love of the sport continued when she enrolled at Appalachian State University, where she would play for two seasons before transferring to another college. These days Charlotte has traded in the volleyball court for the wrestling ring, but no matter what sport she’s part of, she’s shown that she has tremendous athleticism.

16 Charlotte With Fer Ex-Husband Bram


Like her father, Charlotte is unlucky when it comes to love. In May 2010, she married her first husband Riki Johnson, but they divorced a year later. Two years later, Charlotte would marry for the second time. This time her husband was wrestler Thomas Latimer aka Bram. The two shared a love of wrestling and were just starting their careers when they married. However, their passion for the business wasn’t enough to keep them together and they divorced in October 2015. With two failed marriages, Charlotte hasn’t shown any interest in dating and is instead concentrating on her career.

15 Ric Flair Gets Cozy With The Divas

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Ric Flair certainly lives up to his playboy gimmick and there are ladies who can’t resist The Nature Boy. During a promotional appearance, Ric posed for pictures with former WWE Divas Kelly Kelly and Eve Torres. The three of them look quite cozy as Kelly tries to plant a kiss on Ric, while Eve is laughing at one of his jokes. Plenty of guys wished they were Ric in this photo, who wouldn’t want to be nestled between Kelly and Eve?

14 Ric Flair In His Trademark Gear

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Everyone who’s followed Ric’s career knows that the glittery, feathery robes he wears is part of his high-stylin’ gimmick. Flair started wearing the robes during the 1970s after he became an established wrestler. The robes would become synonymous with Ric, who had a huge collection of the garments.

However, The Nature Boy had to shell out big bucks for the clothing.

The robes actually cost thousands of dollars to design. But the cost of the robes weren’t the only thing that was pricy, the garments weighed up to 50 pounds.

13 Charlotte Unwinds After A Match

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The life of a WWE star is very gruelling. The stars have a hectic schedule traveling all over the world to wrestle and make public appearances. With all that traveling and wrestling, it’s hard for the stars to find time to relax. But Charlotte managed to sneak in time for a little relaxation while flying from town to town. With the help of a neck pillow and cucumber slices, Charlotte caught in a nap so she could be refreshed for the next show.

12 The Flair Family On Vacation

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Ric is known to be a big spender, who’s shelled out millions of dollars over the years. He sure did live up to his luxurious gimmick in real life, especially when it came to his family. Ric loved spoiling his wife and children; and he’d sometimes fire up the private jet to take them on a surprise vacation. In this rare photo of the Flair family, Ric and Elizabeth are all smiles as they’re joined by Charlotte and Reid while enjoying a fun and relaxing vacation in Hawaii.

11 Charlotte And Reid As Kids

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Growing up, Charlotte had a close bond with her younger brother Reid. When Reid tragically passed away in March 2013, Charlotte along with the rest of the Flair family was devastated. Charlotte decided to carry on her brother’s legacy by becoming a wrestler. Prior to his passing, Reid had been training and was close to being signed. With Charlotte being one of the top stars in WWE and a multi champion, she’s proudly carrying on Reid’s legacy.

10 Ric And Elizabeth On A Date Night

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Ric and his second wife Elizabeth were married for 23 years before divorcing in 2006. While Ric and Charlotte are public figures, Elizabeth has stayed out of the spotlight and maintained a quiet life in North Carolina. However, in November 2015, Elizabeth criticized WWE when they used her son Reid’s passing as part of a storyline with Charlotte and Paige. She called the move cruel and sad, and that the writers had no right to use her son’s passing to enhance drama for the story.

9 Ric And Wendy Attend A Wedding

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After four failed marriages, you’d think Ric Flair would be shy about tying the knot again. However, the wrestler is set to walk down the aisle again with his fiancée Wendy Barlow.

The two first meet in the early 90s in WCW, where Wendy appeared in a segment with Ric.

The pair remained good friends and they began dating shortly after Ric’s fourth divorce. Ric and Wendy became engaged in 2016, and Wendy has stuck with Ric through all his health and legal problems.

8 The Rattlesnake Meets The Queen

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With so many WWE events, it’s not uncommon for current stars to meet former wrestlers. During one show, Charlotte got a chance to hang with Stone Cold Steve Austin backstage. Austin is a good friend of Ric’s and is close to the rest of the Flair family. He’s also been very vocal in his supportive of Charlotte by saying she’s one of the greatest wrestlers in the ring. With praise from Stone Cold, Charlotte has proven why she’s one of the best female stars currently in WWE.

7 Having Fun With Her Niece

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Despite having a busy schedule, Charlotte makes it a priority to spend time with her family. She lives in North Carolina, and her siblings Megan and David are close by. The siblings hang out all the time and Charlotte loves being aunt to her three nieces and nephews. Charlotte loves to spend time with the family and sometimes posts photos of them on Instagram. During one holiday gathering, Charlotte and her niece Morgan had some fun by posing for the camera in their Christmas pajamas.

6 Ric Had Fans During His Early Wrestling Days

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Like many wrestlers who first start out, Ric was unsure where his career was headed or if fans would connect to him. Back in the 70s as The Nature Boy was wrestling show after show, fans did start to take notice of the upcoming wrestler. In this candid shot taken after a house show in North Carolina, Ric poses with a young fan. Little did he know that she would be just one of the thousands of fans who would come to love The Nature Boy.

5 Women's Wrestling Pioneers

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Charlotte is considered a pioneer in the WWE’s Women’s Revolution. If her career keeps going the way it has, Charlotte will join the ranks of Lita as one of the all-time greatest female wrestlers.

Charlotte and Lita are friends in real life, with Lita becoming a mentor to Charlotte and the rest of the women.

In fact, Charlotte was in the audience when Lita and Trish had their iconic main event match on Raw in December 2004. Now fourteen years later, Charlotte is making history herself.

4 Working Out With Braun

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Staying in shape is a top priority among wrestlers. While on the road, they try to cram in workout whenever they can. Sometimes wrestlers go to the gym in groups that way they can workout together. In this photo, Charlotte paid a visit to a local gym, where she was joined by fellow WWE star Braun Strowman. While they seem like unlikely workout buddies, we’re sure they worked up quite the sweat by lifting weights. Maybe they even traded exercise and nutrition tips.

3 Ric's Third Marriage

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Ric’s always had a reputation as a ladies’ man. After two divorces, you’d figure The Nature Boy would be shy about marriage, but the opposite was true. In May 2006, just a few months after finalizing his divorce from Elizabeth, Ric married for the third time. Wife number three was a fitness instructor named Tiffany VanDemark. However, the third time wasn’t the charm for Ric. Less than two years later he and Tiffany broke up, which resulted in a nasty divorce battle.

2 Charlotte In NXT

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In May 2012, Charlotte started her journey of becoming a wrestler when she signed on with WWE. Like other WWE stars, she had to report to their developmental territory where he underwent training and promo classes.

A little over a year later in July 2013, she made her debut on NXT television when she won a match against Bayley. Charlotte looked different from what we’re used to. Her hair was a bit darker and she wasn’t wearing the glittery robes, we’ve all come to expect from her ring attire.

1 Charlotte Makes Her WCW Debut

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These days, Charlotte is a prominent figure on WWE television. However, long before she joined the company, she was briefly featured in another wrestling promotion. When Ric was wrestling for WCW, he was in a heated feud with his son David and Vince Russo. The feud picked up steam when David brought the rest of the family into the fold. Charlotte was a teen at the time and cameras caught the young girl on camera as David and Vince invaded their home to harass the family.

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