15 Rare Items Vince McMahon Kept In His Warehouse

If you’re a long time WWE fan, boy do we have a treat for you in this article. Get ready to be a kid again as we walk down memory lane taking a peak into the WWE’s warehouse. Vince has decided to keep lots of memorabilia over the years and in this article, we showcase some of the rarest pieces kept by McMahon. Without a doubt, if the WWE chooses to, they can easily open up a museum today showcasing all of these incredible items.

From old rings to classic entrance logos, we’ve got some mouth watering pieces in this article. We’ll also feature some rare memorabilia you wouldn’t believe the WWE decided to keep such as the cross Stephanie was crucified on along with journals documenting the booking of shows. If you’re a fanatic, this article is for you folks!

Enjoy and like always, be sure to share the article with a friend. Also, be sure to let us know via Facebook which item caught your interest the most. Without further ado, here are 15 rare items you wouldn’t believe Vince McMahon kept in his warehouse. We start the article off with an item Stephanie doesn’t want to see again and neither does Stone Cold Steve Austin!

15 The Cross That Stephanie Was Crucified On

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For this rare item, we turn back the clock to the 90s when Stephanie McMahon was still green to the business. The Undertaker’s character took a dark turn as the leader of The Corporate Ministry – one of his most disturbing acts featured ‘Taker abducting Stephanie and attempting to crucify her. Making matters worse, Vince was later revealed as the brains behind the operation.

Of course, we all know what happens next: Austin came in to save Stephanie, only to get crucified himself!

The rare item is still in the WWE’s warehouse and in fine condition. The item looks huge and even bigger than when it was on television back in the 90s. However, don’t expect such a prop to make a return anytime soon in the midst of a PG era, though how awesome would it be to see ‘Taker crucify Cena?

14 Xavier’s Trombones (Francesca)

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Back in the summer of 2014, a group known as The New Day made their WWE debut. Let’s be honest, most of us really didn’t think much of it. Though fast-forward four years later and they’re still together as one of the most over acts in the company. From breaking the Tag Title record to hosting WrestleMania, the trio continues to surge as the best faction of the current era.

Each of the Superstars provides their own unique form of entertainment. Xavier hilariously blew his trombone during matches - the trombone became so popular that he would later name it Francesca - yes, he named it. It’s one of the newest items you can find in the WWE’s warehouse, it’s just sitting on a shelf under the label of Xavier Trombones. On the regular, the warehouse gets calls for items so who knows, Francesca might make a return sooner rather than later.

13 Stardust’s WrestleMania Ladder

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WrestleMania 32 was a major disappointment. The main event featuring Roman Reigns and Triple H was an absolute predictable snooze feast. The night was highlighted by an IC Championship match that kicked off the show. Owens defended his title in a brilliant ladder match that saw the last minute addition of Zack Ryder climb and win the championship – what a moment.

Another great moment featured Stardust with his own custom-made ladder paying homage to his father.

The ladder was black with yellow polka dots, similar to his father’s WWE attire. The company has kept the ladder; you can find it in the warehouse next to a bunch of other ladders including another special made ladder for Chris Jericho. Both are tremendous props that need to be on display somewhere and not sitting in a warehouse.

12 Bray’s Lantern and Chairs

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With The Undertaker appearing once a year, the WWE scrambled to find a new mystical character. Enter the face of fear, Bray Wyatt. He transitioned his character beautifully from his lackluster NXT days and before he knew it, Wyatt was a house hold name as his entrance was and still is truly mesmerizing with all the fireflies lighting up their cell phones. Although brief and quite lackluster, Bray even enjoyed a WWE Championship run before dropping the strap to Randy Orton.

In terms of Bray Wyatt, it’s really the allure of his character that’s the major selling point. His props in particular play a major role.

The WWE has stored some of his pivotal pieces away in the warehouse including his signature lantern along with his creepy chairs he used in various promos.

11 Monitor Brock Lesnar Destroyed

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On the road to WrestleMania XXX, Lesnar was showcasing his destructive side, similar to what we see with Braun Strowman nowadays. Well, in this particular incident he might have taken things too far. Brock let out his frustrations on the commentary booth and the result could have been far worse. Brock ripped out both monitors, destroying them in the process.

One of the monitors he shot into the ring bounced out and nearly hit a fan.

As shown on a video of the WWE’s warehouse, the monitors are extremely heavy and not easy to break, which just goes to show the power of Lesnar and how dangerous that could have been. For whatever reason, Vince decided to keep the monitor as it’s just stored on a shelf randomly, still broken.

10 Buried Alive Tombstone

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Perhaps the most underrated feud of the 90s, Mankind and The Undertaker had some of the most epic encounters. ‘Taker needed new opponents to feud with as Shawn and Bret took over the main event picture. Mick Foley was the answer and although Vince wasn’t too thrilled with the idea to begin with, he’d get on board after seeing the magic between these two.

Both men took part in a historic match and the WWE has kept the evidence. Back in 1996 at an In Your House event, the two fought in the first ever Buried Alive match, which was the theme of the PPV. ‘Taker walked out of the bout victorious but it was only the beginning of the epic rivalry between the two. The tombstone with both men and the date of the match can still be found at the WWE’s warehouse, in mint condition.

9 Old WCW Logos

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Yes, that’s right, you can even find WCW items in the WWE’s warehouse, something we would have laughed at back in the 90s. WCW certainly made its mark on the industry going head-to-head with the WWE during the late 90s. Nitro was a big part of the company’s success during WCW’s prime, however, the product would slowly deteriorate later on. WWE ended up buying the company which included the video library and some pieces of history from the company.

Just laying there in the warehouse includes a couple of WCW banners, both their star logo along with a Nitro logo as well.

As you know, the company tried to use a WCW theme earlier on but it failed miserably after just one match between Booker T and Buff Bagwell. Still to this day, that storyline is viewed as one of the most disappointing failures.

8 Rey Mysterio’s Entrance Prop

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No, Rey Mysterio doesn’t jump that high; instead, he used a prop for his entrance which elevated the WWE Superstar. His entrance became one of the most popular in all of the WWE. With rumors of a return, the company is likely smiling that they kept his entrance prop at the warehouse and for what it’s worth, it still looks to be in great condition. Though in truth, we’re not sure if the WWE would bring the prop back due to how darn big it is.

In a hilarious twist, the warehouse manager made the claim that the company actually bought the entrance prop off of Garth Brooks, a popular musician. The country singer would use the contraption during his concerts; the WWE would later buy it off him and use it for Rey’s entrance. If anyone ever asks what do Rey Mysterio and Garth Brooks have in common, you got your answer.

7 Roman’s Tombstone

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The tombstone ‘Taker used during a video montage in preparation for a WrestleMania match against Roman Reigns was actually purchased at a prop store. The warehouse manager purchased the prop some time ago, though it was never used. The WWE would call the warehouse looking for a blank tombstone and it would come in handy as it was used for the video hyping up the match. It’s one of the newest items you can find in the warehouse.

Perhaps Vince decided to keep the item thinking it was ‘Taker’s last ride.

Following the match, most of us thought that was it for the Deadman, though once again it appears as though he’s due for one more match against John Cena. You can expect the WWE to keep a variety of items from their match as it’ll certainly be a historical one.

6 SmackDown Entrance Fist

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One of the most notable items in the WWE warehouse is the massive SmackDown entrance fist which the company has kept years later. The fist is absolutely gigantic weighing over 6,000 pounds along with being 17 feet long if you can believe. Just imagine hauling that piece from show to show – the WWE seriously doesn’t get enough credit for their production value in setting up week after week.

The fist itself was actually made out of Styrofoam and later, cement solidified via fiber glass.

Get this, the company actually had one specific 18-wheeler truck that hauled around the piece - it was broken into three parts to fit into the truck. Although we loved looking at the fist, no doubt the setup guys are breathing easier knowing that the prop is no longer being used.

5 Pat Patterson’s Booking Note Book

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Pat began in the business back in the late 1950s and in the late 1970s, he joined the WWE – he’s still a part of the company to this day. In the mid-80s, Pat took on a role behind the scenes and before he knew it, he was Vince’s right hand man at booking shows. Pat is a brilliant mind who helped so many wrestlers find their way.

Nowadays, the WWE has a fancy creative team coming up with ideas weeks in advance back at the HQ and behind the scenes at a show. However, back in the 90s, that wasn’t the case as Patterson, Brisco and McMahon would book an event poolside at a hotel. One of the coolest items you can still find at the warehouse is Pat’s journals in which he documented his bookings for various shows. There’s a box full of his booking journals.

4 Old Entrance Logos

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Back in the day, one of our favorite parts about tuning into a PPV was seeing what set the WWE was using for the event. Nowadays unfortunately, those days are gone with the company only going all out for one event, WrestleMania. Most fans can agree that using the same set has become boring but in an era of HD quality, building new sets certainly doesn’t come cheap.

The WWE has kept lots of their old entrance logos including a massive Backlash themed logo.

You might be asking, well why doesn’t the WWE just resurrect such a logo? The answer is simple, it just won’t look good in HD, this according to the manager of the WWE warehouse. So don’t expect the WWE to resurrect any type of old entrances due to how flawed they would look on camera today.

3 Old School Attires & T-Shirts

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The warehouse also has a section for merchandise and attires that never made TV; we can only imagine how much some of those unique items can sell for online. A unique outfit you see above was the old Ring Crew attires that was really never worn and still in mint condition. Among other items includes merchandise that never made it to TV such as a vulgar Brooklyn Brawler shirt which was likely pitched in the 90s during the Attitude Era. Just scrolling through the attires and merchandise would be a dream for wrestling fans, especially those that lived through the late 80s and 90s.

The fact that Vince kept such items is quite surprising, though you can truly appreciate it. It’s interesting to think how much other memorabilia the WWE has that never made it to TV.

2 Stone Cold King Of The Ring Chair

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One of the most iconic pieces in the WWE’s warehouse is literally just sitting there, stored away. In 1996, Austin launched his infamous 3:16 rant after winning the 1996 Royal Rumble. Oh how things could have been different as Triple H was initially slated to win the event, though that would change due to his role in the Curtain Call back in MSG.

Austin was the new chosen one destroying Jake the Snake in the finals of the tournament. That moment lives on forever in the history of the WWE and what makes it that much greater is the fact that the chair still exists and looks to be in mint condition. If the company ever decides to open up a memorabilia type museum, you can expect the chair to be one of the first items to leave the warehouse.

1 WrestleMania I Ring

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The most historical prop in the WWE warehouse is without a doubt, the ring utilized during WrestleMania I (which has only one spring). The incredible piece is another item fans would drool over in a WWE themed museum one day - just imagine stepping foot inside that historical ring? Most of us would face plant, Ric Flair style. It’s truly awesome that Vince decided to keep the ring knowing what an impact the event would have in the future. McMahon had a vision for the event and we guess you can say that vision turned into a reality.

The warehouse also has other rings; the WWE at times goes to the warehouse to pick up the other rings for live events or for shows overseas. The process of building a ring is no easy task and the company has used the same designer for years now.

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