[Rumor] Recent NXT Rating Could Dictate Stars Jumping To NXT

Triple H teased a surprise for Survivor Series and tons of Raw and SmackDown stars showed up on NXT this week. Is this a sign of things to come or will the possible ratings jump for NXT be considered a coincidence?

On a conference call, Triple H said NXT will shock people with an "epic" surprise on Sunday at Survivor Series. Fans who watched NXT on Wednesday noticed too that a number of Raw and SmackDown stars were heavily featured in matches on the show. Sure, this could all be part of the go-home episodes leading to a mixed pay-per-view, but reports that WWE is hanging on the ratings that come out Thursday might reveal plans for the future.

Popular social media rumors reporter WrestleVotes wrote, "If the rumors going around are valid, that would mean it took WWE 8 short weeks to call in the big guns to appear on Wednesday night vs AEW." The insinuation suggests WWE didn't think NXT stars were cutting it on their own.

Furthermore, if the ratings that come out are better than AEW for the first time since the new wrestling promotion debuted on TNT, speculation is that WWE will move a few bigger names over to the brand in an effort to keep the ratings going. Others argue that they may wait a week to see if ratings drop again. Either way, it's an opportunity for someone.

Raw or SmackDown Talent Have Opportunity Here

What if NXT wins the ratings this week? What if NXT goes back to exclusively NXT talent and loses the ratings war next week? Will WWE call on some big guns again? If so, wouldn't it make sense that one or two stars from either Raw or SmackDown could see this as an opportunity to be a 'saviour" of sorts?

Imagine if you're one of only a couple people who make the jump and the ratings go up. WWE will have to see that as a real draw to whomever that talent is that helped secure better numbers.

Sounds like something someone would jump all over if given a chance to shine.

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