Raven Weighs In On His WWE Hall Of Fame Chances

WWE's 2018 Hall of Fame class is really starting to take shape. Goldberg was the first inductee announced and he will be the main event attraction. He was then followed by The Dudley Boyz, Ivory and most recently to the surprise of many fans, Jeff Jarrett. There are still so many names that deserve to be there though.


Former stars such as Chyna and Owen Hart who unquestionably deserve to be immortalized in WWE's Hall of Fame are yet to be inducted. Hopefully one day they will, but there are certain obstacles for WWE when it comes to those two names in particular. Those two are truly just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to deserving inductees in the eyes of the fans.

One area of wrestling that probably doesn't get acknowledged enough when it comes to this time of year is ECW. Yes The Dudleys will be inducted this year but they did an awful lot for WWE once they left wrestling's extreme brand. Former ECW star Raven appears to be getting a lot of questions from fans asking when he thinks he will make it into the HOF and judging by his reply he doesn't think it'll be any time soon.

Raven believes that there is more chance of 'a snowfall in Hell' than of him ever being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. In all fairness though this time last month many people would have probably said the exact same thing about Jeff Jarrett so you know, never say never, Raven. There have been bridges between Superstars that were much more burned than Raven's who have made it into the HOF.

While Raven's time in WWE was short he competed for WCW and ECW for many years before that, both of which are now very much a part of WWE's collective history. Sting wrestled just a handful of matches at the end of his career for WWE and his HOF induction was based purely on his time with WCW. His time at TNA didn't affect it either, a place where Raven spent a lot of time post-WWE. Raven might not be on Sting's level but you never know.

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