Ticket Sales For Raw & SmackDown At Madison Square Garden Are Concerning

There are few things greater in sports entertainment than a WWE event at Madison Square Garden in New York, but this week's upcoming shows aren't enticing enough for folks in the Big Apple.

As pointed out by Ringside News, tickets for the Raw and SmackDown shows are incredibly cheap right now. If you go onto StubHub, you'll find tickets for as low as $31, while floor seats are also well below market value at $265 per.

Ringside News also noted that there are still plenty of tickets available for tonight's Show on Ticketmaster, starting at $51 each. It's surprising when you consider the venue, the fact it's in a giant market like New York and the fact that WWE icon 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin is set to make an appearance.

The Undertaker is also slated to appear on tomorrow's episode of SmackDown Live, which also takes place in the world's most famous arena. Tickets are starting at just $31, and judging by Ticketmaster's seating map, WWE isn't even close to selling the go-home episode ahead of Clash of Champions.

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This is quite concerning for WWE, and it certainly doesn't bode well with SmackDown about to begin its TV deal with Fox Sports. WWE brought back Austin in order to help their ticket sales for the event, and even though his return was announced several weeks ago, it hasn't done much to help their attendance for the show.

There are also no reported plans for Undertaker to wrestle again in the near future, so the decision to bring him back for SmackDown was likely for the sake of helping ticket sales and TV ratings as well. There just isn't a whole lot the company can do at this point but hope that there will be plenty of last-minute ticket sales.

Why Are MSG Ticket Sales Low?

The Monday Night Football double-header doesn't help WWE's cause tonight, even though none of the New York teams are playing tonight. Still, many football fans in the Big Apple are obviously prioritizing the two NFL games over Raw. But there's no clear explanation or understanding for such low ticket sales on SmackDown.

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